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Israel is rudderless as second virus wave crashes
Opinion: The ship of state is sinking and it is unclear who is in charge, but
Sarit Rosenblum (23:17 , 06.04.20 )
The consequence of annexation
Opinion: If the annexation of the West Bank does indeed come to pass, it will
Amos Yadlin (21:45 , 06.04.20 )
Iran nuclear deal will still be a problem for next U.S. president
Analysis: There is slim chance of an agreement between Washington and Tehran
Raz Zimmt (23:50 , 06.03.20 )
Netanyahu badly timed his annexation schedule
Opinion: In the midst of national emergency and violent clashes on streets
Shimrit Meir (23:30 , 06.02.20 )
Time for a sensible approach to coronavirus
Opinion: The only way to completely eradicate the virus is to hunker down until
Prof. Idit Matot (23:35 , 06.01.20 )
Every Israeli is a soldier in the war on coronavirus
Opinion: With the government succumbing to electoral pressure, proving once
Sarit Rosenblum (23:56 , 05.31.20 )
Netanyahu's trial is of no interest to Israel's Arab voters
Opinion: The community has seen broken promises, rampant incitement, racist laws
Shakib Ali (23:30 , 05.30.20 )
New government could bring real change for LGBT community
Opinion: While many were disappointed at the sight of this bloated amalgam
Saar Git (18:41 , 05.29.20 )
Netanyahu alone is on trial, not the right
Opinion: PM claims his party, supporters and the right are on trial with him but
Limor Livnat (13:16 , 05.29.20 )
Israel must be smart about West Bank annexation
Opinion: Trump's plan is good for Israel, but is worthless unless the government
Kobi Eliraz (23:30 , 05.28.20 )
A look into the Palestinian Authority's security services
Analysis: Following Abbas' announcement the PA was severing security ties with
The Media Line (23:04 , 05.27.20 )
Trump's Mideast peace plan is a trap
Opinion: The Trump administration starts questioning whether its support for
Yossi Shain (21:27 , 05.27.20 )
Jewish converts must be treated with respect
Opinion: The conversion process is almost inhumanly difficult and those
Shai Piron (18:48 , 05.27.20 )
Netanyahu's campaign to control the message during his trial
Analysis: PM's media guru Ofer Golan was dispatched to prepare the scene at
Moran Azulay (18:47 , 05.26.20 )
Annexation is a tool for Netanyahu to delay trial
Analysis: PM has convinced the Israeli public, and especially the settlers, that
Elisha Ben Kimon (15:11 , 05.26.20 )
Netanyahu's victim mentality
Opinion: The prime minister's trial will be conducted in two parallel universes
Shelly Yachimovich (23:14 , 05.25.20 )
Palestinians may have bitten off more than they can chew
Analysis: PA wishes to prove it can act as an independent agent by cutting
Elior Levy (18:12 , 05.25.20 )
Netanyahu trial lays bare a battle for Israel's law enforcement
Analysis: On one side is modern legal system, which seeks to bring Israeli
Tova Zimuky (12:35 , 05.24.20 )
Let's admit it, Israel is not really right-wing
Opinion: When taking a closer look into the views of the average Israeli,
Ran Bar-Yoshafat (23:39 , 05.23.20 )
Israel must learn from its coronavirus mistakes
Opinion: The Health Ministry insistence on sticking to erroneous preconceptions
Giora Eiland (23:44 , 05.22.20 )
Remembering Lebanon in lockdown
Perspective: The coronavirus crisis has been tough, but a new Facebook group
Daniel Bettini (18:28 , 05.22.20 )
Trump peace plan risks upending Israel’s treaty with Jordan
Analysis: The Hashemite Kingdom's total rejection of prospective Israeli
Daoud Kuttab , The Media Line (08:34 , 05.22.20 )
Abbas is playing poker without any cards
While Jordan is trying to thwart Israel's annexation plans, Egypt and Saudi
Shimrit Meir (23:45 , 05.21.20 )
Abbas' annexation warning to Israel
Analysis: The Palestinian President's threat to cut security ties with Israel
Elior Levy (19:14 , 05.20.20 )
Political tricks and deceptions are doomed to fail
Opinion: Taiwan has no right to seek to attend this year's World Health Assembly
Wang Yongjun (19:11 , 05.19.20 )
Israel must gear up for battle against ICC
Opinion: As court lies in wait for Jerusalem to extend sovereignty over West
Eytan Gilboa (15:25 , 05.19.20 )
What the state is hiding about the coronavirus outbreak
Opinion: Investigation of factual data from around the world and mathematical
Prof. Doron Lancet , Weizmann Institute (23:30 , 05.18.20 )
Israel's back-to-school guidelines make no sense
Opinion: Officials behind the directives have either not met children or else
Nirit Zuk (09:58 , 05.18.20 )
Likud members are marionettes on strings for Netanyahu
Opinion: Now that the fifth Netanyahu government is up and running, those left
Limor Livnat (23:54 , 05.17.20 )
Why does WHO keeps Taiwan on the sidelines after it conquered coronavirus
Opinion: Despite Taiwan's successful management of its outbreak, Taiwanese
Ambassador Paul K. Chang (15:04 , 05.17.20 )
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