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Israel can overcome its greatest trials
Opinion: The Jewish state has achieved far more impressive gains in situations
Tamar Asraf (00:16 , 03.24.19 )
Let’s talk about the one-state solution
Opinion: Decades of futile peace negotiations prove that the two-state solution
Ureib al-Rantawi (20:14 , 03.23.19 )
Overt racism among Israeli officialdom
Opinion: The theme of International Day for the Elimination of Racial
Elyakim Rubinstein (22:37 , 03.21.19 )
What Shaked is selling smells more like anarchy
Opinion: The justice minister's new election campaign video is an anti-feminist
Limor Livnat (18:44 , 03.21.19 )
US-led forces oust IS but victory may not last
Analysis: Despite U.S. President Donald Trump's Wednesday statement, his
AP (08:43 , 03.21.19 )
Why I am not voting when Israel goes to the polls
Opinion: I am not willing to cast a ballot for this current crop of
Yair Katan (23:30 , 03.20.19 )
Pompeo skirts talk of peace plan on Israel trip
Analysis: US secretary of state's visit to Jerusalem, for a photo-op with
Associated Press (08:44 , 03.20.19 )
The Qatari cash and Hamas' big mistake
Analysis: When donor money goes directly to your leadership, you will find
Shimrit Meir (23:10 , 03.17.19 )
Mr. Netanyahu, have you no sense of decency, sir?
Opinion: I remember you as good soldier and a good commander, and for years I
Avshalom "Abu" Vilan (18:41 , 03.16.19 )
This election cycle is full of strategy but devoid of values
Opinion: Everyone is talking about voting tactically on April 9, but this is
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (16:09 , 03.14.19 )
Moshe Feiglin is already the winner
Opinion: The ultra-nationalist is drawing crowds in leftist, secular Tel Aviv,
Yaron Dekel (15:41 , 03.13.19 )
Politicians don’t want Arabs in the Knesset — but don't mind their votes
Opinion: While Netanyahu is busy blaming Gantz for 'not ruling out' Arab parties
Yehuda Shohat (23:30 , 03.12.19 )
Begin, Israel's most gallant rightwing leader
He put aside his personal row with Ben-Gurion for the good of the country, saw
Shlomo Nakdimon (13:11 , 03.11.19 )
Opening the Vatican archives won’t absolve the Church
Opinion: The Vatican’s silence in the face of Nazi genocide is a proven fact;
Dr. Motti Shalem (23:14 , 03.10.19 )
Hamas seems to ready for calm, but will Islamic Jihad cooperate?
Analysis: Egypt's shuttle diplomacy attempts to bring a lull in the months of
Elior Levy (12:34 , 03.10.19 )
Israel's women want equality, not special treatment
Opinion: Israeli society faces many complex challenges, but there is one central
Ravit Dom Eini (23:41 , 03.08.19 )
Women should take these elections seriously
Opinion: Some women claim they have no one to vote for during the April 9 vote,
Nurit Daboush (15:53 , 03.06.19 )
The four fronts of potential Palestinian escalation
Analysis: The West Bank, The Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the security
Elior Levy (21:14 , 03.05.19 )
Blue and White platform is making elections interesting again
Opinion: The party founded by Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid strives to be neither
Limor Livnat (17:16 , 03.05.19 )
The Blue and White platform – a balancing act of right and left
Analysis: Trying to appeal to the entire political spectrum and keep its own
Yuval Karni (12:44 , 03.05.19 )
Netanyahu and the court of public opinion
Opinion: Should the prime minister be reelected after the attorney general
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky (13:33 , 03.04.19 )
Netanyahu has his 'natural partners' on side, but Likud still worried
Analysis: The prime minister has the clear backing of the right in wake of the
Moran Azoulay (12:05 , 03.03.19 )
The dangerous illusion of a two-state solution
Opinion: The left-wing has been advocating 'two states for two nations' as if it
Tamar Asraf (04:43 , 03.02.19 )
Netanyahu has the support of the right, but at what cost?
Analysis: The coalition parties were almost unanimous in their support of the
Moran Azulay (23:39 , 02.28.19 )
The Palestinians' automatic 'no' to peace
Opinion: While the Palestinians are at one of the lowest points in their
Shimrit Meir (00:14 , 02.28.19 )
An era of fake news and manufactured leaders
Opinion: Policies, views and beliefs don't matter in this elections campaign;
Chen Sror Artzi (08:21 , 02.27.19 )
Netanyahu underestimated US Jews' revulsion toward Kahanists
Opinion: While the prime minister caused dismay among American Jewry by working
Yael Patir (22:39 , 02.26.19 )
Ending racism begins with our children
Opinion: Guy Nattiv, the Israeli director who claimed the Academy Award for Live
Guy Nattiv (16:22 , 02.26.19 )
Otzma Yehudit are not Nazis, so stop invoking the Holocaust
Opinion: Racism is not necessarily the precursor to Nazism. The racial
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky (14:55 , 02.26.19 )
Netanyahu's right-wing problem
Analysis: The prime minister is waging war on Bennett and Shaked, who he sees as
Moran Azoulay (20:35 , 02.25.19 )
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