• Idi Amin's son: 'My dream is to meet with Entebbe victims' families to apologize'‏He was raised by one of the most notorious tyrants in history, but the son of Ugandan despot Idi Amin wants to come to Israel with a conciliatory message: 'I have a list of the five Entebbe victims from Israel, and I want to meet with their families to say sorry,' says Jaffar Amin.Itamar Eichner, 23:39 , 04.07.16‏
  • Netanyahu in Entebbe: 'When Yoni was killed, our world collapsed'‏'31 years after the Holocaust, the Jews kidnapped to Uganda were once again separated from non-Jews and condemned to death,' says prime minister during ceremony commemorating 40 years to the daring rescue operation in which his brother, Yoni, was killed.Moran Azulay, Omri Efraim, 15:51 , 04.07.16‏
  • Entebbe's seriously wounded soldier meets with doctor who saved his life‏For 40 years now that Prof. Joel Sayfan has been keeping a note stained with the blood of Surin Hershko, who became paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a bullet wound to his spine during Operation Entebbe. To this day, they haven't spoken to each other about what happened in Uganda that night.Chen Kotas-Bar, 23:52 , 03.07.16‏
  • Air France pilot : 'We weren't going to leave the Jewish passengers'‏40 years ago, Captain Michel Bacos flew the Air France plane that was hijacked to Entebbe, but when the hijackers offered to free him, he insisted on staying with his Israeli and Jewish passengers to the end. Now, at age 92, Bacos tells his incredible story to Yedioth Ahronoth.Eldad Beck, 14:42 , 28.06.16‏
  • In the face of all the risks‏Analysis: Testimonies from the commandos who fought in Entebbe shed new light on the great mystery surrounding the operation.Ronen Bergman, 20:01 , 27.06.16‏