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Finding a compromise in the Temple Mount crisis
Analysis: What is needed now is a cooperation agreement between several
(18:30 , 20.07.17 )
Temple Mount closure was the right thing to do
Analysis: Friday’s attack at the most religiously explosive place in the Middle
(15:02 , 16.07.17 )
The dangers of the Temple Mount
Analysis: The volatile location of the attack on Friday morning at the Lions'
(13:49 , 14.07.17 ) 
Despite ceasefire deal, Iranian stronghold in
Analysis: While the agreement reached between the US and Russia halts
(10:53 , 09.07.17 )
In state of panic, Syrian army tosses rules of
Analysis: While Assad’s army was well aware of the fact its direct tank fire on
(16:23 , 25.06.17 ) 
Missile strike on ISIS turning Iran into a world
Analysis: By firing surface-to-surface missiles with a range of up to 700
(13:15 , 19.06.17 ) 
Trump’s message: No Mideast peace without
Analysis: The US president’s visit to Israel was a sort of preparation for the
(13:43 , 28.05.17 ) 
Smiling Rouhani will keep whitewashing radical
Analysis: The reformist president’s reelection could help supreme leader
(23:36 , 26.05.17 )
Israel's covert war against Hezbollah's
Analysis: After Israel completed its multi-layer defense system David's Sling,
(19:16 , 28.04.17 )
The world’s watchdog is back in town
Analysis: Through the US strike in Syria, Trump conveyed a message to both Assad
(23:28 , 09.04.17 )
Hamas will avenge commander’s killing, but not
Analysis: The fact that Hamas leaders are attributing the assassination of
(23:22 , 26.03.17 )
The battle over the next war
Analysis: Iran and Hezbollah are trying to turn Lebanon into a second front in
(20:42 , 20.03.17 )
Assad feels confident with Russian backing
Analysis: With victories on the battlefield and Russian military support, Bashar
(22:49 , 17.03.17 )
With no sanctions, Protective Edge mistakes will
Analysis: The state comptroller’s report creates an illusion that it will set in
(09:23 , 02.03.17 )
Hamas’ new leader in Gaza: A radical and a
Analysis: Yahya Sanwar’s election is bad news for Israel. The terrorist who was
(23:35 , 14.02.17 )
The invisible motives of Monday’s unusual Gaza
Analysis: Israel is doing everything in its power to disrupt Hamas’s intensive
(10:10 , 07.02.17 )
Israel’s war on Hezbollah’s accurate missiles
Analysis: All signs indicate that the strike attributed to the IAF in the
(15:34 , 16.01.17 )
East Talpiot attack inspired by Ramallah,
Analysis: The Palestinian Authority started a blitz against the relocation of
(23:42 , 08.01.17 ) 
Russian ground to ground missiles discovered by
Several Russian SS-26 Iskandar ground to ground missiles discovered by Israeli
(15:12 , 06.01.17 )
Assad’s next battle
Analysis: After three and a half years of fighting, the Syrian president scores
(23:33 , 16.12.16 )
Is Syrian retaliation against Israel in the
Analysis: The latest alleged Israeli strike in Damascus was unusual due to the
(11:45 , 08.12.16 )
The Golan incident: Local initiative or
Analysis: Sunday’s shooting at Golani forces was probably the act of a local
(19:43 , 27.11.16 ) 
The new, level-headed Trump
Analysis: Forget about the election campaign’s provocateur and chatterbox. The
(23:46 , 11.11.16 ) 
What IDF should learn from battle for Mosul
Analysis: The ISIS military modus operandi in Iraq, which consists of offensive
(23:31 , 26.10.16 )
Gaza’s radicals want Israel to topple Hamas
Analysis: The Salafi organization that fired a rocket at Sderot on Wednesday is
(18:09 , 06.10.16 )
Russian presence in his country gives Assad
Analysis: Following the Syrian attempt to intercept Israel Air Force planes
(17:03 , 14.09.16 )
How Erdogan won
Analysis: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has managed to hold onto power
(11:13 , 16.07.16 )
Ten years of lessons learned
It has been nearly a decade since the capture of Gilad Shalit and the outbreak
(23:59 , 19.06.16 )
A terror attack next door to the IDF
Op-ed: Several serious questions arise from the terror attack in Sarona. How
(17:59 , 09.06.16 )
Netanyahu is jeopardizing Israel's national
Op-ed: The Prime Minister is making political experiments at the public's
(17:36 , 19.05.16 )
Political survival at the IDF's expense
Op-ed: The deputy IDF chief's message was the right one, but he chose the wrong
(00:20 , 10.05.16 )
Blustering towards an escalation?
