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IDF 'hackers' tackle computer related offences
Surge in crimes revealed through use of cell phones, social networks leads IDF
Yoav Zitun (17:49 , 26.09.11 )
IDF: No budget – no defense
Ahead of publication of Trachtenberg Report tasked with reallocating State
Yoav Zitun (22:51 , 25.09.11 )
IDF maintains heightened West Bank alert level
Defense establishment satisfied with relative calm maintained throughout tense
Yoav Zitun (09:28 , 24.09.11 )
Palestinians: IDF killed villager
Troops, Arab rioters clash in West Bank; Palestinians say Arab man shot in neck.
Ynet reporters (17:51 , 23.09.11 )
Gantz says IDF ready for Palestinian riots
Army, police forces bolster security in West Bank, Jerusalem in anticipation of
Yoav Zitun (00:13 , 23.09.11 )
IDF oversees NATO emergency drill
Equipped with vast experience and knowledge, representatives of Home Front
Yoav Zitun (11:04 , 20.09.11 )
Settler suspected of IDF base vandalism
Israel Police's International Crime Investigations Unit arrests a 27-year-old
Yair Altman (16:34 , 19.09.11 )
IDF boosts W. Bank presence ahead of UN bid
GOC Central Command increases troops in West Bank, places senior commanders at
Yossi Yehoshua (10:29 , 16.09.11 )
Shots fired at IDF force on Israel-Egypt border;
Troops patrolling on southern border report sporadic fire in their direction.
Ynet (23:29 , 11.09.11 )
IDF chief: Price tag vandals – extremist
Benny Gantz says during naval officer graduation that assailants that defaced
Ahiya Raved (20:47 , 07.09.11 )
'Price Tag' reaches IDF base
Anonymous vandals damage IDF jeeps, graffiti base walls in Binyamin in what is
Yair Altman (16:18 , 07.09.11 )
Report: IDF nabs recently released Hamas leader
Palestinian sources report one of Hamas' founders Sheikh Hassan Yousef arrested
Elior Levy (08:39 , 01.09.11 )
IDF chief warns terror groups: Don't test us
Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz warns Gaza Strip's militants of Israel's harsh response
Tova Dadon (23:21 , 30.08.11 )
Report: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian
Military sources say Israeli Navy sent warships to maritime border with Egypt
News agencies (17:28 , 30.08.11 )
IDF trains settlers to confront protests
IDF steps-up drilling of settler security units in preparation for Palestinian
Reuters (16:21 , 30.08.11 )
IDF remains on high alert in south
Military forces deployed on Israel-Egypt border remain vigilant vis-à-vis
Hanan Greenberg (00:46 , 30.08.11 )
Gantz orders IDF reinforcement in South after
Islamic Jihad terrorist cell is believed to have left Gaza and entered Sinai;
Hanan Greenberg (08:21 , 29.08.11 )
IDF gears for outpost removals
Military brief circulated among Judea and Samaria sector regiments outlines IDF
Yair Altman (08:47 , 28.08.11 )
Gantz: IDF acting decisively to thwart attacks
Eight days after deadly terror attacks in southern Israel, IDF chief of staff
Hanan Greenberg (22:07 , 26.08.11 )
Rocket salvo hits south; IAF strikes Gaza
Fragile lull dissipates further as southern communities come under Gaza fire.
Ilana Curiel (23:34 , 25.08.11 )
Rocket hurts baby; IDF hits Gaza arms depot
IDF says it struck Gaza arms depot, more than 20 Palestinian casualties
Ynet reporters (02:54 , 25.08.11 ) 
IDF investigation: Egyptians took part in attack
Army inquiry shows at least three of the terrorists that perpetrated attack were
Ron Ben-Yishai (13:28 , 24.08.11 )
Soldier who opposed outpost's razing jailed
Kfir Brigade medic who refused an assignment at illegal West Bank outpost of
Yair Altman (21:25 , 23.08.11 )
'Ground operation in Gaza possible'
Knesset's Defense, Foreign Affairs Committee tours rocket-riddled south. MK
Maor Buchnik (15:02 , 21.08.11 )
Municipalities 'battle' over Iron Dome
Success of missile defense system leaves southern municipalities fighting over
Yossi Yehoshua (09:50 , 21.08.11 )
Iron Dome intercepts Grad over Ashkelon
South prepares for grim night as rocket fire continues unabated, with 17
Hanan Greenberg (23:03 , 19.08.11 ) 
Report: IDF kills PRC commander
Palestinian sources report senior commander of Popular Resistance Committees'
Elior Levy (20:07 , 19.08.11 )
Palestinians say Gaza under major assault
Air Force strikes numerous sites in Strip overnight, Palestinian sources say;
Elior Levy (04:00 , 19.08.11 )
Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed
IDF strike on Rafah building kills leaders of PRC, group said to be responsible
Elior Levy (21:07 , 18.08.11 )
Multiple terror attacks rock south; 7 killed
Four terror attacks near Eilat claim seven lives, leave 31 injured as passenger
Ynet reporters (18:26 , 18.08.11 )
IDF: Allow arms into West Bank
Military's operational recommendations ahead of nearing Palestinian bid in UN
Attila Somfalvi (20:23 , 16.08.11 )
Soldiers say humiliated in Bnei Brak
IDF officer claims Egged inspector ordered him, two soldiers to 'let real Jews
Udi Etsion (10:53 , 16.08.11 )
IDF recommends release of Fatah prisoners
Defense establishment presents list of gestures towards Palestinians to prevent
Attila Somfalvi (01:06 , 16.08.11 )
Kfir Brigade commander who condoned violence
Colonel Itai Virob, who said violent acts against Palestinians during military
Hanan Greenberg (12:05 , 15.08.11 )
Report: IDF to deploy 6 drones in N. Iraq
Iran's Press-TV claims aircraft to be deployed in addition to intelligence
Ynet (10:58 , 14.08.11 )
Auschwitz violin entertains IDF troops
Amnon Weinstein renovates musical instruments that belonged to Jews during
Noah Klieger (09:08 , 14.08.11 )
IDF officer quits over sexual abuse allegations
Company commander with Paratroopers Brigade asks to be relieved of duty,
Hanan Greenberg (10:23 , 12.08.11 )

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