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Photo: AP, Reuters
Let the Palestinians make lemonade of Trump's lemons
Cutting aid to the Palestinians, cutting funding to UNRWA, and the Trump ...
(23:49 , 08.28.18 )
Hamas takes advantage of Israeli wariness of military campaign
The rocket and mortar shell fire to the western Negev on Wednesday night and ...
(13:31 , 08.09.18 )
Chaos on the borders: Israel has lost its deterrence
The government and the IDF's deterrence and containment strategy has reached a ...
(23:34 , 07.27.18 )
Photo: Noy Golan
Syrian fighter jet: A navigational error with no hidden agenda
The downing of the Syrian Sukhoi plane was the result of a navigation mistake, ...
(00:47 , 07.25.18 ) 
Photo: Haim Zach/GPO
The card in the hands of Netanyahu and Eisenkot
The meeting of some senior level Russian officials with Prime Minister Benjamin ...
(19:23 , 07.24.18 )
Hamas evened the score and rushed to ask for a truce
The quick end to the round of hostilities on Friday was due to the tragic fact ...
(23:33 , 07.21.18 )
Photo: AFP
Hamas's military wing wants war
Hamas's military wing likely wants war. To the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, ...
(23:41 , 07.20.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
How the incendiary balloons and kites could lead to war
Both Hamas and the IDF are not interested in an escalation that would lead to ...
(23:52 , 07.13.18 )
Photo: EPA
Assad's huge victory and what it means for Israel
The capture of areas in the Daraa province and the Jordan border crossing south ...
(23:52 , 07.08.18 )
Photo: AP
War or an agreement: Israel’s critical dilemma vis-à-vis Gaza
According to IDF estimates, the conflict on the Gaza front has reached a ...
(00:36 , 06.25.18 )
Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik
The Iranian connection: Gonen Segev’s narcissism and potential damage
Dr. Gonen Segev has two main qualities, which characterize many Israelis. One of ...
(14:28 , 06.19.18 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Following ministers’ demands, IDF steps up response to kite terrorism
On Sunday night, the IDF moved from concrete deterrence of terrorists ...
(23:44 , 06.18.18 ) 
Photo: Reuters
Singapore summit won’t bring peace on earth, but it does prevent a war
US President Donald Trump appeared very confident in the press conference he ...
(10:24 , 06.13.18 ) 

Ron Ben-Yishai

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