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To prevent a war, Israel must create an Assad-Iran rift
Analysis: The Syrian president isn’t interested in a conflict at this time, and
Giora Eiland (23:58 , 02.20.18 )
Netanyahu's big problem: Evidence has rules of its own
Analysis: No speech, as good as it may be, can rescue the prime minister from
Moran Azulay (10:14 , 02.15.18 )
Investing in religious pluralism in Israel
Op-ed: Imagine what would've happened had the Conservative Movement, which
Yizhar Hess (23:42 , 02.12.18 )
Stop the hypocrisy: There’s foreign funding in the Right too
Op-ed: Despite receiving massive funding from the United States, the Right keeps
Mickey Gitzin (15:10 , 02.12.18 )
From Russia with disappointment
Op-ed: Our working assumption in the past few years, that the Russians will
Yoav Fromer (21:36 , 02.11.18 )
With his army battered, Assad bolsters Anti-aircraft capabilities
Analysis: Although his army suffered heavy losses after 7 years of war against
Yoav Zitun (12:09 , 02.11.18 )
Netanyahu's big and small troubles
Analysis: If the prime minister’s name is eventually linked to the submarine
Moran Azulay (11:14 , 02.08.18 )
Trump’s embrace could lead to dangerous rift with US Jews
Op-ed: We can enjoy the hand extended from the White House, but we mustn’t
Yael Patir (23:41 , 02.06.18 )
Pence let Netanyahu and Abbas evade negotiations
Op-ed: In his Knesset speech, the US vice president left the Israeli prime
Amiram Levin (10:30 , 02.01.18 )
With Trump and Pence, who needs AIPAC?
Op-ed: How is it possible that while most Jews are hostile towards the Trump
Yossi Shain (11:33 , 01.31.18 )
Trump’s business approach to foreign aid
Analysis: The US president sees foreign aid as an investment which should yield
Eytan Gilboa (23:49 , 01.30.18 )
Netanyahu the likely winner in peace talks
Op-ed: Trump believes he has Netanyahu pacified with his pro-Israel stance and
Alexander J. Apfel (21:24 , 01.28.18 )
Despite budget approval, coalition’s work is paralyzed
Analysis: Finance Minister Kahlon pushed for the budget’s quick approval in a
Moran Azulay (17:03 , 01.28.18 )
Iranian drama: Khamenei taking on Revolutionary Guards?
Analysis: The supreme leader’s alleged agreement to loosen the strong
Dr. Ori Goldberg (23:42 , 01.26.18 )
Netanyahu has become the new Peres
Op-ed: The prime minister, who slammed the late president for years for being
Yoav Fromer (19:00 , 01.26.18 )
As anti-Semitism grows, sense of shame dissipates
Op-ed: The resurgence of anti-Semitism more than 70 years after the Holocaust is
Carol Nuriel (16:53 , 01.25.18 )
Pence’s election speech at the Knesset
Analysis: The vice president’s pledge, which was undoubtedly written in the
Nadav Eyal (23:58 , 01.23.18 ) 
An independent Israeli policy vis-à-vis Gaza
Op-ed: Gaza is an enemy state. We should respond to every rocket and mortar fire
Giora Eiland (23:18 , 01.22.18 )
Mike Pence’s ‘Seinfeld visit’: A visit about nothing
Op-ed: For months, we have been hearing about ‘the deal of the century,’ which
Alon Pinkas (13:16 , 01.22.18 )
Israel-Jordan reconciliation: Better late than never
Op-ed: If Israel really attaches so much strategic importance to its relations
Prof. Elie Podeh (15:37 , 01.21.18 )
Trump support carries rewards and risks for Israel
Analysis: While President Trump's nearly unequivocal support for Israel has
Associated Press (00:03 , 01.21.18 )
Gazan workers in Israel: A mutual interest
Op-ed: Everyone is warning against a humanitarian crisis in the strip, including
Oded Shalom (23:54 , 01.19.18 )
Israel and the Palestinians: So what now?
Op-ed: People who have nothing to lose pose a risk to themselves—as Abbas
Nadav Eyal (19:30 , 01.17.18 )
Despite threats, Abbas won't halt security coordination
Analysis: Like in 2015, when the PLO's Central Council voted to suspend security
Elior Levy (16:17 , 01.16.18 )
One people, two resurrections
Op-ed: The Zionist narrative of Holocaust and resurrection has never been able
Donniel Hartman (09:03 , 01.16.18 )
Abbas slams Trump and Israel, yet is careful not to burn all his bridges
Analysis: The Palestinian president may have threatened to terminate the Oslo
Elior Levy (12:38 , 01.15.18 )
No reason to applaud Trump’s policy towards Palestinians
Op-ed: Freezing UNRWA’s funding sources may satisfy the American president’s
Yael Patir (23:34 , 01.14.18 )
With Supermarkets Law, Haredim are finally speaking out
Op-ed: For years, the ultra-Orthodox watched the status quo they were promised
Itzchak Tessler (15:52 , 01.13.18 )
Flare-up with Israel tests Hamas effort to keep Gaza on low boil
Analysis: As tensions between the Jewish state and the terrorist organization
Reuters (19:23 , 01.12.18 )
Trump's shock to the system
Op-ed: Trump has managed to grasp what his predecessors could not: after
Maj-General Gershon HaCohen (Res.) (17:12 , 01.11.18 )
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