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Nasrallah, a secretary-general in distress
Analysis: Golan strike caught Hezbollah's leader at a really bad time. If it were up to him, he would rather not face the dilemma of whether to retaliate against Israel or keep quiet.
(00:13 ,01/26/15)
Alberto Nisman was a martyr in the fight for justice
Op-ed: When we met in Tel Aviv in 2007, I believed the Argentine prosecutor's determination to expose the Hezbollah and Iranian role in the AMIA bombing was bravado; I was wrong and he paid with his life.
(00:50 ,01/21/15)
This is not how you fight terrorism
Analysis: Intelligence hitches, lack of coordination, legal restrictions and more have allowed the terrorists to operate under the noses of the French authorities.
(23:14 ,01/11/15)
Did the Mossad do the impossible?
Analysis: If Hezbollah's report about an Israeli spy within its ranks is true, it means Israel's secret service succeeded in recruiting a human senior source from Shiite organization's special units.
(00:42 ,12/19/14)
Parchin explosion: Intentional sabotage or 'work accident'?
Analysis: If Sunday's blast was the result of sabotage, it means someone got tired of waiting for Iran to reveal to the UN what is really going on at the 'military complex.'
(00:06 ,10/08/14)
Newsweek report is just too unrealistic
Analysis: Claim that Israel is favored by US when it comes to espionage matters doesn't carry much weight based on history of relations between two countries since Pollard affair.
(00:04 ,05/12/14)
Hezbollah's unsuccessful revenge
Analysis: Most of Lebanese terror organization's attempts to avenge its commander's assassination have failed thanks to improvement in Israel's intelligence collection abilities.
(23:55 ,04/22/14)
Time to put Pollard behind us
Op-ed: Attempts to make Jonathan Pollard look like a hero have caused major damage to Israel-US ties, but it's time to put an end to this thoroughly miserable affair.
(11:35 ,04/02/14)
The Malaysian plane, Iran and global jihad
Analysis: It would be surprising if it turns out that Iran got directly involved in a mass terror attack, especially these days. Yet like in 9/11 attacks, Iranians do cooperate with radical Islamic groups.
(01:13 ,03/14/14)
Australian Jews' internal conflict
Analysis: Australian Jewish community is caught between its traditional support for Israel and the criticism over the aggressive treatment Ben Zygier was subject to in Israeli prison.
(00:12 ,02/25/14)
Munich conference: All talk, no action
Analysis: Half empty auditorium at annual security conference indicates Syria crisis is not about to be solved soon, as no one really has the energy to deal with it anymore
(23:52 ,02/02/14)
Breaking the rules
Op-ed: Now that it turns out Americans spied on every possible target, they must free Pollard
(11:45 ,12/23/13)
Stain on America
Op-ed: We can already draft apology US will issue in decade or two for not helping tens of thousands of Syrian citizens
(12:10 ,05/02/13)
When will the world finally act?
Op-ed: West restrained by regulations, systems and interests preventing it from intervening to prevent atrocities
(20:09 ,02/10/13)
View from Morocco
Op-ed: Palestinian issue sticks out as obstacle on path to relations between Israel, Morocco
(10:23 ,01/09/13)
President Obama, talk to Iran
Op-ed: There is no better time to take advantage of Tehran government's weakness following sanctions
(18:12 ,12/04/12)
Finger in the dam
Op-ed: Relative calm in West Bank is deceiving and intoxicating; time is not on Israel's side
(21:33 ,10/18/12)
Someone turned off the power
Analysis: Decision-makers must determine criteria for success or failure of covert war on Iran nuke program
(10:59 ,09/27/12)
Don't forget Germany's help
Op-ed: When criticizing Germany over the 1972 massacre, we must also remember its crucial contribution to Israel
(23:49 ,09/02/12)
Will we really know?
Op-ed: US, Israel may wake up to nuclear Iran if they continue to rely solely on intelligence
(00:22 ,08/21/12)
Disconnect Hamas-Tehran axis
Israel must do its utmost to prevent emergence of 'Sunni Hizbullah'
(11:52 ,06/17/07)


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