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Photo: Avi Mualem
Olmert’s delusional conspiracy theory
Many people are still convinced that Ehud Olmert was Israel’s best prime ...
(20:33 , 03.21.18 )
Photo: Haim Zach'GPO
AIPAC isn’t Likud
WASHINGTON—Muslims and Christians took to the stage. They spoke in favor of ...
(08:00 , 03.12.18 )
Photo: AFP
Since when do achievements legitimize corruption?
The Right has some justified claims against law enforcement and legal ...
(13:53 , 03.11.18 )
Photo: Channel 10 News
Something is rotten in the kingdom of justice
It’s one of the gravest stories that has ever been revealed about the legal ...
(12:25 , 02.27.18 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
An auto-anti-Semitic abomination
Zeev Sternhell published an article in Le Monde this week, under a title ...
(09:27 , 02.23.18 )
Photo: EPA
Why settlement construction isn’t the answer to terror
Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, may God avenge his blood, was murdered last week. It was ...
(23:50 , 02.18.18 )
Photo: EPA
Sometimes, just sometimes, the Palestinians are right
Israel has a lot of excellent arguments on the Palestinian issue. They could ...
(17:30 , 02.15.18 )
Photo: EPA
The radical left-wing rejectionist front
This story is inaccurate, a spokesperson for John Kerry said in response to ...
(23:45 , 02.05.18 )
Photo: AFP
How do Trump and Netanyahu get away with anything?
Two weeks ago, it was the book Fire and Fury—a bill of indictment against the ...
(14:34 , 01.20.18 )
Photo: EPA
Stop ‘understanding’ the Palestinians
The speech was loud and clear. It wasn’t just the “may your house be demolished” ...
(14:03 , 01.17.18 )
Photo: AFP
The moderate Palestinian leader’s lies
He’s the most moderate leader the Palestinians could choose, and that’s their ...
(23:28 , 01.15.18 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Why deportation of asylum seekers is unnecessary
Israel has decided to deport asylum seekers to third countries. A slightly odd ...
(23:48 , 01.12.18 )
Photo: Amit Shabi
In a foolish decision, Likud gave BDS a valuable gift
Minister Gilad Erdan called on Likud Central Committee members to attend a ...
(19:32 , 01.02.18 )
Photo: Lana Turral
IDF refusal letter organized by radical left-wing NGO
These tones are familiar: “A racist government… A militaristic ideology… A ...
(17:01 , 01.02.18 )
The blue-eyed poster girl of Palestinian propaganda
For years, she has been the poster girl of Palestinian propaganda. The jewel in ...
(13:39 , 12.27.17 )
Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch
Right-wing anti-corruption protest is just the tip of the iceberg
In recent weeks, week after week, I have been going to the left-wing protest. ...
(23:12 , 12.24.17 )
'Innocent protestor' killed by IDF was a terrorist, told his family 'I Intend to be a martyr'
Last Friday, Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a disabled person who uses a wheelchair, who ...
(12:46 , 12.22.17 )

Ben-Dror Yemini

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