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Photo: GPO
Netanyahu's strategic gamble in Gaza
The Security Cabinet's decision to accept the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire ...
(09:31 , 11.15.18 ) 
Photo: Getty Images
Lieberman's resignation is no great loss
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was right in claiming that the Cabinet's ...
(22:37 , 11.14.18 )
Photo: AFP
This is not how you create deterrence
The current round of escalation in the south apparently began with a secret IDF ...
(21:20 , 11.13.18 ) 
Photo: AP
Calm in Gaza, unrest in the West Bank
Speaking at a Knesset discussion several months ago, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. ...
(12:22 , 11.11.18 )
Photo: Netiv HaAsara Security
Iran is pressuring US using Islamic Jihad in Gaza
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which was behind the escalation in the Gaza Strip ...
(10:55 , 10.28.18 )
Photo: Barel Efraim
Hamas's dangerous games demand different kind of reaction
Israel is already responding to the rocket fire from Gaza that hit a home in ...
(12:22 , 10.17.18 ) 
Photo: AP
Election minded rhetoric could lead to escalation in Gaza
The heads of the defense establishment and the Security Cabinet have reached the ...
(23:56 , 10.16.18 )
Israel can overcome the S-300, but must resolve crisis with Russia
Vladimir Putin said on the eve of Yom Kippur that Russia will take "steps that ...
(01:29 , 10.04.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
Iran’s strike in Syria is a warning to the West and Gulf states
Iran's Revolutionary Guards apparently have a pattern: the terrorist attack on ...
(00:03 , 10.03.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu’s UN speech was a masterpiece
The speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General ...
(23:33 , 09.28.18 )
Photo: RT
The lies of Russia’s report on Israeli culpability for plane fiasco
The most striking thing about the report produced by the Russian Defense ...
(23:17 , 09.23.18 )
Photo: AFP, EPA
How a dangerous game between Israel and Hamas might spark a war
The Hamas leadership wants attention; not so much from the Israeli leadership, ...
(23:53 , 09.22.18 )
Photo: AP, Reuters
Let the Palestinians make lemonade of Trump's lemons
Cutting aid to the Palestinians, cutting funding to UNRWA, and the Trump ...
(23:49 , 08.28.18 )

Ron Ben-Yishai

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