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Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik
The Iranian connection: Gonen Segev’s narcissism and potential damage
Dr. Gonen Segev has two main qualities, which characterize many Israelis. One of ...
(14:28 , 06.19.18 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Following ministers’ demands, IDF steps up response to kite terrorism
On Sunday night, the IDF moved from concrete deterrence of terrorists ...
(23:44 , 06.18.18 ) 
Photo: Reuters
Singapore summit won’t bring peace on earth, but it does prevent a war
US President Donald Trump appeared very confident in the press conference he ...
(10:24 , 06.13.18 ) 
Photo: EPA
What Israel would like to achieve from Trump-Kim meeting
US President Donald Trump hopes to emerge from the Singapore summit with ...
(23:50 , 06.10.18 )
Photo: AFP
Rebel groups trying to drag IDF into war in Gaza
Saturday night's rocket fire from the Gaza Strip was likely carried out by ...
(23:40 , 06.03.18 )
Photo: AFP
Israel's negotiations with Russia on Syria not yet concluded
Talks between Israel and Russia—including Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman's ...
(12:00 , 06.01.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
In Syria, Iran is getting in Putin’s way too
The military intervention in Syria is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most ...
(16:14 , 05.31.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
The full story behind the understandings for a truce in Gaza
The statements issued by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, that they have ...
(23:39 , 05.30.18 )
Photo: AFP
There is a way to solve the Gaza crisis
After 62 Palestinians were killed and thousands were wounded during recent Gaza ...
(23:43 , 05.21.18 )
Photo: EPA
Israel’s PR failure on Gaza border fence
The international response to the deadly clashes along the Gaza border fence ...
(15:16 , 05.17.18 )
Photo: AFP
Hamas's march of folly
It was a symbolic day, as an event in Jerusalem bolstered and advanced the State ...
(23:24 , 05.14.18 )
Photo: EPA
Between Tehran and Gaza: From the dangerous threat to the explosive threat
Last week was “Iranian,” but the coming week and the following week will likely ...
(23:50 , 05.13.18 )
The real target of the T-4 attack: the 3rd Khordad system
A little over a month ago, on April 9, Israel bombed the T-4 Airbase in Syria. ...
(01:22 , 05.13.18 ) 
Photo: Reuters
Israel, Iran walking on the precipice
The rocket attack aimed at Israeli bases in the Golan Heights by the Iranian ...
(21:52 , 05.10.18 ) 
Israel’s message to Tehran: An unusual IDF order and a ‘preventive strike’
The Syrian report that Israel attacked a base near Damascus used by Iranian ...
(11:14 , 05.09.18 )
Photo: AP
Exposure of Iranian retaliation plan may lead to its postponement
How will Iran avenge the Israeli “theft” of its secret nuclear archive and the ...
(14:56 , 05.07.18 )
Photo: AP
Mossad’s achievement a deterring strategic factor in Israel-Iran conflict
While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech Monday failed to prove that ...
(23:35 , 05.02.18 ) 
Iran, Syria left in awkward situation as 'enemy' attackers unknown
Who was behind Sunday night’s attack on several Assad army bases in Syria? As ...
(14:47 , 04.30.18 ) 
IRGC's Aerospace Force contingent in Syria exposed
Israel is preparing for possible Iranian retaliation to a strike on the T-4 ...
(14:53 , 04.17.18 )
Photo: EPA
Israel can deal with Russian supply of S-300 missiles to Syria
The statement made Saturday by Sergei Rudskoi, head of the Russian General ...
(17:18 , 04.15.18 )
Assad can breathe easily
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can breathe easily Saturday morning, as can his ...
(23:58 , 04.14.18 ) 
Photo: Reuters
The lessons of the Holocaust and Syria
Current tensions in Israel's northern sector have a bone-chilling historical ...
(19:57 , 04.11.18 )
Photo: AP
Prepared for a conflict with Russia, Israel is pushing Trump to take action in Syria
Israel is escalating the diplomatic conflict with Russia and publicly standing ...
(23:49 , 04.10.18 )
Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO
Israel signals Russia and Iran: We're not scared of military conflict
If Israel was indeed behind the missile strike on the T-4 military base in ...
(23:56 , 04.09.18 )
Photo: Barel Efraim
If infiltrators reached Tze'elim, they could have reached Tel Aviv too
It’s reasonable to believe, with almost complete certainty, that the terrorists ...
(11:42 , 03.28.18 )
Photo: EPA
Some causes for concern following John Bolton appointment
Tehran woke up Friday morning to an unfavorable situation for the Iranians. The ...
(23:59 , 03.25.18 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Why Assad won't retaliate and the message sent to Iran
After the first wave of official Israeli acknowledgements that it attacked the ...
(23:19 , 03.21.18 ) 
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
IDF vs. Hamas: A new type of war between wars
The attack on two Hamas tunnels Saturday night and Sunday morning is another ...
(17:01 , 03.18.18 )
Photo: Yair Sagi
Terror attack the direct result of incitement from Gaza
The car ramming terror attack in the Samaria on Friday, which claimed the lives ...
(11:29 , 03.17.18 )

Ron Ben-Yishai

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