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Nasrallah, Iran, and Israel's end game
Opinion: Perhaps Hezbollah's secretary-general is not 100% well, or perhaps he's
Shimrit Meir (23:42 , 01.16.19 )
One Israeli-Palestinian conflict, six solutions
Opinion: The ongoing struggle between the two nations is once again emerging as
Giora Eiland (22:28 , 01.11.19 )
Gantz was an island of sanity during the Gaza war
Opinion: As IDF chief during the 2014 round of fighting between Israel and
Matan Tzuri (23:28 , 01.10.19 )
Moshe Arens, defender of the state
Analysis: From engaging with Saddam to trying to build the first Israeli fighter
Shlomo Nakdimon (12:27 , 01.10.19 )
Were the Shin Bet's interrogation techniques justified?
Opinion: Suspects who have nothing to hide don't keep silent during
Yifat Erlich (12:02 , 01.09.19 )
Trump's shifting timetable on Syria leaves allies scrambling
Analysis: After National Security Advisor John Bolton proclaims US pullout from
Associated Press (23:49 , 01.08.19 )
Abbas can cause Gaza to explode before the elections
Opinion: Feud between Fatah and Hamas has escalated recently, to the dismay of
Shimrit Meir (22:34 , 01.08.19 )
Who's afraid of Benny Gantz?
Analysis: Netanyahu's associates are planning a political 'targeted killing' of
Yuval Karni (12:50 , 01.06.19 )
A rare animal in today's wild political climate
Opinion: With the departure of MK Dov Khenin, the Knesset is losing one of its
Einav Schiff (13:03 , 01.04.19 )
Livni, Gabbay and the feminist filter
Opinion: Although the Labor leader's treatment of his former political partner
Anat Lev-Adler (17:13 , 01.03.19 )
We need to talk about Iran and Russia in this Israeli election
EXCLUSIVE: David Makovsky and Dennis Ross say that while no politician will want
David Makovsky and Dennis Ross (23:42 , 01.02.19 )
Wanted: A new party for Israel's Arabs
Opinion: The Joint List has little left to offer voters, and anyone wise enough
Yoseph Haddad (23:27 , 01.01.19 )
Amos Oz, my brother, my teacher
Op-ed: No one is irreplaceable, but Amos Oz will always be remembered as one of
Abraham B. Yehoshua (15:44 , 01.01.19 )
Livni and Gabbay's Zionist Disunion
Labor leader's dramatic announcement that he is ending the partnership with
Moran Azoulay (13:23 , 01.01.19 )
A most unflattering investigation
Opinion: Israel was the focus of a New York Times investigation regarding the
Oded Shalom (14:40 , 12.31.18 )
Amos Oz wrote the story of our Israeli lives
David Grossman pays tribute to his friend, 'one of the greatest writers of
David Grossman (12:46 , 12.30.18 )
Israel urgently needs to build more prisons
Opinion: Early releases will not be enough to provide decent living space for
Aharon Franco (12:49 , 12.29.18 )
The truth about fake news
Artificially created news has been around for millennia - it was used to install
Yuval Noah Harari (23:54 , 12.28.18 )
Israel must focus on the Lebanese front
Op-ed: Iran might be a vocal presence in Syria, where it is still trying to
Giora Eiland (08:44 , 12.28.18 )
How Trump betrayed the Kurds in Syria
Opinion: President Trump's announcement that he was to withdraw US troops from
Tsur Shezaf (23:31 , 12.27.18 )
From Trump to #MeToo
Despite bragging about grabbing women "by the p****", Donald Trump won the
Tzipi Shmilovitz (19:49 , 12.27.18 ) 
Taking a chance on Gantz
Opinion: The former IDF chief keeps gathering steam even though he is still a
Yuval Karni (14:41 , 12.27.18 )
An Israeli evaluation of Trump's presidency
Op-ed: Based on his rhetoric alone, it seems as though the Donald is the kind of
Itamar Eichner (13:53 , 12.24.18 )
Alone and uncontrolled, Trump is the American Caligula
Op-ed: Solitude at the top is not only sad, it is dangerous, and with Mattis
Yoav Fromer (19:10 , 12.23.18 )
Why is the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah condoning terror?
Op-ed: Granted, the PA wants to distance itself from the image of collaboration
Elior Levy (00:06 , 12.22.18 ) 
30 years after Lockerbie, aerial terrorism still blights our world
Op-ed: The tragedy of 9/11 and subsequent plane bombings have not lessened the
Yoram Schweitzer (14:36 , 12.21.18 )
The winners and losers in the new Middle East
Analysis: Without the US in Syria, the regional power structure looks very
Smadar Perry (11:33 , 12.20.18 )
A wakeup call for Israel's leaders
Op-ed: Outgoing police chief made the parlous social neglect of the Arab
Merav Batito (22:32 , 12.18.18 )
Rona Ramon: The woman who soared
Op-ed: The story of the Ramon family is the story of the people of Israel. Of
Miriam Peretz (14:19 , 12.18.18 )
My heroes: Rona Ramon on her late husband and son
In her own words: The mother and wife of two fallen Israeli warriors writes
Rona Ramon (10:21 , 12.18.18 )
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