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Israel will benefit from an Iran nuclear deal
Analysis: We can relax, even without an agreement in Lausanne, nuclear war will not break out any time soon. The parties are eager for an agreement and therefore the negotiations will continue in the summer. And Israel? It also knows that just like any political agreement, an attack would only lead to a decade-long delay in Iran's nuclear project.
(00:07 ,04/01/15)
The US dropped the ball on Yemen
Analysis: The Americans were so focused on fighting al-Qaeda that they failed to see the bigger danger brewing in Yemen; and now they are taking a back seat while Saudi Arabia fights the Houthi so as to not upset Iran.
(13:38 ,03/26/15)
US accusations of Israeli espionage – why now?
Analysis: The Obama administration has launched a media blitz against Netanyahu, fearing a narrow right-wing government that could be a potential 'nightmare' for the US.
(15:11 ,03/24/15)
The next prime minister's real security challenge
Analysis: In order to successfully deal with the serious threats Israel is facing, some of which may materialize as early as this year, the winner of the 2015 elections must be capable of reaching intimate cooperation and understandings with the American president and administration.
(00:21 ,03/16/15)
Two Likud seats and an ego boost
Analysis: Netanyahu's speech to Congress will not achieve any of the goals he sought, but salvation for Netanyahu may come in the form of Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei.
(23:43 ,03/03/15)
Mr. Netanyahu, don’t go to Washington
Op-ed: Ynet's national security correspondent urges prime minister to consider consequences of his address, in face of such strong opposition from Obama administration.
(23:57 ,03/01/15)
With north beginning to boil, Eisenkot is right man at right time
Analysis: The new IDF chief of staff will have to face a potential massive conflagration on the northern border, but he has the tools to deal with whatever is thrown at him.
(00:01 ,02/17/15)
Assad and Hezbollah are taking advantage of rebels' weakness
Analysis: While Syrian president and Iran-backed forces are indeed advancing towards Israeli-Syrian border, their inability to defeat rebels is preventing them from reaching their next goal – opening a front against Israel from Syria.
(00:25 ,02/13/15)
For both Israel and Hezbollah, calm works for now
Analysis: Hezbollah is not in a position to carry out a massive revenge attack for the killing of its senior officials on the Golan last week, and in Israel, political considerations take center stage.
(00:56 ,01/29/15)
Israel must think hard about its response to latest Hezbollah attack
Analysis: The Israeli defense establishment must decide whether to let Hezbollah feel it has now settled scores and restore calm, or to respond harshly and possily prevent further similar attacks in the future.
(13:08 ,01/28/15)  
Let's not dance on the blood of terror victims
Analysis: There are steps Israel can take to reduce the chances of yet another 'lone-wolf' attack; making political gain from such an event is not one of them.
(16:10 ,01/21/15)
Hezbollah will respond to attack, but not by opening a front in the Golan
Analysis: IDF has raised alert on Syrian border, but Nasrallah's response to assassination of some of his senior commanders might lead to attacks against Israeli targets outside of Israel's borders. Hezbollah's massive arsenal of missiles and rockets will stay in organization's bunkers until the day Israel strikes Iran's nuclear facilities.
(01:03 ,01/19/15)
Nasrallah's new-old threat to Israel
Analysis: Hezbollah's secretary-general claims his organization has had Fateh-110 missiles since 2006 – a weapon that could pose a serious threat to high profile targets in Israel. What message is he trying to convey and is there a different 'secret weapon' altogether?
(09:59 ,01/16/15)
France has belatedly woken up to the jihadist threat
Analysis: The 2012 attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse were the writing on the wall, but France did not legislate for surveillance of terror suspects; protection of Jewish institutions in the republic has also been a failure.
(00:23 ,01/10/15)
IDF chief walks tight-rope between loyalty and duty
Analysis: Benny Gantz uses lenient punishment in order to balance between showing faith in Givati commander and ethically leading the military.
(21:40 ,01/02/15)
Iran's 'suicide drone' no game-changer
Analysis: Iran wants to flaunt its capabilities, but this drone appears large and slow enough to easily intercept, and limited in flight range, but should drone be supplied to Hezbollah or Hamas, it will present a problem.
(22:22 ,12/27/14)
When deterrence deteriorates – shoot fiercely
Analysis: Exchange of fire on Gaza border was not accidental; Hamas prepared for it ahead of time and is using Israel as a lever to create pressure to speed up the reconstruction of Gaza. IDF understands this and is trying to respond firmly. Meanwhile, Hamas' military wing is quickly preparing for next conflict.
