BDS demonstration
A blow to BDS in British universities
Two universities cancel the events of the anti-Israel 'Apartheid Week' due to pressure from Friends of Israel and Britain's change in definition for anti-Semitism.

The University of Central Lancashire and University College London in Britain were forced to cancel the Israel Apartheid Week events, which were supposed to take place next week, following the intervention of Friends of Israel associations in the UK.



The cancellation of these events is part of the struggle against the Israel boycott movement on campuses.


The main reason for the cancellation is the fact that Britain has recently adopted a new definition of anti-Semitism that also includes incitement against Jews in the form of the demonization of Israel.


BDS demonstration
BDS demonstration


University College London announced on Thursday that it had decided to cancel the Apartheid Week event, organized by the Association of Palestinian Students due to the fact that the group did not follow standard procedures.


University College London (Photo: Shutterstock)
University College London (Photo: Shutterstock)


The organizers of the event posted on their Facebook page: "Friends, you've heard of the blockades and harassments by Israeli soldiers. It is much worse. Apartheid did not die with South Africa. It is thriving and has become a normalized part of the oppression of the Palestinians by the State of Israel."


Earlier this week, the Friends of Israel in the British Academy convinced the University of Central Lancashire to cancel Apartheid Week because it goes against the government's new definition of what is considered anti-Semitic.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon said in response: "We are delighted that Britain stands at the forefront of the struggle against the boycott and BDS movements. Britain's vigorous activity should serve as an example to all enlightened countries in the world."


In past years, many universities in the UK and worldwide held such apartheid events, which would usually serve as a stage for incitement against Israel.


Last year, the events at University College London turned violent and Jewish students were forced to barricade themselves in the dorms after pro-Palestinian students threatened them and wreaked havoc on campus.


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