Rihanna fans: It's Palestine, not Israel!

Pictures from Holy Land posted on Instagram by one of world's most successful singers provoke clash between Israeli, pro-Palestinian followers

Rihanna, one of the most successful artists in the world today, spent just 12 hours in Israel this week – including a dip in the Dead Sea and showing up late for her own concert, which was quite disappointing.


Despite the short visit, the provocative singer managed to create another scandal, this time among her pro-Palestinian fans, after uploading photos from the Holy Land to her Instagram account (including pictures from the private jet, the lowest place on earth and the concert) and thanking her 52,000 fans in Israel.

Israel or Palestine? Rihanna in Tel Aviv, Tuesday night (Photo: Yaron Brener)


Shortly after they were posted, Rihanna's pictures provoked a clash between her Israeli fans (some of whom shared their disappointment from the 25-year-old singer's performance) and anti-Israel fans.


"Whose land was it first? Palestine!" one of the followers wrote. "I'm not Palestinian, but I'm definitely an advocate for what's right."

Scuffling on Rihanna's Instagram account


RiRi's Israeli fans were quick to retaliate and defend themselves. "We have lived on this land for over 5,000 years," one of them wrote. "You want proof? Go to the Bible – the Old Testament."


Another Israeli fan wrote, "We can live together, but the other side is making it impossible."


Other comments from the pro-Palestinian fans included "Boycott Israel," "Burn in hell, Israelis," and claims about the use of chemical weapons against the Palestinians, which prompted many Israeli followers to divert the fire to Israel's neighboring country, Syria.


Some of the anti-Israel fans raised further claims regarding racism and discrimination against African infiltrators. "If Israel doesn't want them and deports them, how can it be the promised land?" one of them asked.


One of Rihanna's Israeli fans replied, "We will always be accused for all injustices in the world. Don't the Americans and French occupy and abuse? All we want is peace. We are defending ourselves. Let's not fight. We need peace in the world, that's all."



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