(07:47 ,12/25/14)  
Islamic State campaign gave Sydney terrorist the final push
Analysis: Man Haron Monis, a radical Muslim terrorist with a criminal past, likely acted alone but was undoubtedly inspired by the Islamic State's violent messages, proving that it's not just Islamic State's military might that the West should be worried about, but also its poisonous influence on Muslims worldwide.
(01:00 ,12/16/14)
Iran is playing with fire
Analysis: Did the IAF strike in Syria in response to public declaration by Iranian Revolutionary Guard on transfer of advanced missiles to Hezbollah?
(00:06 ,12/08/14)  
Israel must make Gaza reconstruction a top priority
Op-ed: After countless operations and three major battles, it's time for a different policy which will lead to a long-term, stable truce on southern border.
(00:58 ,12/07/14)
Gadi Eisenkot's test
Analysis: Can the new chief of staff lead a change in the army's operation perception which will make the IDF more aggressive and offensive and more capable of defeating an asymmetric enemy?
(00:41 ,12/01/14)
Despite nuclear talks' extension, Iran is still on the verge of a bomb
Analysis: Decision to extend Geneva interim agreement holds several advantages and potential risks. It will be Western intelligence organizations' job to minimize risks and prevent Iran from using next seven months to advance its nuclear ambitions.
(00:52 ,11/26/14)
IDF's nightmare scenario in danger of coming true
Analysis: Escalation in Jerusalem and the West Bank brings fear of religious warfare. 'Road attacks' are on the rise. Threats in the north and south demand attention. Meanwhile, the IDF waits for new chief of staff to be announced.
(23:41 ,11/22/14)
Wanted: Smart intelligence policy to stop the 'lone wolf' terrorists
Analysis: The Shin Bet has perfected the art of foiling organizational terrorism, but the attacks of recent weeks has given rise to a new phenomenon - and thus requires new tactics.
(00:36 ,11/20/14)
How to prevent the next terror attack
Analysis: It's not easy to deter terrorists like those who carried out the deadly attack at Kehilat Yaakov synagogue, so Israel must act to contain the threat by all means available to its defense establishment.
(01:02 ,11/19/14)
IDF-Shin Bet relations: From partners to bitter rivals
Analysis: The relationship between Israel's security organizations has experienced ups and downs over the years and affected their cooperation. The IDF chief's letter of complaint against the Shin Bet head brought the rift out in the open and requires the prime minister to make a clear decision.
(12:47 ,11/13/14)
An intifada with an Islamic State influence
Analysis: The entire Muslim world is currently in violent religious frenzy, and even more so in our neighborhood; and while Israeli security forces have learned hard lessons from the previous intifadas, will it be enough?
(01:01 ,11/11/14)
Israel must quell this third intifada immediately
Analysis: The attacks in Jerusalem, which receive Abbas' blessing, illustrate the need for Israel to separate the two populations in the capital, and give up the pretence of happy cohabitation between Jews and Arabs.
(01:00 ,11/06/14)
The Third Intifada is already here
Analysis: The uprising has been running for almost a year, initiated by Abbas and perpetuated by Israel's extreme nationalist right-wing.
(13:47 ,11/04/14)
How to prevent a religious war in the Middle East
Analysis: In wake of attempted assassination of Yehuda Glick, Palestinians are closer than ever to a direct confrontation – and it may be worse than a third Intifada. There are steps that need to be taken to keep tensions from boiling over any further.
(00:08 ,10/31/14)
From sanctions to veto: The US has plenty of ways to punish Israel
Analysis: Clash between Obama and Netanyahu could have devastating ramifications for Israel: From postponed arms shipments, to international isolation and even a possible shift regarding Israel's alleged nuclear program.
(01:52 ,10/30/14)
Easing Gaza restrictions is the new two-state solution
Analysis: Israel now admits that the almost-airtight blockade of Gaza has done more harm than good; on eve of Cairo truce talks, Israel shifts its focus to easing the lives of Palestinians in return for greater oversight over Hamas. This is how Israel hopes to restore calm to its south.
(13:40 ,10/11/14)
Hezbollah's restrained revenge for Lebanon border skirmish
Analysis: After Lebanese people blamed the militant group for jihadists attacks on its territory, and Israel said it poses little threat, Nasrallah chose Mount Dov as the playground for its offensive operations.
(00:26 ,10/08/14)  
Parchin blast may be Iran's nuclear smoking gun
Analysis: West will know within days what caused explosion at Iranian military complex. Answer could put Iran in a very uncomfortable position during nuclear negotiations.
(09:27 ,10/07/14)
The only way to placate the Palestinians
Netanyahu is agitating for a Madrid-style regional conference, but its failure would be guaranteed from the start; meanwhile, Obama is looking for a way to ease tensions on the Palestinian front.
