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In the face of all the risks
Analysis: Testimonies from the commandos who fought in Entebbe shed new light on the great mystery surrounding the operation.
(20:01 ,06/27/16)
The loss of deterrence, the loss of the way
Op-ed: There's a direct connection between the knife attacks, Hamas's attack tunnels, the recent foiling of countless of terror attacks and the bus bombing in Jerusalem last week. Israel is losing its deterrence, and its government doesn’t know what to do next.
(17:05 ,04/26/16)
The terror attack in Brussels: Three steps that nobody wants to take
Analysis: While difficult, several changes need to be made in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Mental shifts will have to occur in the minds of Western, specifically European, leaders on the topics of aviation, intelligence, and the use of military power.
(20:03 ,03/23/16)
The lies and truths behind recent reports on Ron Arad
Analysis: Lebanese media claims the missing Israeli navigator died of torture in 1988 – a story already established as fabrication by the Israeli government; meanwhile, reports Imad Mughniyah searched for Arad's whereabouts are partly true, and not at all new.
(11:09 ,02/21/16)
Cold War II declared in Munich
Op-ed: The general atmosphere at the 2016 Munich Security Conference was one of despair, confusion and belligerence. The Russians bickered with NATO on every topic, with Russian PM declaring the situation has deteriorated ‘to the level of a cold war’; meanwhile, no one talked about the Palestinians, and Iranian FM Zarif failed to draw the same crowds he did in the past.
(20:29 ,02/18/16)
France's miserable intelligence failure
Analysis: The French government and its secret services got a wakeup call in January, but kept sleeping. While taking a few minor steps, they avoided a comprehensive reform and failed to draw conclusions from the Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher attacks.
(00:12 ,11/16/15)
The lynching and the cover-up
Op-ed: When a senior police commander states that 'whoever stabs Jews is destined to be killed,' he encourages his people and citizens to take the law into their own hands.
(11:41 ,10/21/15)
Putin is part of the problem, not the solution
Op-ed: If the US continues to hesitate and fails to act with a firm hand against Russia, the Syrian crisis will intensify, the Islamic State will grow stronger and refugees will continue flooding the West.
(12:36 ,10/07/15)
Six lies they told me about the anti-Israel boycott
Op-ed: A mixture of nationalistic and false statements about BDS campaign is blinding Israeli public and preventing a real discussion of the issue.
(00:35 ,06/10/15)
Is this the beginning of the end for ISIS?
Analysis: Within quite a short period of time, the jihadist organization will likely disintegrate into smaller groups, which may still be dangerous but won't constitute a threat to world peace.
(00:34 ,02/24/15)
Warm winds of a cold war
Analysis: Judging from the attendance at Munich Security Conference's different sessions, today's world is very interested in what is taking place in Ukraine but is mostly indifferent to the situation in the Middle East.
(11:18 ,02/21/15)
Nasrallah, a secretary-general in distress
Analysis: Golan strike caught Hezbollah's leader at a really bad time. If it were up to him, he would rather not face the dilemma of whether to retaliate against Israel or keep quiet.
(00:13 ,01/26/15)
Alberto Nisman was a martyr in the fight for justice
Op-ed: When we met in Tel Aviv in 2007, I believed the Argentine prosecutor's determination to expose the Hezbollah and Iranian role in the AMIA bombing was bravado; I was wrong and he paid with his life.
(00:50 ,01/21/15)
This is not how you fight terrorism
Analysis: Intelligence hitches, lack of coordination, legal restrictions and more have allowed the terrorists to operate under the noses of the French authorities.
(23:14 ,01/11/15)
Did the Mossad do the impossible?
Analysis: If Hezbollah's report about an Israeli spy within its ranks is true, it means Israel's secret service succeeded in recruiting a human senior source from Shiite organization's special units.
(00:42 ,12/19/14)
Parchin explosion: Intentional sabotage or 'work accident'?
Analysis: If Sunday's blast was the result of sabotage, it means someone got tired of waiting for Iran to reveal to the UN what is really going on at the 'military complex.'
(00:06 ,10/08/14)
Newsweek report is just too unrealistic
Analysis: Claim that Israel is favored by US when it comes to espionage matters doesn't carry much weight based on history of relations between two countries since Pollard affair.
(00:04 ,05/12/14)
Hezbollah's unsuccessful revenge
Analysis: Most of Lebanese terror organization's attempts to avenge its commander's assassination have failed thanks to improvement in Israel's intelligence collection abilities.
(23:55 ,04/22/14)
Time to put Pollard behind us
Op-ed: Attempts to make Jonathan Pollard look like a hero have caused major damage to Israel-US ties, but it's time to put an end to this thoroughly miserable affair.
(11:35 ,04/02/14)
The Malaysian plane, Iran and global jihad
Analysis: It would be surprising if it turns out that Iran got directly involved in a mass terror attack, especially these days. Yet like in 9/11 attacks, Iranians do cooperate with radical Islamic groups.
(01:13 ,03/14/14)
Australian Jews' internal conflict
Analysis: Australian Jewish community is caught between its traditional support for Israel and the criticism over the aggressive treatment Ben Zygier was subject to in Israeli prison.
(00:12 ,02/25/14)
Munich conference: All talk, no action
Analysis: Half empty auditorium at annual security conference indicates Syria crisis is not about to be solved soon, as no one really has the energy to deal with it anymore
(23:52 ,02/02/14)
Breaking the rules
Op-ed: Now that it turns out Americans spied on every possible target, they must free Pollard
(11:45 ,12/23/13)
Stain on America
Op-ed: We can already draft apology US will issue in decade or two for not helping tens of thousands of Syrian citizens
(12:10 ,05/02/13)
When will the world finally act?
Op-ed: West restrained by regulations, systems and interests preventing it from intervening to prevent atrocities
(20:09 ,02/10/13)
View from Morocco
Op-ed: Palestinian issue sticks out as obstacle on path to relations between Israel, Morocco
(10:23 ,01/09/13)
President Obama, talk to Iran
Op-ed: There is no better time to take advantage of Tehran government's weakness following sanctions
(18:12 ,12/04/12)
Finger in the dam
Op-ed: Relative calm in West Bank is deceiving and intoxicating; time is not on Israel's side
(21:33 ,10/18/12)
Someone turned off the power
Analysis: Decision-makers must determine criteria for success or failure of covert war on Iran nuke program
(10:59 ,09/27/12)
Don't forget Germany's help
Op-ed: When criticizing Germany over the 1972 massacre, we must also remember its crucial contribution to Israel
(23:49 ,09/02/12)
Will we really know?
Op-ed: US, Israel may wake up to nuclear Iran if they continue to rely solely on intelligence
(00:22 ,08/21/12)
Disconnect Hamas-Tehran axis
Israel must do its utmost to prevent emergence of 'Sunni Hizbullah'
(11:52 ,06/17/07)


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