Analysis: Hamas's political and military wings are finally appreciating Israel's
(23:47 , 05.05.16 )
Jerusalem bus bombing has imprints of organized
Analysis: The explosive device detonated on a Jerusalem bus on Monday appears to
(15:17 , 19.04.16 )
An underground breakthrough
Analysis: Hamas probably didn't plan on invading an Israeli town, and is more
(15:56 , 18.04.16 )
Netanyahu's message to Assad and Putin
Op-ed: While observing a paratrooper drill in the Golan Heights, Prime Minister
(15:28 , 12.04.16 )
IDF's cyber defense easily breached
Analysis: The indictment of Majd Ouida reveals how an amateur hacker could
(23:18 , 23.03.16 )
Why is Nasrallah speaking in public?
Analysis: Hezbollah's secretary general has been speaking in public for two
(23:35 , 22.03.16 )
The failed effort to halt Palestinian incitement
Analysis: Israel tried and failed to interfere with Hamas TV's signal and is now
(18:10 , 18.03.16 )
An intifada of the mind
Op-ed: In the face of spontaneous terrorism, Israel has no intelligence,
(18:18 , 09.03.16 )
Did someone cross Israel's red line?
Analysis: Despite denials by the Assad regime and Hezbollah, the Syrian
(10:18 , 19.02.16 )
Russia's new Syrian strategy: Ethnic cleansing
Analysis:Russia's new strategy to prop Assad up is to destroy rebels' power base
(11:31 , 12.02.16 )
Political initiatives and online outreach: We
Op-ed: This intifada has already reached a point in which military and
(23:35 , 10.02.16 )
'Security cooperation between Russia and Israel
Analysis: Officials in the West and Middle East reject Daily Beast report that
(09:34 , 12.01.16 )
The mistakes made by Nashat Melhem
Analysis: The Tel Aviv shooter hid in Arara, where many of his family members
(23:37 , 08.01.16 )
North Korea teaching Iran how to extort the West
Analysis: Kim Jong-un is repeatedly implementing his father's 'nuclear
(23:47 , 07.01.16 )
Nasrallah settled an account, but did so with
Analysis: It's too soon to tell if the Hezbollah leader got the revenge he
(00:00 , 05.01.16 ) 
The IDF's warning to Nasrallah
Analysis: Israeli security officials are claiming that the Hezbollah leader
(00:32 , 25.12.15 )
Netanyahu and Erdogan's shared interests
Analysis: An agreement between Israel and Turkey has yet to come, but there is a
(11:52 , 19.12.15 )
Saudi Arabia's war of independence
Analysis: Their disappointment with Obama has led the Saudis to adopt a
(11:34 , 17.12.15 )
New Mossad chief: Netanyahu's real foreign
Analysis: The prime minister's decision to appoint his national security
(11:04 , 08.12.15 )
ISIS and al-Qaeda compete for Western targets
Analysis: Al-Qaeda tries to stay on the terror map with an attack in Mali;
(20:20 , 23.11.15 )
Welcome to World War Three
Analysis: The Paris attack is directly tied to events in Syria and Iraq; this
(22:54 , 14.11.15 )
Abbas inciting with one hand, restraining with
Analysis: The Palestinian elements fanning the flames of terror and pushing
(21:45 , 04.11.15 )
Temple Mount agreement won’t lead to immediate
Analysis: The understandings reached between US Secretary of State Kerry, Prime
(09:02 , 26.10.15 )
How to save Israel from the Third Intifada
Op-ed: After the stabbing terrorist attacks in Jerusalem it is necessary to take
(18:15 , 04.10.15 )
The military option is back on the table
Analysis: Netanyahu's message directed at President Obama and the Security
(15:06 , 02.10.15 ) 
Abbas' goal: A Palestinian state imposed from
Analysis: Palestinian president's threat to cancel Oslo Agreements is a message
(10:48 , 01.10.15 ) 
What Putin's Syrian strategy means for Israel
Analysis: Russian president seeks to enhance his country's influence in the
(23:27 , 29.09.15 ) 
Handling the stone-throwing terrorists
Analysis: Riots on the Temple Mount are nothing new, but the recent and deadly
(23:15 , 15.09.15 ) 
Gal Hirsch is not up to the task
Analysis: Former Galilee Formation commander excelled in special ops but has not
(13:29 , 26.08.15 )
Rocket strikes an Iranian retaliation
Analysis: 3 weeks after the assassination of Hezbollah members in the Syrian
(10:38 , 21.08.15 )
Israel dealing with two Hamas entities
Analysis: The arrest of Hamas fighter Ibrahim Shaer reveals the complex reality
(15:33 , 12.08.15 )
US can't defend Israel against a nuclear attack
Analysis: A senior American official has vowed to protect Israel if it is
(17:37 , 04.08.15 )
How to stop Jewish jihad
Analysis: They are no different than ISIS; there may only be a handful of these
(23:49 , 31.07.15 )
Iran deal puts military option back on table
Analysis: The Vienna agreement does delay Iran's construction of a bomb by a
(01:08 , 15.07.15 )
Missing Israeli in Hamas capitivity may not be
Analysis: If Avraham Mangisto were alive and well in Hamas's hands, the
