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Ceasefire comes into force
At 8 a.m. Monday, forces ordered to silence guns. Army officials admit ceasefire is fragile, but say they will 'give it a chance'
Security Council resolution
Success or failure for Israel? Read full text of UN resolution's operational clauses and judge for yourself
Israel at War: 156 dead
These are the names of IDF soldiers and civilians killed in the War that broke out July 12
VIDEO: Heavy smoke rose from the rocket stricken city of Haifa on Sunday afternoon, following intense bombardment by Hizbullah's long-range missiles, but much of the international media turned a blind eye to the scenes, omitting them from their coverage of the war.
So calm down already
Yair Lapid
It’s not about money, but it makes you wonder
Ray Hanania
Total resolve, not pacifying terrorists
Earl Cox
Whatever it takes
Yonatan Yavin
Too many families being 'notified'
Yona Berger
How we got spoiled
Yoram Kaniuk
Us and the world against Hizbullah
Sever Plocker
In between fire and fire
Sima Kadmon
Putting force into peace-keeping forces
Noa Levanon
Despite it all, we won
Guy Benyovits

Fact File
  • The State of Israel
  • President of Israel, Shimon Peres
  • PM Ehud Olmert
  • Defense Minister Ehud Barak
  • Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi
  • Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
  • Al-Qaeda
  • Hamas
  • Hizbullah
  • Islamic Jihad
  • Hizbullah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah
  • Lebanon
  • Iran
  • President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Syria
  • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
  • Egypt
  • Shi'a Islam
  • The Lebanon War
  • Sabra and Shatila Massacre
  • Operation Accountability
  • Operation Grapes of Wrath
  • The Six Day War

  • All news and reports
    Abdullah warns of Jordanian Hizbullah
    King of Jordan says Israel should 'understand that peace won't be obtained by
    Roee Nahmias (17:40 , 08.03.06 )
    Report: Lebanon war - prelude to US attack on
    New Yorker reporter Seymour Hersh claims Bush Administration was closely
    Yitzhak Benhorin (01:57 , 08.14.06 )
    61 percent of Brits: Israel overreacting
    Guardian poll finds that majority of public in Britain condemns IDF activity in
    Ynet (10:55 , 07.25.06 )
    Abe Foxman: We are united
    National director of Anti-Defamation League talks to Ynetnews readers about
    Ynetnews (22:07 , 07.26.06 ) 
    Against the war: Our children are being
    Tens of leftists protest in Haifa against operations in Lebanon.
    Attila Somfalvi (23:00 , 07.25.06 )
    Al-Aqsa leader: West Bank rocket war is on
    Terror leader announces start of missile barrage nearing Israel's main
    Aaron Klein, WND (01:48 , 07.13.06 )
    Arab nations work towards crisis resolution
    Proposal would include ceasefire, prisoner exchange and Hizbullah withdrawal
    Roee Nahmias (13:07 , 07.24.06 )
    Court petition: Olmert must declare war
    Meretz-Yahad Chairman Yossi Beilin demands High Court order government to
    Aviram Zino (21:16 , 07.25.06 )
    Exports worth millions of dollars stuck due to
    Factories suffering as their products are stuck at ports; kibbutz factories
    Tani Goldstein (22:12 , 07.27.06 )
    Frontline hotel
    During Operation Peace for the Galilee, the North Hotel in Kiryat Shmonah was
    Eitan Glickman (15:17 , 07.25.06 )
    GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty
    Want to support Israel online? Just download Megaphone from WUJS website and get
    Linda Harel (00:08 , 07.27.06 )
    Hizbullah: War on Israel to widen
    Organization's envoy to Iran says his group intends on firing long-range rockets
    Associated Press (17:23 , 07.24.06 )
    ICJ: Israel, Hizbullah committing war crimes
