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Photo: AP
Putin’s surprise Syria visit aimed at threatening Assad
The purpose of Vladimir Putin’s surprise visit to the Middle East this week ...
(23:44 , 12.16.17 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
The ‘lab’ uncovering cross-border tunnels from Gaza
The exposure of an attack tunnel from the Gaza Strip, for the second time in ...
(23:44 , 12.12.17 )
Photo: AFP
Nothing to be happy about, nothing to get killed over
US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital did not ...
(23:44 , 12.09.17 ) 
Photo: AP
Jerusalem declaration: Trump’s Christmas gift to Christians and Jews
US President Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday that Jerusalem is Israel’s ...
(19:35 , 12.07.17 )
A message to Putin: No calm in Syria as long as Iran calls the shots
The military facility in the Jamariya area near Damascus, which was attacked ...
(13:59 , 12.05.17 )
Photo: Digital Globe, McKenze intelligence Services ,BBC
Strike on Iranian base in Syria: Dealing with problem while it's still small
If there is truth to the many reports coming from opposition sources and Syrian ...
(17:52 , 12.02.17 ) 
Photo: Roee Idan
Gaza mortar fire not intended to lead to escalation
Islamic Jihad was responding to pressure from opposing interests when it ...
(08:57 , 12.01.17 ) 
Photo: Reuters
Islamic State’s war of survival against a helpless Egyptian army
The murderous terror attack in northern Sinai, which left more than 300 people ...
(19:27 , 11.26.17 )
Photo: Yair Sagi
Iranian axis threat that led Lieberman to seek increased IDF budget
The demand from the Ministry of Defense and Minister Avigdor Lieberman for ...
(23:42 , 11.25.17 ) 
Putin and Rouhani need Assad just as much as he needs them
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani need ...
(12:18 , 11.23.17 )
Photo: EPA
The old agreement that will keep Iran away from Israeli border
The warning shots fired by the IDF on Saturday and Sunday at Syrian military ...
(10:22 , 11.20.17 )
Photos: Yoav Dudkevitch, AFP
The strategic interests behind Eisenkot’s Saudi interview
IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot rarely gives interviews. He has provided ...
(18:59 , 11.19.17 )
Photo: Reuters
The real Iranian threat on Israel’s northern borders
The presence of Iranian forces in Syria and of Iranian-backed militias not far ...
(23:30 , 11.16.17 )
Tunnel explosion timing affected by Gaza political situation
The controlled explosion of an offensive tunnel infiltrating Israel from the ...
(14:40 , 10.31.17 )
Photo: Avihu Shapira
Intentional Syrian fire aimed at deterring Israel without waging war
It’s now perfectly clear that Syria and Iran have launched a diplomatic and ...
(10:50 , 10.23.17 )
Land of terror: ISIS alive and kicking in Sinai
The Islamic State implemented a double strategic move in the Sinai area on ...
(23:38 , 10.17.17 )
Photo: EPA
Neutralizing Syrian battery draws a new Israeli red line
Israel drew a new red line on Monday for the countries and different militant ...
(17:19 , 10.16.17 )
Four lessons from the Har Adar attack
Tuesday morning’s terror attack in Har Adar, which left three Israelis dead, ...
(23:57 , 09.27.17 )
Photos: Reuters, AFP
Trump and Kim's game of chicken
It seems like the United States and North Korea are on the brink of military ...
(21:43 , 09.23.17 ) 
Photo: EPA
Iran shows its defiance of the US, carefully
Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly gave rise to a series of provocative ...
(16:45 , 09.23.17 ) 
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu's implicit threat to bring down Iranian regime
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can come away from the UN General Assembly in ...
(12:12 , 09.20.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Demand to cancel Iran deal is an Israeli spin
In the current state of affairs, there’s absolutely no chance the nuclear ...
(11:28 , 09.17.17 )

Ron Ben-Yishai

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