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Rachel Frenkel addresses UN Human Rights Council
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Noah Klieger

Israeli mothers in den of wolves and hyenas

Op-ed: Instead of supporting women whose teenage sons were kidnapped in blatant violation of human rights, members of UN Human Rights Council attacked them with lies.

The Geneva-based United Nations committee is called for some reason the Human Rights Council, although a more suitable name would be "the anti-Israel incitement council."



Throughout the decades this body has been active, it has failed to adopt a single resolution in favor of Israel, but has passed dozens – if not hundreds – of resolutions against the Jewish state.


The three mothers of the kidnapped Israeli teens entered this den of wolves and hyenas on Tuesday in a desperate attempt to explain to the world that Palestinian terrorists had not kidnapped soldiers or fighters, but three young students – a criminal act which blatantly contradicts every rule of human rights and humanity.


"Human rights"? Don't make the members of this committee laugh. Not only did they not support the miserable mothers, but most of them even attacked them with lies in the most blatant manner.


One after the other, the representatives of the enlightened states, known for their impassioned fight for freedom of man and human rights, stood up to attack the three Israeli women. The representatives of Syria, Iran, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, China, Cuba, and of course Palestine, stood up to accuse Israel of every possible – and impossible – crime against the rights of the Arabs in general and the Palestinian people in particular.


The Palestinian representative, for example, asked-screamed why did the three Israelis even come, and whether there was no room in Geneva for 5,000 mothers of Palestinians. Was she referring to the 5,000 young students Israel kidnapped or murdered? When and where did this happen? But those inciting against Israel are not letting the facts get in their way.


And this may be also be the place to mention that in the Black September events in 1970, the soldiers of Jordan's King Hussein slaughtered a much higher number of Palestinians than those killed by Israel since the state's establishment.


And we should also add that every year some 140,000 Muslims around the world are murdered by Muslims. Have the members of the Human Rights Council not heard about what is happening in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen or in Nigeria? To be precise, they have likely heard about it, but they're not acting. Because after all, it's difficult to accuse Israel of kidnapping 300 girls in Nigeria.


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