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Report: Mossad recruited wife of Lebanese parliament security guard

Guard arrested after months-long investigation, but report claims his wife was recruited by Israel via social media and photographed parliament.

Questioning of a security guard in the Lebanese parliament on suspicion of spying for Mossad revealed that his wife was the one in touch with Israeli intelligence, a local newspaper reported Thursday.



The guard was arrested three weeks ago on suspicion of being in contact with Israeli intelligence, according to the newspaper, which added that the guard was under surveillance for months. State security reportedly seized two computers from his home, including one belonging to his wife, in addition to other objects.  


According to the paper, questioning revealed that the guard has no ties to Israel, but his wife was arrested when it was discovered that she was purportedly in training to be a Mossad agent.


The report additionally claimed that she was recruited by Mossad four years ago and assigned a large number of operations by her handler, chiefly photographing buildings and institutions in proximity to the parliament in Beirut. The newspaper added that she was contacted via social networking sites and received meager compensation.


Security sources quoted in the report said they believed she was still in the training phase, and that Israel's true goal was to reach her husband.


The sources stated that there were similarities between the way Israel recruited the woman and the methods the Islamic State uses to recruit Lebanese women.


According to them, both Israel and ISIS make use of social networks for this purpose and in many cases attempt to seduce the women while emphasizing the physical appearance and attractiveness of those contacting them.


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