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Photo: Facebook
Netanyahu talks a lot but does very little
There are arguments where both sides are right. The more the media sides with ...
(13:08 , 03.24.19 )
Photo: Marc Israel Sellem
The Likud is the real threat to Israel
Two weeks ago, the Israeli swing voter seemed to be enjoying a brief moment in ...
(19:58 , 03.12.19 )
Photo: Elad Gershgoren
Israel should be better at disqualifying unsuitable election candidates
During each Israeli election there is a set dance. Zionist parties demand the ...
(23:25 , 03.07.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Netanyahu should resign for the good of the country
For years I have defended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is not a ...
(14:50 , 03.03.19 )
Photo: GPO
Striking a deal with Netanyahu will save Israel's rule of law
It's a sad day for Israel. For decades now, every prime minister has also been a ...
(11:57 , 02.28.19 )
Photo: AFP
When hypocrisy becomes anti-Semitism
The anti-Semitic tweet by US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar about the Israeli lobby ...
(18:53 , 02.20.19 )
Photo: Getty images
Lapid, Gantz and their battle for the centrist votes
Every party presenting its final list of candidates for the 21st Knesset ahead ...
(15:43 , 02.20.19 )
Photo: Courtesy of family
The occupation didn't kill Ori Ansbacher
We have always been told that for as long as Israeli occupation continues, ...
(20:09 , 02.11.19 )
Photo: Sharon Revivo
Time for Likud to decide what it is
We need to give the Likud Party some credit for not destroying itself in ...
(13:22 , 02.07.19 )
Pbhoto: Motti Kimchi
Likud politicians think their voters are animals
Several months ago I appeared before Likud activists in the Metzudat Ze'ev, also ...
(23:31 , 02.05.19 )
An anti-Semitic Knesset candidate
Hadash MK Dov Khenin has not yet left the Knesset and I am already beginning to ...
(21:49 , 02.05.19 )
Photo: MCT
The new Arab boycott
A major economic conference was supposed to take place last week. There was no ...
(13:40 , 01.28.19 )
Photo: GPO
The US is more important to Israel than Chad
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can take credit for the restoration of ...
(23:50 , 01.23.19 )
Photo: Hassan Shaalan
It's time for a new leaf in Arab-Jewish relations
Legend has it that Jews in Israel hate Arabs and Arabs hate Jews. Hate is taking ...
(16:50 , 01.09.19 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Netanyahu is playing with fire
This isn't criticism of the justice system, which is legitimate. It's not about ...
(23:41 , 01.06.19 )
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg
To succeed, Livni must overcome her negative image
It is entirely possible to understand Avi Gabbay. There was no harmony in the ...
(21:18 , 01.02.19 )
Erdogan is not a benevolent sultan of old, he's a monster that must be stopped
Once upon a time, a Turkish sultan in situ was good news, such as those, for ...
(12:21 , 12.24.18 )
It's time for Benny Gantz to show his hand
A new poll released this week in Israel makes one thing very clear: domestic ...
(23:28 , 12.18.18 )

Ben-Dror Yemini

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