Tel Aviv offers 77 low-rent apartments through raffle
Seventy seven low-rent apartments offered in neighborhoods Shapira and Yad Eliyau in southern Tel Aviv. Rent between NIS 2,000 and NIS 3,100

Four months after announcing that an affordable housing raffle will be held in the city that never sleeps, The Tel Aviv Municipality conducted a raffle Wednesday in which 77 low-rent apartments were offered in the Shapira and Yad Eliyahu neighborhoods, in southern Tel Aviv.


Those who met the criteria and entered the raffle received an entry number. The happy winners will pay a monthly rent of NIS 2,900 to NIS 3,100.


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The municipality reported that Ezra U'Bitzron, the municipal company chosen to lead the project, had received in recent months 600 inquiries from residents asking to learn the details of the project prior to registering.


The first affordable housing project is the "Ganei Shapira" project in the Shapira neighborhood. It will include 45 low-rent housing units (out of 69 housing units) comprised of 3-4 rooms each.


Rent for the 3-room apartment was set on NIS 2,000 per month, while rent for a ground floor apartment or a 4-room apartment was set on NIS 3,100 per month. The apartments will be ready by March 2014.


The second project in Yad Eliyau will include 32 apartments which are expected to be ready by January 2014.


The criteria determining eligibility for low-rent housing in Tel Aviv was recommended by the municipal committee for affordable housing.


Applicants must be residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo, between the ages of 27-45, not in possession of another apartment and of a certain household income.


Furthermore, applicants must report their capitals and assets, work a certain amount of hours, and have children of a certain age.



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