1-on-1 on Route 1: Couple caught in the act on highway

Police on holiday duty shocked to find newly engaged couple having sex on backseat on entryway to main road. Driver arrested for suspected DUI claims: I didn't do anything

Traffic police arrested on Wednesday early morning a 21-year-old man who had sex with his fiancé in his car on the on ramp leading to Route 1.


As the police arrived the couple tried to escape, but police caught up with their car after several hundred meters.



As part of the general police readiness ahead of the holiday, police officers Yossi Jaropi and Ivan Glick were engaged in nighttime traffic enforcement.


The two noticed the car parked on the side of the road, and approached it to investigate. They turned their flashlights on the car and to their surprise saw two naked youngsters having intercourse in the back seat.


The man, frightened by the officers, quickly jumped in the driver's seat and made a hurried escape.


Following a brief chase the officers managed to catch up with him, and, after kindly letting the two get dressed, arrested the driver.


The officers suspected the driver was inebriated, and indeed, a test found blood alcohol content exceeding by more than twice the allowed amount.


Later, the officers realized they have "spoiled the party," as the couple was recently engaged.


Conversely, the driver claimed he "didn't do anything wrong," but was still taken for questioning.


Chief of traffic police in Tel Aviv said that "following the questioning it was decided to revoke his license and confiscate the vehicle. He was released on bail and will stand trial on an expedited process."



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