Photo: Courtesy of the family
Adiel Kolman
Photo: Courtesy of the family
Terror victim's family fumes over decision not to raze home
Family of Adiel Kolman, father of 4, who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem in March, decries IDF's decision not to demolish killer’s home that was made on grounds that he was suffering from mental problems; 'The terrorist had a clear mind to murder a Jew,' says letter written to army.
The family of Israeli terror victim Adiel Kolman, who was stabbed to death in March in Jerusalem, made clear their anger on Thursday at the IDF’s decision not to demolish the home of his killer on the grounds that he suffered from mental problems.



The IDF said earlier that it would not demolish Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel’s home in the village of Aqraba near due to his "mental state."


Kolman's family, however, disputes the conclusion that Fadel carried out the attack due to his mental problems while pointing out that Fadel’s family had expressed support for the stabbing that in Jerusalem’s Old City by the 28-year-old terrorist. Hamas, Kolman's family noted, had also offered the family support.


Adiel Kolman (Photo: Courtesy of the family)
Adiel Kolman (Photo: Courtesy of the family)

“I request that you transfer to me as soon as possible all the information regarding the case in respect of which your decision was made to make available the possibility of studying it,” read a letter written to the IDF by an organization representing the family.


“In addition, I emphasize that Regulation 119 of the Defense Regulations which refers to home demolitions of attackers does not differentiate between the types of attackers,” the letter continued.


Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel
Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel


“It should be clarified that the purpose of the regulation is deterrence. These days many of these ‘mentally ill’ distinguish the identity of their victims and murder Jews because they are Jews.”


The letter said stressed Fadel had deliberately and “meticulously” planned an attack against Jews, “left his home, bought a knife and travelled specially to the Old City, a symbol of sites of the attacks in order to carry out his plot.


“The terrorist searched for and found a Jew who bore the signs of being a Jew and carried out his plot and did not just stab any passerby. The conclusion is clear: The terrorist had a clear mind to murder a Jew,” the letter argued.


IDF force at terrorist's house (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit )
IDF force at terrorist's house (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit )


“In addition, the Hamas terror organization described the terrorist as a ‘son of Hamas’ and the Aqraba village council publicized him as a ‘heroic shahid who had the land of Jerusalem in his blood.’”


The letter written on the family’s behalf also drew attention to the involvement in the attack of Fadel’s attack. “I wish to know if the terrorist’s family publicly condemned the attack. Did they not call their son a ‘shahid’? Did it erect a mourners' tent? Did it hang posters of him and the like on the entrance of their home? These are all clear signs which attest to the fact that the family supported the act,” Kolman’s family argued.


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