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Photo: EPA
In battle against Jerusalem recognition, Palestinians united by Al-Aqsa
This script has been repeating itself for years: Four possible conflict ...
(12:37 , 12.06.17 )
Photo: Reuters
The Middle East just keeps bleeding, with no end in sight
Everything is stuck. The past weekend proved we shouldn’t expect a dramatic ...
(15:23 , 11.26.17 )
Why Russia must take Israel’s interests in Syria into account
Visiting Sochi on Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar Assad looked like a child ...
(14:29 , 11.22.17 )
IDF chief’s Saudi interview: A gesture from Riyadh
The rare and unusual interview the Israeli chief of staff gave a Saudi media ...
(23:50 , 11.19.17 )
Photo: EPA
Is Gaza tunnel era coming to an end?
Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot’s main work directive to the IDF for 2018, the last ...
(10:15 , 11.15.17 )
Photo: EPA
As tensions rise on Israel-Gaza border, a flare-up is only a matter of time
The last two barriers putting off Islamic Jihad’s planned revenge for the recent ...
(23:35 , 11.13.17 )
Photo: Avihu Shapira
In protection of Druze, Israel gave up security interests in Golan
Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Not when it comes to Friday’s incident in ...
(21:09 , 11.05.17 )
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg
The national master of missed opportunities
The Iranians are showing no signs of panic in light of the Israeli threats to ...
(23:32 , 11.01.17 )
Tunnel explosion puts Palestinian reconciliation to the test
Since Operation Protective Edge, the defense establishment heads have been ...
(23:42 , 10.31.17 )
Photo: AFP
It’s time to change Israel’s provincial defense policy
It’s as if the headlines were taken from the previous century: The Syrians fire ...
(23:49 , 10.28.17 )
Israel is done threatening Syria
For at least six months now, Israel has been exercising restraint over the ...
(10:34 , 10.17.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Trump’s Iran deal speech: A recipe for a regional explosion
Israel didn’t wait for US President Donald Trump’s “indictment” against Iran. ...
(17:19 , 10.15.17 )
Photo: EPA
A hopeless reconciliation agreement
During reconciliation talks in Cairo, Hamas was asked to present the Palestinian ...
(23:52 , 10.13.17 )
Photo: AP
Israel-Iran conflict in Syria reaching point of no return
The open conflict taking place between Israel and Iran on Syrian soil is ...
(10:31 , 10.08.17 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
What if a war breaks out tomorrow morning?
The public report about the IDF’s security perception and force building, issued ...
(19:57 , 09.26.17 )
Iran missile test: Nuclear deal’s rotten fruit
Why does Iran need a heavy, one-stage, inaccurate missile, with a liquid fuel ...
(14:40 , 09.24.17 )
The Egyptian maestro and his Palestinian marionettes
The most fascinating part of Hamas’ “strategic turnabout” is the marionette ...
(11:27 , 09.24.17 )
Photo: AFP
If North Korea can do it, so can Iran
If North Korea, according to the images it is published and according to ...
(08:37 , 09.23.17 )
Photo: EPA
Israel’s missed opportunity with Sunni states
The window of opportunity allowing Israel to become part of an Arab-Sunni axis ...
(23:43 , 09.13.17 )
Syrian regime caught in catch-22 with 'Israeli' strike
Whoever issued the order early Thursday to attack one of the complexes of ...
(10:19 , 09.10.17 )

Photo: Avigail Uzi

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