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Bill aims to block Israeli aid money from terrorists' families
Yesh Atid MK Elazar Stern moves to deduct NIS 1.1 billion the Palestinian Authority uses to care for the families of convicted terrorists from the money transferred to the PA from Israel; ' It's a real temptation to murder Jews, and it is our duty to stop this madness immediately,' says Stern.

A new bill is seeking to prevent Israeli funds from reaching the hands of terrorists. According to the bill, the payments to terrorists' families will be deducted from the amounts transferred from Israel to the Palestinian Authority.



A significant portion of the PA's budget comes from payments made by Israel. Thus, the families of terrorists with blood on their hands currently serving time in Israeli prisons are financially supported by the PA, and indirectly, by Israel.


Hamas ceremony in Gaza (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Hamas ceremony in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)


A summary of the Palestinian Authority's 2016 budget reveals that last year this support amounted to over NIS 1.1 billion. A number of Knesset members with a security background, led by MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid), recently drafted a bill to cut funds to the Palestinian Authority for its support of terrorism, which was submitted to the Knesset a week ago. The bill states that as funding terrorists is a violation of the Oslo Accords, the State of Israel will deduct from the tax payments it transfers annually to the Authority the NIS 1.1 billion the PA transfers to the terrorists. According to the petitioners, Israel's tax payments to the PA are based on the Paris Agreement—the economic annex to the Oslo Accords—and therefore the two can be linked.


Dafan Meir (Center), seen with her family, was murdered by a teenage stabber in January 2016
Dafan Meir (Center), seen with her family, was murdered by a teenage stabber in January 2016


"Payments made by the PA to terrorists are not only inciting but also an incentive for terrorist activities," said Stern, "It's a real temptation to murder Jews, and it is our duty to stop this madness immediately." Fellow faction member, former Shin Bet chief MK Yaakov Perry, said last night, "we are witnessing an ongoing wave of terrorism, some of which is caused by incitement by the Palestinian Authority, and therefore we must promote the bill as quickly as possible." the proposal also signed reserve Eyal Ben Reuven (Zionist Union) and coalition members such as Chairman and Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee MK Avi Dichter (himself a former head of the Shin Bet) and MK Roy Folkman (Kulanu) and Coalition Chairperson David Bitan (Likud).


A document compiled by the Head of the Research Division of the Israel Defense Forces, Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser, in the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, reveals that the Palestinian Authority's payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel and to the families of terrorists killed by security forces have increased tens of millions of shekels in recent years. The average monthly salary that an imprisoned terrorist receives is five times the average monthly salary in the PA. It should be noted that even if the terrorists themselves were liquidated, the families of the terrorists receive a grant. A grant is also given for release from prison. These are not only murderers, but also planners of terror attacks, in addition to those who throw Molotov cocktails and explosive devices.


The list stipend rates paid to the families of Palestinian terrorists:


0 – 3 year sentence: NIS 1,400 a month.

3 – 5 year sentence: NIS 2,000 a month.

5 – 10 year sentence: NIS 4,000 a month.

10 – 15 year sentence: NIS 6,000 a month.

15 – 20 year sentence: NIS 7,000 a month.

20 – 25 year sentence: NIS 8,000 a month.

25 – 30 year sentence: NIS 10,000 a month.

30 year sentence and higher: NIS 12,000 a month.


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