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Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Israel is not prepared for the next war
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke again last week about a ...
(23:46 , 05.26.20 )
Photo: Reuters
As Netanyahu's trial gets underway, let's keep an open mind
This day, many respectable and not-so respectable people told us, would never ...
(23:45 , 05.24.20 )
Godspeed to Israel's new government
To say that most Israelis are not satisfied with the incoming government is an ...
(23:29 , 05.15.20 )
Photo: AP, Oren Ben Hakun
High Court was right to let Netanyahu serve as PM
The unanimous decision by the High Court on Wednesday to reject the petitions ...
(23:44 , 05.07.20 )
Photo: Screenshot of live coverage
Judicial activism could harm democracy
Both sides of the political spectrum make the same argument: we are facing an ...
(23:39 , 05.05.20 )
Photo: Moti Kimchi
The High Court's unbridled imperialism
In May 2017, the "deposit bill" came into effect in Israel, which states that an ...
(23:29 , 05.02.20 )
Photo: EPA
Anti-Semitism is world's oldest 'fake news'
In order to perpetrate the most heinous act in human history, it took the Nazis ...
(17:06 , 04.21.20 )
Photo: AFP
Criticism of Haredi coronavirus conduct is not racism
Veteran TV political pundit Rina Matzliach managed to make herself into public ...
(23:58 , 04.07.20 )
Photo: AFP
Wanted: A non-bloated, non-bankrupt government
Most Israelis support a unity government - even those who voted for Benny Gantz ...
(10:46 , 03.30.20 )
Photo: The Knesset Channel
Edelstein's dangerous High Court game
A new parliament can elect a new speaker. That is a simple fact and in line with ...
(19:18 , 03.24.20 )
Photo: Gilad Cohen
Netanyahu and Edelstein are threatening Israeli democracy
While the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Israel is facing a challenge to its ...
(15:53 , 03.19.20 )
Now is not the time to attack Netanyahu
A journalist could uncharitably be defined as someone who knows almost nothing ...
(23:26 , 03.17.20 )
Photo: Amir Meiri
Fighting coronavirus should not weaken Israeli democracy
These are not the best of times. We are combating a strain of coronavirus that ...
(23:37 , 03.16.20 )
Photo: AP
Netanyahu and Gantz should grow up
Honorable and not so honorable politicians, I would like to tell you something ...
(20:45 , 03.10.20 )
Photo: AFP
Blue & White must put country over party
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to send flowers as soon as he can to the ...
(10:50 , 03.10.20 )
Photo:  AFP
How did Western media become Gaza's useful idiot?
Israel remains helpless in the face of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza ...
(19:15 , 02.25.20 )
Photo: Reuters
The Palestinians have never really sought peace
The release of U.S peace plan has renewed the debate over the best solution for ...
(22:05 , 02.23.20 )
Free speech for me, but not for thee
Last week, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai ordered to take down billboards that ...
(18:50 , 02.21.20 )

Ben-Dror Yemini

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