Graffiti against haredi soldiers on ultra-Orthodox street
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Poster calls for murder of haredi troops

Leaflets handed out in ultra-Orthodox concentrations, allegedly on behalf of rabbis, refer to haredi soldiers as messengers of 'evil government,' urge public to take part in mitzvah of 'harakiri' against them

Serious escalation in the campaign against haredi soldiers or a forged call for violence against them? Leaflets handed out in "zealot" ultra-Orthodox concentrations – mainly in Jerusalem – are calling for the murder of members of the sector serving in the Israel Defense Forces, allegedly on behalf of rabbis.


The posters, which may be fabricated, call on the public to take part in the mitzvah of "harakiri" (Japanese ritual disembowelment) against any haredi soldier – even if it entails "self-sacrifice."


According to the flyers, titled "Operation Hardakiri," the "hardakim" (a derogatory term for haredi soldiers) are the emissaries of the "evil government," and by serving in the "Zionist army" alongside girls, they breach the boundaries of modesty. Therefore, zealots must be on call across the country to "elegantly" fulfill the mitzvah, take a javelin in their hands and hit every haredi soldier with it "until their many sins are over."

פשקוויל השטנה

'Operation Hardakiri'


One of the phone numbers attached to the ad leads to a call routing system of "Mivtzar – the center for protection against draft issues," which is active against the "draft danger," mainly through propaganda. In a voice message, the organization calls on the public to "report of any man or yeshiva students who has enlisted or is tempted to enlist."


Another number on the ad belongs to the Rachel Tomb's "salvation call center," which appears to have nothing to do with the matter.


Some take it seriously

Attorney Rabbi Uri Regev, CEO of the Hiddush - Freedom of Religion for Israel association, filed a complaint with the police against the unknown distributors of the leaflets, claiming that they had violated a series of severe criminal offenses.


"In light of the wave of violence against haredi soldiers, there is need for vigorous and unequivocal action in order to prevent casualties," he explained. "A person inciting to the killing of soldiers is a terrorist for intents and purposes, and must be treated that way."


In a letter he sent to the head of the police's Investigations and Intelligence Division, Major-General Yoav Segalovich, Regev wrote: "The poster's content speaks for itself. In the circumstances of the violent battle taking place among radical circles within the haredi community against haredim who join the army, it appears that what is written here cannot be taken lightly or disregarded.


"The recent incidents in haredi neighborhoods, and the violent attack on haredim fulfilling their civil duty through military service – require a strict handling of these threats and resolve in dealing with them.


"Your urgent intervention is required in order to guarantee the investigation of those responsible for the poster and their actions, which seemingly constitute serious criminal offenses."



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