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Photo: Avihu Shapira

American doctor lightly hurt from Syria errant fire into Israel

Doctor working at field clinic aiding Syrians hurt in civil war very lightly injured from what the IDF says is likely errant fire from the civil war raging in the neighboring country.

An American doctor was very lightly injured Tuesday night in the Israeli Golan Heights, apparently as a result of errant fire from Syria.



The doctor was working at a clinic aiding Syrian civilians who were hurt as a result of the civil war raging in the country.


"Several hours ago, there was gunfire near a field clinic operating as part of Operation Good Neighbor near the border in the southern Golan Heights," an IDF spokesperson said.


IDF troops on the Golan border as fighting rages in Quneitra  (Photo: AFP)
IDF troops on the Golan border as fighting rages in Quneitra (Photo: AFP)


"As a result of the gunfire, a foreign national working at the clinic as part of its medical personnel was very lightly hurt and was treated on site. It was likely errant fire, but the incident is being investigated," the IDF went on to say. 


In late June and early July, intense battles between the Syrian regime and different rebel groups in the Quneitra area, not far from the border with Israel, led to an almost daily errant fire into Israel.


After about 20 such incidents, the Syria army announced a ceasefire in the area to "support the peace process and national reconciliation efforts."


In the wake of the errant fire incidents, the IDF attacked two cannons and an ammunition truck belonging to the Syrian army in the northern Syrian Golan Heights. The Air Force also destroyed Syrian tanks.


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