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Six Day War

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Eshkol's steel nerves
As IDF generals demand he launch a war, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol was determined to ensure international backing
The chief of staff's daughter
(VIDEO) In a special interview with Ynet, Dalia Rabin looks back 40 years to when she was a 17-year-old schoolgirl, living at home with the IDF's top general, Yitzhak Rabin. While she could feel the tension and sense of responsibility surrounding her father, she remembers that he never told her that war was about to break out and sent her to school as normal on that fateful morning of June 5, 1967  
A tale of two wars
The second Lebanon war was not an exception in terms of the mishaps - but we have all undergone a change, Ron Ben YIshai says
'Where is our Hebron?'
Just before Six Day War broke out, the first seeds of settlers' movement were planted in dramatic speech by Rabbi Kook
May '67, One moment before
Tension on the northern and southern borders. This isn’t about the past month, but about the events preceding the Six-Day War
Six Day War
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The Facts
Photo: Government Press Office

The Six Day War

A Palestinian view
Bilal Salameh
The Holy City
Chaim Szmidt
I remember the smells and sounds
Patrice Perez
My grandmother's moshav
Bebe Gabel Attar

Ammunition Hill
The Adler Trio played the song 'Ammunition Hill' at the Six Day War's victory
Rafi Barbiro  
'Occupation isn't just another word'
Feelings of shame, blame and responsibility; fences and mental barriers take

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