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What are most common surnames in Israel?

There's been no real change in Israel's most popular family names, with the same three still claiming the top spots. Is yours on the list?

VIDEO - The Cohens and Levys continue to rule Israel with an iron fist – at least in terms of last names. What are the 500 most common surnames in Israel and are you on the list?



Unsurprisingly, the three most common family names in Israel this year are still Cohen, Levy and Mizrahi, according to data obtained by Ynet from the Population and Immigration Authority. The figures present a record of the number of individuals in Israel with one of the most common 500 Jewish and non-Jewish last names on December 31, 2013.


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The list also includes a breakdown of the percentage of individuals with each surname among the entire population of 8.7 million residents.


The last name Cohen ranked first with 169,655 individuals, who make up 1.93% of the population – a slight drop from the list released by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2010, in which the percentage of people with the surname Cohen was 1.94% of the population.


The name Levy came in second with 98,275 individuals or 1.12% of the population – similar to the 2010 list. It was followed by the name Mizrahi, which is used by 29,222 people or 0.33% of the population – a slight drop from 2010.


The name Peretz ranked fourth (28,116 people or 0.32% of the population), followed by Biton (26,552 people or 0.30% of the population), Dahan (19,794 people or 0.23% of the population), Avraham (19,136 people or 0.22% of the population), Friedman (18,446 people or 0.21% of the population), Agbaria (18,173 people or 0.21% of the population). All these names were ranked in the same places as in 2010.


The 10th place marks a change as the name Malka (16,972 people or 0.19% of the population) went up from the 11th place in 2010, pushing the name Azulay (16,957 people) down one slot from the 10th place in 2010.


Another change was recorded in the next group of 10 names. The surname Jabarin (14,563 people) went up from the 18th place in 2010 to the 15th place in the current list, after Katz in the 12th place, Yosef in the 13th place and Mahmid in the 14th place.


Another interesting figure is that the name Pearl, which ranked 500th in 2010, failed to make it to the current list. Other names left out this year were Ben Zaken, which ranked 499th in 2010; Karni, which ranked 496th; Saadon, which ranked 495th; and Masalha, which ranked 492nd in 2010. The name Salem, which ranked 485th in 2010, fell to the bottom of the list and is now in the 500th place.

The name Tayeb slid from the 497th place to the 499th place.


The Arab last names which made it to the highest places on the list are Agbaria (ninth), Mahmid (14th), Jabarin (15th), Khatib (21st), Mahajna (29th), Zoabi (30th) and Souad (36th).


Out of the 500 surnames, 188 are Hebrew names (not foreign or non-Jewish), making up 37.6% of the list.


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