(00:37 ,10/02/14)
Gaza failure opened door to unprecedented opportunity
Analysis: Years of running on autopilot in Gaza Strip have left Israel in trouble, as confidence in leadership decreased after government hid truth from public. Ron Ben-Yishai explains how strategy for Protective Edge was born and how government can, against all odds, lead to historic turning point.
(00:28 ,09/28/14)
Inside the raid on teens' killers
Full details: It took months of work, but Israel finally tracked down the two terrorists who abducted and murdered the three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank in June.
(11:20 ,09/23/14)  
US will lead war on ISIS from the front
Analysis: Obama's strategy against jihadist organization includes airstrikes, aiding Kurdish militia and Iraqi army forces on the ground, collecting intelligence on ISIS, cutting it off from its financial sources and forming coalition with Arab states.
(00:37 ,09/08/14)
Dramatic regional changes call for major defense budget increase
Analysis: Before deciding how much to money to allot to IDF, cabinet must thoroughly examine defense needs in light of security perception.
(14:21 ,09/04/14)
Debunking claims of failure in Gaza
Analysis: Recent Gaza conflict has already been called World War III: An asymmetric battle between western democracies and guerrilla warfare and terrorism. They can always claim to have won. But we can beat them, and we're on the right track - it just takes time.
(01:10 ,09/02/14)
The end of the operation: Hamas blinked first
No one should be deceived by the rather ostentatious displays of victory on the streets of Gaza, but Israel must be firm in its demands, and its leader should take a good hard look at their own behavior over the past 50 days.
(00:59 ,08/27/14)
The road to a ceasefire is via Rafah
A drawn-out war of attrition would be worse for Israel than Hamas, which has learned well from Hezbollah how to win hearts and minds in wartime.
(22:17 ,08/25/14)
Israel should face the truth, and deal with the war of attrition
Analysis: The sooner Israel recognizes it's been forced into a war of attrition and start acting accordingly, the sooner the war will end.
(01:15 ,08/24/14)
Israel's targeted killings are a Gaza game-changer
It is not clear what has led to this successful shift in Shin Bet and Military Intelligence operations, but it has dealt Hamas a blow and may well put all of its leaders in mortal danger.
(01:17 ,08/22/14)
Israel must make a decision on Gaza
There is a range of options for Israel to end the conflict in Gaza, and the government now needs to examine the alternatives, and make a decision.
(16:53 ,08/20/14)
Following new rocket strikes, Israel has a clear message for Hamas
By recalling the delegation to Cairo and striking targets in Gaza, Israel is telling Hamas: no talks under fire, and no war of attrition.
(18:19 ,08/19/14)
An incrimental Gaza ceasefire
The latest agreement to be signed by Israel and Hamas involves a month-long ceasefire, no gains for Hamas, but plenty for Israel to be happy about.
(15:49 ,08/19/14)
Why did Hamas change its tune?
Analysis: Palestinian delegation to Cairo talks toughened negotiating positions because they have nothing to lose.
(00:20 ,08/17/14)
From ISIS to Hamas, the smart way to fight terror
Both organizations draw their power from the support of the local population; bettering the conditions of the people on the street can be a game-changer.
(16:00 ,08/14/14)
What Israel needs right now is patience
Analysis: Israel must make it clear to Hamas that it will not benefit from ongoing rocket fire, while IDF builds new sophisticated offensive plan against terror organizations and their leaders.
(01:12 ,08/11/14)
Egyptian ceasefire plan introduces PA control in Gaza
Analysis: Israel seems prepared to accept passage of goods, people between Gaza, West Bank; diplomats considering release of prisoners withheld during peace talks.
(20:51 ,08/09/14)
Hamas a wounded animal in Gaza
Analysis: With Hamas' demands left unanswered in Cairo, the group was forced to launch a fresh round of rocket attacks in an attempt to save face, salvage a semblance of achievement.
(23:54 ,08/08/14)  
Israel can try something new in Gaza
Analysis: In order to achieve long-term quiet in Gaza, Israel can both encourage Gazans to vent their rage at Hamas, and give them some hope for a brighter future.
(01:40 ,08/03/14)
For Israel, the rules in Gaza have now changed
Analysis: Given that Hamas deliberately violated ceasefire in order to kidnap a soldier, Israel cannot unilaterally end fighting now without delivering Hamas a victory.
(00:08 ,08/02/14)
Israel's stick and carrot approach in Gaza
Analysis: Even as it is facing military defeat, Hamas must be given enough of an incentive to agree to a ceasefire.
