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Less women in Knesset is bad for Israel
Opinion: Shelly Yachimovich is the latest in a long list of female lawmakers who
Chen Artzi Sror (23:30 , 07.21.19 )
IDF is Israel's biggest and most successful start-up
Opinion: Israeli military supplies the nation with more than secure borders, it
Major General Aviv Kochavi (18:45 , 07.19.19 )
Netanyahu makes history as Israel's longest-serving leader
Analysis: A former aid describes Netanyahu's marketing skills as so amazing that
Associated Press (23:33 , 07.17.19 )
Israel is (still) closed for renovations
Opinion: In the shadow of the repeat elections, there is a sense that an entire
Asaf Schneider (23:30 , 07.16.19 )
Gaza teeters between truce and conflict
Analysis: While mediator attempt to create stability on the Gaza-Israel border
The Media Line (18:42 , 07.16.19 )
The drums of war are beating weakly in rudderless Gaza
Analysis: Hamas is sticking to its agreement with Israel for now, but while
Shimrit Meir (23:26 , 07.14.19 )
A secular uprising could decide the election
Opinion: Traditionally right-wing communities are in the forefront of growing
Einav Schiff (23:33 , 07.11.19 )
The September elections unexpectedly unclear
With Netanyahu's political future on the line, indifferent Likud voters may be
Yuval Karni (23:37 , 07.10.19 )
May my son Solomon Tekah be the last victim of racism
Opinion: In a special piece for Ynet, the father of the Israeli Ethiopian teen
Worka Tekah (20:15 , 07.09.19 )
Five years after last Gaza war, it's time for Israel to rethink its strategy
Analysis: There are still many lessons to be learned, and the government
Giora Eiland (23:48 , 07.08.19 )
5 years since Operation Protective Edge, how is the south doing?
Analysis: Residents say the shorter rounds of fighting that suddenly start and
Matan Tzuri (07:55 , 07.08.19 )
Nursery owner charged with abuse could face decades in prison
Analysis: If Carmel Mauda is found guilty on all counts in the horrific
Gilad Morag (15:19 , 07.07.19 )
Human shields for BDS are complicit in its transgressions
Opinion: When the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment Movement singles out Israel
Asa Kasher (00:09 , 07.06.19 )
The Ethiopian fight should be the fight of every Israeli
Opinion: The young members of the community stand alone crying out against
Chen Artzi Sror (23:44 , 07.04.19 )
Silent protests get you nowhere in Israel
Opinion: We saw how the protests of the disabled community slipped from the
Ortal Mogas (23:36 , 07.03.19 )
The traffic jam worth being stuck in
Opinion: Those who think they've suffered in the tailbacks caused by the
Asaf Gur (13:57 , 07.03.19 )
Tragic and interminable cycle of violence against Ethiopian Israelis
Opinion: We have to make police violence the center of the debate - this isn't a
Mazal Bisawer (23:34 , 07.02.19 )
The Israeli right-wing's moment of truth
Opinion: Four politicians to the right of Likud believe they can mobilize voters
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky (23:35 , 07.01.19 )
Setting new terms for the political debate
How much can our politicians do to freshen up the political debate? Do they
Chen Artzi Sror (18:10 , 06.30.19 )
Behind the scenes of the ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Hamas
Analysis: Over the weekend the two sides were once again on the verge of another
Elior Levy (11:09 , 06.30.19 )
Before Israel is dragged into a U.S.-Iran war
Opinion: There are steps that the Jewish state could take to diffuse the
Giora Eiland (23:26 , 06.28.19 )
Bahrain conference leaves little impression on Israelis
Analysis: Whether a two-state solution is part of the U.S. peace plan remains
Reuters (08:50 , 06.28.19 )
Blue and White to go right in next election campaign
Analysis: After analyzing the results of the April 9 vote - where the party won
Moran Azoulay (15:27 , 06.27.19 )
What we owe to the true victim of the rape case
Opinion: She is just seven years old, but the horrific assault she endured has
Chen Artzi Sror (23:25 , 06.26.19 )
Experts fear 'snowball effect' as Iran abandons nuclear deal
Analysis: Under terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran agreed to have less than
Associated Press (13:05 , 06.26.19 )
Are the September 17 elections about to be cancelled?
Analysis: After voting in favor of an unprecedented second elections in the same
Moran Azoulay (12:09 , 06.26.19 )
Donald Trump's dangerous deal
Opinion: By ignoring the core political issues and focusing on the economy, the
Ami Ayalon (23:35 , 06.23.19 )
Israel's problem with the deal of the century
Analysis: The Palestinian Authority was quick to reject Trump's peace plan, and
Itamar Eichner (12:29 , 06.23.19 )
With Morsi’s death, Muslim Brotherhood future in limbo
Analysis: Egypt and other countries will continue their crackdown on the radical
The Media Line (23:26 , 06.21.19 )
If it looks like an Iran war and sounds like an Iran war...
Analysis: Trump could not bear the thought of abiding by a nuclear agreement
Alon Pinkas (14:05 , 06.21.19 )
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