(15:41 , 09.07.15 )
ISIS in Sinai is a serious threat to Israel
Analysis: The impressive fighting abilities demonstrated by the Islamic State in
(10:00 , 02.07.15 )
UN report gives Hezbollah the green light
Analysis: A report which creates a moral and legal symmetry between Israel and
(11:49 , 23.06.15 )
Not exactly a 'lone wolf' attack
Analysis: The recent series of sporadic terror attacks are taking place for
(16:00 , 21.06.15 )
How to stop the sporadic rocket fire from Gaza
Analysis: While Hamas can be deterred by Israel, the armed Salafi-jihadist
(00:09 , 09.06.15 )
Israel and Hamas held hostage by Gaza 'rogue
Analysis: In the absence of an honest broker to mediate between the two sides, a
(13:00 , 04.06.15 )
Israel reassures Iran, Hezbollah: Mass drill is
Analysis: Jerusalem sends calming messages to increasingly edgy enemies as it
(00:18 , 01.06.15 )
Rocket fire challenging Israeli and Hamas
Analysis: The Grad rocket fired into Israel on Tuesday night may have been a
(23:22 , 27.05.15 )
Security cabinet must not turn into a debate
Analysis: A cabinet comprised of more than half of the government ministers,
(23:55 , 19.05.15 )
A battle of wits on the Syrian border
Analysis: Israel has a new defense policy on the Golan Heights, where Islamist
(23:56 , 05.05.15 )
With a score to settle, Hezbollah will not give
Analysis: An attempt to plant explosives on Israeli side of Syria border fence
(14:14 , 27.04.15 )
Why Putin is playing friendly with Iran
Analysis: Putin's decision to provide Iran with the S-300 air defense system has
(12:19 , 14.04.15 )
S-300 will not prevent potential Israeli strike
Analysis: Should Russia give Iran the advanced missile defense system it will
(23:28 , 13.04.15 )
Now is the time for Israel to twist America's
Op-ed: Netanyahu needs to stop the hysterical rhetoric and start thinking about
(23:37 , 06.04.15 )
A better deal than we expected
Analysis: Despite glaring shortcomings of 'framework' deal with Iran – which
(01:08 , 03.04.15 )
Israel will benefit from an Iran nuclear deal
Analysis: We can relax, even without an agreement in Lausanne, nuclear war will
(00:07 , 01.04.15 )
The US dropped the ball on Yemen
Analysis: The Americans were so focused on fighting al-Qaeda that they failed to
(13:38 , 26.03.15 )
US accusations of Israeli espionage – why now?
Analysis: The Obama administration has launched a media blitz against Netanyahu,
(15:11 , 24.03.15 )
The next prime minister's real security
Analysis: In order to successfully deal with the serious threats Israel is
(00:21 , 16.03.15 )
Two Likud seats and an ego boost
Analysis: Netanyahu's speech to Congress will not achieve any of the goals he
(23:43 , 03.03.15 )
Mr. Netanyahu, don’t go to Washington
Op-ed: Ynet's national security correspondent urges prime minister to consider
(23:57 , 01.03.15 )
With north beginning to boil, Eisenkot is right
Analysis: The new IDF chief of staff will have to face a potential massive
(00:01 , 17.02.15 )
Assad and Hezbollah are taking advantage of
Analysis: While Syrian president and Iran-backed forces are indeed advancing
(00:25 , 13.02.15 )
For both Israel and Hezbollah, calm works for
Analysis: Hezbollah is not in a position to carry out a massive revenge attack
(00:56 , 29.01.15 )
Israel must think hard about its response to
Analysis: The Israeli defense establishment must decide whether to let Hezbollah
(13:08 , 28.01.15 ) 
Let's not dance on the blood of terror victims
Analysis: There are steps Israel can take to reduce the chances of yet another
(16:10 , 21.01.15 )
Hezbollah will respond to attack, but not by
Analysis: IDF has raised alert on Syrian border, but Nasrallah's response to
(01:03 , 19.01.15 )
Nasrallah's new-old threat to Israel
Analysis: Hezbollah's secretary-general claims his organization has had
(09:59 , 16.01.15 )
France has belatedly woken up to the jihadist
Analysis: The 2012 attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse were the writing on the
(00:23 , 10.01.15 )
IDF chief walks tight-rope between loyalty and
Analysis: Benny Gantz uses lenient punishment in order to balance between
(21:40 , 02.01.15 )
Iran's 'suicide drone' no game-changer
Analysis: Iran wants to flaunt its capabilities, but this drone appears large
(22:22 , 27.12.14 )
When deterrence deteriorates – shoot fiercely
Analysis: Exchange of fire on Gaza border was not accidental; Hamas prepared for
(07:47 , 25.12.14 ) 
Islamic State campaign gave Sydney terrorist the
Analysis: Man Haron Monis, a radical Muslim terrorist with a criminal past,
(01:00 , 16.12.14 )
Iran is playing with fire
Analysis: Did the IAF strike in Syria in response to public declaration by
(00:06 , 08.12.14 ) 

Ron Ben-Yishai

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