Study: Rise in abuse, neglect of minors
New report reveals Jerusalem capital of sex offenders, Tel Aviv has highest rate of physical abuse. Meanwhile, Arab sector leads in minor neglect, but Bedouins have fewest reported cases
A new study submitted by the Haruv Institute to the social affairs ministry reveals disturbing increase in the number of children abused or neglected over the last year. In 2012, 39,129 cases involving minors were reported.


According to the study, which is in its fifth year, 16 out of every 1,000 children were referred to a social worker this year, as opposed to 13 out of every 1,000 in the previous year.


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The study is based on reports submitted by social workers in 228 locations – who are responsible for 97.5% of children under 17.


Abuse cases in major cities (out of 1,000):


  • Bat Yam – 39
  • Netanya – 34
  • Lod – 26
  • Beersheba – 20
  • Tel Aviv – 17
  • Petah Tikvah – 17
  • Rishon L'tzion – 17
  • Haifa – 14
  • Jerusalem – 12


The Institute, which works to inform the public and educate professionals, found that the Jerusalem District had the highest rate of reports regarding sexual abuse towards minors, while Tel Aviv District had the highest rate of reports involving physical violence; the Southern District had the highest rate of child neglect.


Additionally, it was reported that the Arab sector had the highest rate of minor neglect compared to other sectors of population.


According to the data, certain cities were overwhelmingly outside the average of 16.1 reports for every 1,000 children; Afula – the worst offender – had 71.34 reports per 1,000 minors. The five worst municipalities on the list – Afula, Ma'alot-Tarshiha, Abu Basma Regional Council, Ma'ale Efrayim, and Bnei Ayish – did not share a common denominator.


On the other end of the list – the lowest reported rates – were all in Bedouin settlements: Hura (1.37 reports for every 1,000 children), Lakiya (1.8), and Kuseife (2.36).


The editors of the study estimated that the cold relations between the Arab and haredi sectors and the authorities could have influenced the data.



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