    International group of jurists on Friday accused both Israel and Hizbullah of
    Reuters (23:09 , 07.21.06 )
    Initiative: Talkback offensive in support of
    In light of anti-Israel demonstrations worldwide, pro-Israeli organization
    Moran Zelikovich (13:11 , 07.20.06 )
    Inquiry: Navy was unaware of missile threat
    Initial probe into attack on missile boat Friday reveals Navy had no
    Hanan Greenberg (23:32 , 07.15.06 )
    Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria
    Ahmadinejad says strike on Syria would be considered attack on the whole Islamic
    Reuters (00:52 , 07.14.06 )
    Israel to UN: Lebanon declared war
    Ambassador to UN Danny Gillerman sends sharp letter to UN blaming Hizbullah
    Yitzhak Benhorin (20:49 , 07.12.06 )
    Israel's credit rating may be lowered if war
    According to three international credit rating agencies, war in north likely to
    Gad Lior (15:16 , 07.26.06 )
    Jailed troops to be released due to war
    Due to security situation soldiers jailed for minor offenses to be released from
    Hanan Greenberg (15:11 , 07.19.06 )
    J’lem gay parade called off due to war
    Open House announces cancellation of parade, which was scheduled for August 10,
    Ynet (23:25 , 07.21.06 )
    Katyusha war deals blow to industry
    Daily financial damage to industry as result of fighting estimated at NIS 400
    Tani Goldstein (08:04 , 07.18.06 )
    Lotan's promise: The one in the tank will win
    Colonel Tvi Loft, killed in helicopter crash, was supposed to be released in one
    Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth (10:11 , 07.25.06 )
    Mubarak: Egypt will not go to war for Lebanon
    Egyptian president rejected calls for tougher action in response to Israel’s
    AFP (13:19 , 07.26.06 )
    Mubarak: US response to war too little, too late
    Egyptian president says in Time Magazine interview ‘Lebanon crisis could have
    Yitzhak Benhorin (21:09 , 07.29.06 )
    Northern Command chief: Public must keep spirits
    Speaking to reporters IDF Northern Command Chief Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam calls on
    Neta Sela (21:07 , 07.23.06 )
    Olmert: War Israel’s stamina test
    PM tells National Security College cadets ‘Israel has no dispute with Lebanon,
    Ronny Sofer (21:29 , 07.20.06 )
    Only female warrior in Lebanon
    In Russia she served in the Red Army. In Israel, Dr. Marina, the only female
    Eitan Glickman (18:50 , 07.25.06 )
    Peres: We're ready to negotiate with Lebanese
    In special assembly Vice Premier says: 'In war you need to win – and we also
    Ynet (13:53 , 07.25.06 )
    Peretz: Residents' support empowers IDF
    Defense minister tours Nahariya on Monday morning, clarifies that IDF has no
    Miri Chason (14:30 , 07.17.06 ) 
    Peretz: We've reached significant stage in war
    Israeli Emergency Economy body meets at Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv. Defense
    Vered Luvitch (18:13 , 07.24.06 )
    Peretz: We’re at war, we must win
    In press briefing in Tel Aviv, defense minister refers to cabinet's decision to
    Moran Zelikovich (20:05 , 07.27.06 )
    Poll: 81 percent back fighting in north
    Dahaf Institute for Yedioth Ahronoth found that large majority of Israelis
    Ynet (08:45 , 07.18.06 )
    Protesters: War a man’s issue
    Some 1,500 participants in ‘Women Against the War’ march carry signs inscribed
    Moran Rada (00:12 , 07.30.06 )
    Rabbis urge: We're in war, keep Shabbat
    Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, do not seem to know why
    Neta Sela (15:51 , 07.17.06 )
    Rabbis: War for a clean conscience
    Chabad newsletter claims war is Olmert government's way to clean their
    Efrat Weiss (11:25 , 07.23.06 )
