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Military Advocate General isn't dangerous, Bennett is
Op-ed: Education Minister Bennett's attempt to link the difficulties in handling
Liron Libman (17:24 , 11.20.18 )
Secular people will never get it
Op-ed: We should do some soul-searching following the El Al 'Shabbat flight'
Liron Nagler-Cohen (15:35 , 11.19.18 )
Netanyahu is not invincible
The well developed legend about an invincible hero, Benjamin Netanyahu, crumbles
Tali Ben Ovadia (21:40 , 11.18.18 )
Not a false alarm
Analysis: ‘The photos of Gazans giving away sweets in joy of victory drove
Oded Shalom (19:46 , 11.18.18 )
A national disgrace in the studio
Op-ed: Media diversity is important, but not if it means conducting a joking,
Yifat Erlich (23:35 , 11.17.18 )
Lieberman's achievements
Op-ed: Israel has lost an excellent defense minister who was consistent,
Ilan Katz (09:54 , 11.16.18 )
Lieberman joins list of predecessors as electoral deadweight
Op-ed: Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman accomplished nothing of substance
Einav Schiff (21:17 , 11.15.18 )
Will Netanyahu call snap elections?
Analysis: While the prime minister has no interest in giving Lieberman what he
Yuval Karni (11:18 , 11.15.18 )
Hamas trying to challenge Iron Dome
Analysis: The Palestinian terror groups are firing large barrages of rockets
Yoav Zitun (15:28 , 11.13.18 ) 
The real concern behind Case 3000
Analysis: One of the most important issues raised in the submarine affair is the
Giora Eiland (20:08 , 11.11.18 )
Israel allows terrorists to receive bribery
Op-ed: The Qatari money transferred to Gaza under Israel's auspices is a
Shlomo Puterkovsky (19:04 , 11.11.18 )
US support for Israel unclear after congressional midterms
Analysis: Although officials in Israel believe that the Senate, which remains
Itamar Eichner (23:23 , 11.10.18 ) 
What will happen in our region?
Opinion: Israelis were ecstatic over the renewal of sanctions on Iran,
Shimrit Meir (23:04 , 11.08.18 )
Analysis: Iran's economy to suffer but likely ride out US sanctions
Iran is improvising to offset blow of US oil, banking sanctions, considering
Reuters (21:30 , 11.08.18 )
What do our ministers really do?
Op-ed: Ministers tend to claim their hands are tied and they have a limited
Nadav Eyal (23:21 , 11.07.18 )
Inglorious parliamentarians
Op-ed: How is it possible that in 2018 we have MKs like Oren Hazan, who calls a
Shlomo Puterkovsky (11:30 , 11.07.18 )
Democratic midterms win: Good for Iran, bad for Israel?
Op-ed: If the Democrats regain control of at least one house of Congress, they
Eytan Gilboa (23:57 , 11.05.18 )
What Taglit means for Israelis
Op-ed: As an immigrant with cerebral palsy, I am proud to serve in the IDF, but
Liza Spector (16:21 , 11.03.18 )
Solving Gaza crisis with water and energy
Op-ed: Declarations and threats against Hamas will not solve the problem. The
David Lehrer (08:12 , 11.03.18 )
As an Israeli, I am proud to be an American Jew
Op-ed: The victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre were murdered because
Mishael Zion (09:33 , 11.02.18 ) 
Unlike Regev, Asayag doesn't ingratiate herself with the white master Netanyahu
Op-ed: The culture minister has to pay a price for acceptance into the prime
Gal Stav Alfasi (09:38 , 11.01.18 )
It will cost us
Op-ed: There is a difference between amicable ties—which Israel should maintain
Nadav Eyal (23:28 , 10.31.18 )
The slippery slope from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh
Op-ed: President Trump's condemnation of the synagogue massacre is not enough.
Daniel Shapiro (10:29 , 10.30.18 )
We sit and wait for it to blow up in our face
Op-ed: King Abdullah's decision not to renew Israel's lease on the Arava and
Giora Eiland (00:30 , 10.25.18 )
Government's indecision on Gaza
Op-ed: Netanyahu and Lieberman have been threatening to strike Hamas with ‘the
Yonatan Yavin (00:02 , 10.23.18 )
The dangerous illusion of absolute security
Op-ed: We need to acknowledge that no high-tech defense system can provide
Yoram Yuval (23:35 , 10.20.18 )
The rope around Hamas's neck is tightening, but for how long will it hold?
Analysis: Friday's Gaza border fence demonstrations were the smallest in scope
Elior Levy (11:31 , 10.20.18 )
How to get out of the Palestinian trap
Op-ed: While the government preserves the existing state of affairs, leading to
Amos Yadlin (00:02 , 10.18.18 )
An Israeli wedding between an Arab and a Jew
Op-ed: The marriage between Lucy Aharish and Tsahi Halevi, an Arab-Israeli
Daniel Friedman (23:30 , 10.15.18 )
From Khan al-Ahmar to Tel Arad
Op-ed: The defense minister, who immigrated to Israel years after the initial
Adv. Tawfiq Jabareen (18:58 , 10.15.18 )
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