(00:35 ,07/23/14)
The battle in Saja'iyya is not just against Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Analysis: As the IDF tackles the heart of the terrorist groups' presence in Gaza, Israel can also give a lesson in deterrence to Hezbollah and other enemies of Israel that may soon be on its doorstep.
(15:47 ,07/21/14)
Israel must grit its teeth and keep going in Gaza
Analysis: Israelis must endure the suffering and growing casualty list – or the country will be back in the same place very soon.
(19:25 ,07/20/14)
Israel is fighting defensive, not offensive, war in Gaza
Analysis: The tunnel infiltration by Hamas early Thursday showed even the most skeptical Israelis that a ground operation is a necessity, not a luxury.
(00:05 ,07/19/14)
Ceasefire negotiations bring Gaza ground operation closer than ever
Israel's determination to demilitarize Gaza and Hamas' desire to shed Israeli blood could well mean IDF boots on the ground before calm is restored.
(14:50 ,07/17/14)
Gazans are more scared of Hamas than the IDF
Analysis: Islamist organizations in Gaza are still negotiating over negotiations, while in Israel, defense chiefs are seeing start of unrest against Hamas.
(16:08 ,07/16/14)
Talking and shooting in Gaza
Analysis: Hamas and Islamic Jihad are still aiming rockets at Israel's population centers, claiming they are considering the Egyptian truce proposal that ambushed them on Tuesday; meanwhile, Israel has an ally in Cairo.
(01:25 ,07/16/14)
Israel's message to Hamas: We control the escalation
Analysis: Decision to bomb entire areas in northern Gaza after warning residents indicates is aimed at signaling to Hamas that Israel is climbing one more step up the ladder.
(01:52 ,07/14/14)
A new kind of ground operation in Gaza
The IDF has learned from bitter experience, but sending troops into the Strip will be neither a picnic nor a walk in the park.
(01:14 ,07/12/14)
Why Israel needs to go into Gaza
Analysis: Sending in ground troops will facilitate the hunt for and disposal of hidden rocket launchers, but the soldiers need clear objectives from the political leadership.
(01:16 ,07/11/14)
Toe to toe, both Hamas and Israel are seeking the upper hand
Analysis: It now seems that both sides are staring at a war of attrition, even as each is hoping that the other will blink first and call for a truce.
(01:14 ,07/10/14)
Terrorists' considerations: Where to aim, when and how many rockets to fire?
Analysis: Hamas and other Gaza terror organizations have learned from previous operations how to get past Iron Dome and how to escape the IDF's watchful eye.
(02:08 ,07/09/14)  
Israel's controlled escalation with Gaza
Analysis: Restraint shown by Israel in face of rocket fire and its speedy response to murder of Arab teen have left it in a comfortable situation to launch major operation in Gaza.
(08:08 ,07/08/14)
There cannot be one law for Israeli terrorists and another for Arab
Analysis: The prime minister, the government and Israeli public must examine their own roles in the terrible events of recent days, and consider the impact on the whole of Israeli society.
(00:40 ,07/07/14)
Hamas talks truce terms, but Israel balks
Analysis: With the Arab street at boiling point in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Gaza's Hamas rulers want concrete achievements to dispel the image of a failing organization, but are walking a delicate balancing act with the ongoing rocket fire.
(01:00 ,07/06/14)
On the brink of war: Hamas may still back down
Analysis: Escalation in tensions serve Hamas' interests to improve standing among Palestinians, but war with Israel does not.
(17:18 ,07/04/14)
Escalation scenario starting to fulfill itself
Analysis: With murderous terror attack in Judea and Samaria, rocket fire from Gaza and Jews seeking revenge, reality of past few weeks resembles scenario IDF has been preparing for.
(10:25 ,07/03/14)
Israel must crush Hamas, but do it wisely
Analysis: While destroying the organization's infratructure in the West Bank, Israel needs to be careful that it does not shatter the status quo in Gaza.
(02:47 ,07/01/14)
Indulging the public could cost the IDF and Israel dearly
The army has been pandering to soldiers’ worried mothers, and the politicians to popular sensibilities; neither is a sensible strategy.
(00:34 ,06/28/14)
Identifying kidnapping suspects is vindication for Netanyahu
Analysis: Shin Bet is hoping Palestinians seeking better conditions for themselves will give up two men, while prime minister is keen to show that perpetrators were indeed Hamas members.
(00:30 ,06/27/14)
Missile was fired from Syrian army position, says senior defense source
Analysis: Military establishment certain the anti-tank missile that killed Israeli teen on Golan Heights was fired by
(00:59 ,06/24/14)
Syria will respond to Israel’s airstrikes, but won't dirty its own hands
It's unclear who carried out Golan strike that killed 13-year-old Mohammed Karaka, but all signs point to group allied to Assad regime.