    SLA: War price for leaving Lebanon
    Former Southern Lebanese Army fighters living in Israel, who have experienced
    Hagai Einav (03:11 , 07.25.06 )
    Ship struck off Beirut shore; four crewmembers
    Israeli vessel imposing sea blockade on Lebanon hit. Hizbullah chief Hassan
    Roee Nahmias and AP (08:25 , 07.15.06 ) 
    Syria, Iran determined to protect Hizbullah
    Damascus sources report that two countries identified downfall of organization
    Roee Nahmias (12:56 , 07.19.06 )
    Syrian reporter: In Syria there is atmosphere of
    Exclusive: In conversation in Damascus, senior Syrian journalist tells about
    Ali Waked (17:02 , 07.27.06 )
    Tel Aviv told to be on rocket alert
    Following deaths of eight Haifa residents in rocket attack, Home Front Command
    Hanan Greenberg (11:48 , 07.16.06 )
    Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war
    Thousands march in Tel Aviv to protest Lebanon fighting, call on soldiers to
    Attila Somfalvi (21:41 , 07.22.06 )
    They woke up to Katyushas falling
    Timothy sat in lotus position, his body speaking spirituality and serenity in
    Sebastian Petrus (14:06 , 07.20.06 )
    UN warns of war crimes in Lebanon
    Killing of civilians in Lebanon is likely to subject Israeli soldiers to war
    Ronen Bodoni (14:09 , 07.20.06 )
    UN warns over Lebanon displaced
    Organization’s World Food Program head says ‘damage to roads and bridges has
    Ynet and AFP (02:58 , 07.21.06 )
    War in north: Support in New York, condemnation
    Thousands demonstrate in support of Israel in front of UN headquarters in New
    Yitzhak Benhorin (21:31 , 07.17.06 )
    Ahmadinejad warns of 'Islamic explosion'
    During march against Israel's operation in Gaza, Iranian president condemns
    Dudi Cohen (18:41 , 07.07.06 )
    Arab-Israelis protest ‘Israeli aggression in
    Some 2,000 people rally against war. MK Bishara: Jewish and Arab civilians are
    Roee Nahmias (22:24 , 08.04.06 )
    Because of war: Travel firms to work 4 days a
    Issta, Ophir Tours, and Unital to cut weekly hours. Need to shift down a gear
    Danny Sadeh (23:07 , 07.30.06 )
    Dichter: Police actively involved in war
    Internal security minister says police contending with reduced manpower while
    Eli Senyor (13:03 , 08.01.06 )
    Doctor volunteers for reserve duty, killed in
    Captain Dr. Igor Rothstein volunteered for reserve duty and was killed in
    Ynet (10:09 , 08.06.06 )
    First refusenik in current war: Armored Corps
    Captain Amir Pastar, called up by army in recent days to join fighting in
    Hanan Greenberg (23:57 , 07.30.06 )
    French tourists: We're not afraid
    VIDEO: More than 500 tourists from France, most of them Jewish, didn't forego
    Eyal Markus (12:19 , 08.02.06 ) 
    Haifa: Rocket hits anti-war newspaper
    One of rockets which landed in Haifa Sunday evening hits historical building of
    Roee Nahmias (02:43 , 08.07.06 )
    Hizbullah not hurrying towards ceasefire
    Members of terrorist organization celebrate tidings of Israeli deaths from
    Roee Nahmias (19:40 , 08.03.06 )
    Human rights group accuses Israel of war crimes
    Human Rights Watch slams 'indiscriminate attacks against civilians' in new
    Ynetnews (08:52 , 08.03.06 )
    Hundreds go wild in streets of Beirut
    In Qana, corpses continue to be rescued from rubble. In Beirut, demonstrations
    Ali Waked (15:29 , 07.30.06 )
    Hundreds of anti-war protestors in Haifa and TA
    Hundreds demonstrate in Haifa against IDF operations: Wave Palestinian flags,
    Attila Somflavi (00:31 , 07.31.06 )
    Israeli war deaths go largely unnoticed
    Hours after mother and two daughters are killed in Hizbullah rocket attack,
    Yaakov Lappin (02:25 , 08.06.06 )
    July: Sharp rise in international calls
