Photo: Library of Congress
Hiding from the heat in 1934
Photo: Library of Congress

IN PHOTOS: Israel's history of heat

Blogger Shai Rajoan takes us back 90 years to see Tel Aviv when it was still hot - hotter even than the current heatwave that's finally due to ease.

It's been a blazing week in Tel Aviv. Well, not blazing like California - but recent night-time temperatures of nearly 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) has Israelis wishing they, like Californians, had more space to try and escape the feeling of being on fire.



The temperatures are finally expected to relax beginning Monday, but last week has left many hoping that winter will miraculously begin in September. Well, summer 2015 isn't the first time and won't be the last that Tel Aviv sees such dramatic temperatures.


Historical blogger Shai Rajoan has compiled for us a group of photos from the 30s to the 70s in Tel Aviv, that tell the story of a city and country in heat for decades.


To the beach by horse

Photo: GPO (Photo: GPO)
Photo: GPO


Bath houses began being built on Tel Aviv's Jerusalem beach in 1921, when those trying to escape or enjoy the heat had to take their horse or cart to the beach as the seaside road remained unpaved. This photo shows these bath houses in 1926.


No rain on the beach

Photo: Library of Congress (Photo: Library of Congress)
Photo: Library of Congress


It's 1934 and the beach is packed. There's no rain, but parasols were once a popular way to escape the sun. That building on the left marks the location with the Dan Hotel would eventually be built.


There was a time without ice cream on the beach!?

Photo: Zultan Kluger (Photo: Zultan Kluger)
Photo: Zultan Kluger


No, that's not ice cream. In 1934, this entrepreneur made money on the beach of Tel Aviv selling juice.


How to break the ice in Tel Aviv

Photo: Fritz Cohen (Photo: Fritz Cohen)
Photo: Fritz Cohen


In 1944, the demand for ice exploded along with prices. The municipality was forced to interfere to lower prices by reaching a settlement with producers. This ended the crisis in 1949.


Traditiooooon, tradition!

Photo: Williem Ven De Poll (Photo: Williem Ven De Poll)
Photo: Williem Ven De Poll


This photo from 1948 proves that Matkot, an Israeli paddle-ball game, is perhaps the only cutural tradition to survive from the country's birth up to the present day.


Ice cafe

Photo: Fritz Cohen (Photo: Fritz Cohen)
Photo: Fritz Cohen


The beach isn't the only way to keep calm on a hot day in Tel Aviv. These residents in 1953 choose to relax at a cafe on Dizengoff street.


Who needs vitamin C when you've got vitamin D?

Photo: Willem Van De Poll (Photo: Willem Van De Poll)
Photo: Willem Van De Poll


Tel Aviv's Gordon beach in 1964 - obviously a popular spot.


Nothing like the pool

Photo: GPO (Photo: GPO)
Photo: GPO


A pool in the neighborhood of Yad Eliyahu helped take some of the pressure of off Tel Aviv's beaches in 1970.


Temperatures across Israel have reached dangerous levels over the last few days, even claiming the life of a soldier in the north recently. Outdoor treks are not suggested during such times, but hats, water, ice and the beach are, just as they were as far back as the 20s.


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