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Israel's dilemma regarding the 'bad boy' of the Mideast
Analysis: Qatar has everything to gain from sending money to the PA and Hamas,
Michael Milstein (13:42 , 05.17.19 )
Palestinian youth are a lost generation
Opinion: Amid the bickering between Fatah and Hamas, indifference of the Arab
Shimrit Meir (23:19 , 05.16.19 )
Hezbollah could use maritime border dispute as excuse to go to war with Israel
Opinion: Iran-backed Lebanese terror group might justify a military conflict
Giora Eiland (12:12 , 05.16.19 )
Why is no one in Likud speaking out against the immunity bill?
Opinion: Likud members who say they long for the days of Menachem Begin, when
Yuval Karni (10:37 , 05.16.19 )
Time to end the Falash Mura charade
Opinion: The entire mechanism of bringing to Israel those Ethiopians whose
Danny Adeno Abebe (19:37 , 05.13.19 )
Paying for calm on the Gaza front, cannot be our policy
Opinion: The last round of cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas,
Amos Yadlin (23:00 , 05.11.19 )
Time to face facts on West Bank and Gaza
Opinion: Israel must halt its policy of 'managing' the conflict with the
Giora Eiland (18:23 , 05.11.19 )
The invisible trauma victims of the Gaza conflict
Opinion: When considering the data during a flare-up between the IDF and
Merav Betito (09:01 , 05.10.19 )
Operation Peace for the Eurovision
Opinion: Israeli leaders must tell the public why this round of fighting with
Alex Fishman (00:09 , 05.10.19 )
I am an Israeli-Arab and this is my Memorial Day too
Opinion: Today isn’t a Jewish occasion, it belongs to us all; we face the
Yoseph Haddad (17:52 , 05.08.19 )
What our fallen soldiers can teach us about the meaning of heroism
Heroism is based on sacrifice and a love for humanity, and is the antithesis of
Yair Golan (22:53 , 05.07.19 )
Gaza fighting made Islamic Jihad a major player
Analysis: The small Gaza-based terror group has been upgraded and is now an
Elior Levy (12:45 , 05.07.19 )
Netanyahu and the right are weak in the face of Hamas
Opinion: The terrorist organization running Gaza had a clear interest in
Yoram Yuval (23:18 , 05.06.19 )
Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the test of the Gaza factions
Yahya Sinwar knows exactly what makes Israel tick, and is using it to exact
Elior Levy (15:46 , 05.05.19 )
The wisdom of the masses on political immunity and the measles
The social media era makes the likes and shares of the masses more valid than
Yoav Keren (19:31 , 05.04.19 )
A global disaster, not only a Jewish one
Israel appropriated the Holocaust, it's leaders often manipulate its memory to
Michel Kichka (23:11 , 05.02.19 )
Poles and the Holocaust: preserving the narrative
The burning of puppets with Jewish characteristics on the streets of Poland is a
Sari Makover-belikov (20:26 , 05.02.19 )
Why the March of the Living is so important
Opinion: Latests surveys show younger generation is worryingly ignorant - and at
Dr. Shmuel Rosenman (15:57 , 05.02.19 )
The torch is now passed on to the younger generation
Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, in an open letter tells young participants, in
Reuven Rivlin (23:24 , 05.01.19 )
Does Google contribute to online anti-Semitism?
Opinion: The tech giant appears to promote anti-Jewish and generally hateful
Roni Arazi (15:50 , 05.01.19 )
Elections are over; now Israelis notice the Palestinian Authority is collapsing
Analysis: The outgoing government voted to withhold tax revenues from the
Elior Levy (15:11 , 04.29.19 )
Willful ignorance at war with knowledge
Opinion: Western science and intellect are being challenged by conspiracy
Asaf Schneider (23:44 , 04.27.19 )
Netanyahu's embrace of a serial sexual offender
Opinion: Instead of zero tolerance for sexual harassment and empowering women
Miriam Zelkind (07:55 , 04.26.19 )
The electoral base trap
In order to avoid the almost inevitable situation in which ministers use their
Limor Livnat (00:52 , 04.26.19 )
Perfecting intelligence gathering - the lessons of Sri Lanka terror
Opinion: Horrific Easter Sunday bombings highlight the importance of security
Giora Eiland (12:25 , 04.24.19 )
Main problem with Trump's peace plan
Opinion: Israelis have learned through bitter experience to fear peace deals,
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky (23:07 , 04.23.19 )
Unlike Ukraine, Israel already has clowns for politicians
Opinion: Jewish comedian who won the Ukrainian presidential vote proves that
Avi Nussbaum (13:38 , 04.23.19 )
Can Palestinians mount an effective campaign against the 'deal of the century?'
Opinion: Postponing the 'deal of the century' until after Ramadan gives the
Shimrit Meir (21:57 , 04.22.19 )
When the doctor is ill; Thoughts about Israel's health system
Opinion: Overworked, underpaid, susceptible to illness and under diagnosed;
Dr. Aharon Frimerman (14:41 , 04.22.19 )
A moon mission for all Israelis
Opinion: A lunar landing won't create more hospital beds or help those forced to
Yoav Keren (00:58 , 04.20.19 )
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