    Phone companies report large increases in volume of incoming, outgoing calls as
    Shlomi Doner (11:27 , 08.03.06 )
    Kadima ministers wary of backing realignment
    Party members fearful of getting involved in internal dispute on Olmert’s plan
    Ronny Sofer (13:54 , 07.11.06 )
    Kfar Giladi casualties: Reserve soldiers
    Casualties, most of them gunners, only called up Sunday. Katyusha rocket fired
    Ynet reporters (20:58 , 08.06.06 )
    Kidnap attempt on soldiers thwarted
    Cleared for publication: Security officials report two Popular Resistance
    Efrat Weiss (13:26 , 07.02.06 )
    Lebanese PM: This is deliberate Israeli
    Fouad Siniora explains in press conference following IAF air strike on village
    Ali Waked (12:59 , 07.30.06 )
    Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague
    Lebanese minister of justice states that Israel's attacks constitute war crimes,
    Roee Nahmias (12:43 , 08.01.06 )
    London: Thousands march in anti-war protest
    Thousands march through British capital to demand halt to Lebanon war as British
    Reuters (16:23 , 08.05.06 )
    NIS 1.7 billion from gov't offices – to defense
    Special team also examining NIS five billion (USD 1.13 billion) cutback in 2007
    Gad Lior (15:11 , 08.06.06 )
    Netanyahu: Don't stop war
    Opposition leader calls on government to continue war against Hizbullah, says
    Ilan Marciano (13:04 , 07.31.06 )
    Northern war: Haifa Mall refuses to buckle
    Loss of revenues due to war amounts to USD 500,000 per day; despite ongoing
    Orna Yefet (12:25 , 08.02.06 )
    Olmert: War has nothing to do with realignment
    After causing a stir in interview to news agencies, Prime minister forced to
    Ilan Marciano (23:07 , 08.02.06 )
    Peres: Syria won’t go to war alone
    In speech to Washington Institute for Near East Policy, vice premier says he
    Yitzhak Benhorin (23:18 , 08.01.06 )
    Pictures from a war journal
    (VIDEO) Keren Ann joins Ynet's "Singing for you" project and dedicates a song to
    Keren Ann (15:50 , 08.06.06 ) 
    Police: Anti-war protestors threw feces
    Small group of anarchists goes wild at end of one-hour march in Tel Aviv street.
    Avi Cohen (23:10 , 08.05.06 )
    Settler leader: War in north result of Gaza
    (VIDEO)Tens of thousands arrive in Jerusalem at a rally marking 1 year
    Efrat Weiss (21:37 , 08.01.06 ) 
    Siren heard in Nahariya – a first
    Number of bombs land next to upper Galilee town near border. In Nahariya, which
    Hagay Einav (11:15 , 08.01.06 )
    Soldier killed, soldier severely hurt in Lebanon
    Harsh battles take place all day Wednesday in southern Lebanese village of Aita
    Efrat Weiss (05:01 , 08.03.06 )
    State: Israeli-Palestinian conflict a war
    In reply to petition against Damages Law, State Prosecutor's office says if law
    Aviram Zino (12:41 , 07.07.06 )
    Survived Bint Jbeil, killed in Aita al-Shaab
    Just a few hours after speaking with his family on the phone and asking them to
    Eli Senyor (23:58 , 08.01.06 )
    Terror attack in heart of Israel thwarted
    Security forces nab terrorist, foil large-scale attack after deploying in great
    Efrat Weiss (11:36 , 07.05.06 )
    Wartime layoffs outlawed
    Knesset OKs bill that forbids employers from firing workers during war, arranges
    Tani Goldstein (12:23 , 08.01.06 )
    Women reservists who scare Hizbullah
    (VIDEO) This is apparently first war in which women called up for reserve duty
    Miri Chason (13:30 , 08.06.06 ) 

      News Updates
  • Qassam salvo hits Sderot
  • New rocket system tested
  • Yisrael Beiteinu leaves gov't
  • Hebron settlers present tape
  • Al-Zahar vows revenge
  • Gaza: 16 killed by IDF

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