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Photo: Reuters
Bahrain is a tired formula that will only fail again
The economic workshop taking place Tuesday and Wednesday in Bahrain is a ...
(23:13 , 06.25.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Trump's hesitation to attack Iran is justified restraint
Donald Trump may have a big mouth, but his hands are small. Follow Ynetnews ...
(19:07 , 06.23.19 )
Photo: Avi Moalem
Avigdor Liberman's democratic revolution
This is a revolution, no less. If Avigdor Liberman wins enough seats to be the ...
(14:46 , 06.16.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Israelis should not celebrate U.S. ambassador's talk of West Bank annexation
In certain circumstances, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said last ...
(23:13 , 06.10.19 )
Jerusalem Day event highlights conflict over unity
Jerusalem Day was supposed to project unity, but the celebrations have over the ...
(12:26 , 06.02.19 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Liberman is blackmailing Netanyahu for the future of Israel
As political history shows us, a lot can happen in 24 hours, and the chances of ...
(23:40 , 05.28.19 )
Photo: AP
WHO, France and dabbling in anti-Semitism
It happened that just a few days ago, on May 22, the World Health Organization ...
(11:25 , 05.28.19 )
Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch
Annexation, corruption and the new coalition
The rightful debate about the immunity law that would protect Prime Minister ...
(23:13 , 05.26.19 )
Photo: AFP
Israel shouldn't rest on the laurels of Germany's BDS decision
The past weekend was one of the most successful for Israel in the international ...
(10:57 , 05.21.19 )
The man responsible for the Nakba
March 1949, the War of Independence was not yet over but the Palestinian refugee ...
(21:31 , 05.15.19 )
Photo: Emil Selman
Netanyahu's Erdoğanization of Israel
Normally, there is no need to be alarmed by constitutional changes, and not even ...
(23:25 , 05.14.19 )
Photo: EPA
Breaking the Silence harms Israel with attempts to politicize Eurovision
The Eurovision Song Contest is an entertaining, flamboyant event and apolitical ...
(15:32 , 05.13.19 )
Photo: Yariv Katz
Joint Memorial Day event a deception
Two years ago, I sent an open letter to the defense minister and asked that he ...
(22:53 , 05.07.19 )
Photo: Topview
West Bank settlers before Gaza border residents
There is no doubt that Hamas is a problem. And although it is possible to make ...
(23:26 , 05.05.19 )
Photo: Knesset spokesman
The Knesset doesn't care about the will of the people
Ever since the results of the Israeli elections were announced, we’ve been ...
(23:30 , 04.30.19 )
Does Jewish anti-Semitism exist?
One of the most influential newspapers in the world, the Jewish-owned New York ...
(16:18 , 04.28.19 )
Criticize the IDF, but stick to the facts
"The Israeli media is occupied with the number of vacationers visiting nature ...
(19:13 , 04.23.19 )
Photos: Reuters, EPA
Israel needs a unity government now
Putting the pathetic election campaign and its rhetoric behind us, the Blue and ...
(15:07 , 04.10.19 )
Photo: Avi Roccah, AFP
Gaslighting takes center stage in current elections campaign
Does Case 3000 - known as the submarine affair - prove that Prime Minister ...
(10:48 , 04.02.19 )
A futile endeavor
There has never been a more justified cause for an operation against a terrorist ...
(21:21 , 03.26.19 )
Photo: Facebook
Netanyahu talks a lot but does very little
There are arguments where both sides are right. The more the media sides with ...
(13:08 , 03.24.19 )

Ben-Dror Yemini

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