Photo: Knesset Channel
MK Yinon Azulay
Photo: Knesset Channel
Shas MK blames earthquake on Kotel compromise
After Israel experiences 4.1 earthquake and several aftershocks, MK Yinon Azulay says it was because of the plan to expand egalitarian prayer sections at the Western Wall to cater to the site’s more liberal visitors.
Knesset member Yinon Azulay (Shas) argued Wednesday that the earthquake felt in northern and central Israel was triggered by the the government's decision two years ago to allow mixed prayer services at the Western Wall.



According to the Western Wall plan, the egalitarian prayer section at Robinson's Arch will be expanded to cater for the holy site’s more liberal visitors.


MK Yinon Azulay (Photo: Knesset Channel)
MK Yinon Azulay (Photo: Knesset Channel)


Speaking during a Knesset discussion about expanding the egalitarian southern prayer section, MK Azulay said that "Maybe the earthquake occurred this morning because somebody is attempting to touch what is sacred to us."


"Maybe we should do some soul searching and realize the earthquake happned because somebody is tampering with something that is holy to us," he added.


"Hear our pain, they (liberal Jews—ed) are not Jewish. Who does the prime minister give access (to our holy sites)? To those who go against us by joining all kinds of organizations?" the MK asked.


"This is the same prime minister that Dan Caner (a radio broadcaster and announcer) said was the first to recognize the Carmel disaster," Azulay said, referring to the biggest fire in Israel's history which claimed 41 victims in 2010.


"If he could recognize the Carmel disaster, why can't he recognize the Western Wall disaster, the disaster of the Women of the Wall (a multi-denominational feminist organization), the disaster of the Reform Jews?" Azulay continued.


"What do the ancient Western Wall's stones mean to you? I advise you to take the money you invest in the State of Israel and build a wall in the US," he concluded.


Ten years ago, Azulay's former party member Shlomo Benizri blamed homosexual relations for causing an earthquake across Israel.


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