(12:07 ,06/23/14)
Hamas, Israel looking for fight in Gaza
Analysis: With nothing left to lose, Hamas will hope to improve relations with Egypt while Israel will attempt to deal death blow to Palestinian terrorism.
(00:53 ,06/22/14)
West Bank operation delivers a strategic blow to Hamas
Analysis: While Islamic organization scores points on Palestinian street for kidnapping three Israeli teens, Israel's operation weakens Hamas' presence in the West Bank, thwarting its goal of taking over territories.
(01:10 ,06/18/14)
Israel wary of growing Islamic extremism in West Bank
Analysis: As the IDF scours the West Bank for missing teens, Jerusalem worries that extremism has found a partner in Palestinian unity.
(01:10 ,06/17/14)
Netanyahu's ill-timed, ill-judged attacks on Abbas
Analysis: Prime minister's use of abduction to continue 'blame game' with Palestinian unity only creates new enemies while Israeli teens remain in captivity.
(01:28 ,06/16/14)  
Israel must act with its head, not heart, in dealing with teens' abduction
Analysis: With solid intelligence-gathering and by following clear-cut guidelines, Israel could perhaps avoid a tragic outcome and minimize the threat of further kidnappings.
(00:57 ,06/15/14)
Teens' disappearance could be outcome of Palestinian unity
Analysis: Terrorist groups have high motivation for carrying out kidnappings; reconciliation feeds terrorism, which threatens unity.
(01:21 ,06/14/14)
ISIS expansions in Iraq and Syria bring Middle East to brink of complete chaos
ISIS Islamic militants capture Iraq's second biggest city; Iraqi military buckles and runs under pressure of religious, ethnic divisions.
(20:05 ,06/11/14)
Laying low on relations with Egypt's Sisi
Analysis: In a world where our enemy's friend is our bitter enemy, Israel must not hurt Egypt's credibility by forming ties that are too strong with the new regime in Cairo. Simultaneously, Israel must take advantage of the opportunities created by the 'Arab Spring' and foster good relations with its neighbors.
(00:10 ,06/09/14)
Syria is the new Afghanistan
Analysis: Global jihad, which in final years of last millennium treated Afghanistan as a training ground, has relocated to Syria; and this time, Arab states are as worried as West.
(13:03 ,06/03/14)
Israel should work to enhance benefits of Palestinian unity
Drawbacks of Hamas-Fatah reconciliation considerable, but Israel can still act wisely to support a positive Palestinian future.
(01:40 ,06/03/14)
Increasing Russian, Iranian involvement helps Assad make great strides in Syria
Analysis: For the first time since the 80s, Russian consultants arrive in Syria to advise Assad's generals, while Tehran sends Iranian Guard soldiers to aide the Syrian president.
(01:09 ,05/23/14)
Cancellation of reservist training a legitimate call for help
Analysis: IDF chief of staff announces end of all reservist training for 2014; Cash-strapped IDF has no other options to save the billions needed to maintain operational capability.
(17:49 ,05/20/14)
Israeli security officials have a hard time obtaining visa to US
Analysis: High-ranking Israeli officials wait long months for visas, end up receiving short-term visit pass and endure humiliating checks in the process.
(01:32 ,05/16/14)
US spies vindictive on Israel
Op-ed: Newsweek's articles only point out hypocrisy and ignorance in a US intelligence community that harbors a vindictive attitude towards Israel.
(00:42 ,05/11/14)
Israel Air Force is deadlier than ever
Analysis: IAF believes it can shorten next war on its own by striking thousands of targets a day, dropping more than 10 accurate bombs from one plane on different areas. Ron Ben-Yishai reviews revolution in aerial warfare branch perceived as 'Israel's insurance policy.'
(00:40 ,05/08/14)
IDF must put an end to virtual protest
Analysis: If from now on every military or political issue provokes an online protest from soldiers, Israeli army's power of deterrence will pay a heavy price.
(09:39 ,05/01/14)
Hamas wins, Abbas loses
Anaylsis: The unity agreement signed Wednesday is a lifeline for the Islamist organization struggling to ruling Gaza, and poses a threat to the development in the West Bank.
(01:02 ,04/24/14)
A settlement of insurrection
IDF should put radical settlers in Yitzhar under curfew and stop its funding, writes Ron Ben-Yishai, until they understand that they are not the lords of the land.
(00:59 ,04/09/14)
Now is not time to go back to negotiating table
The Palestinians need to regain their equilibrium after their recent diplomatic coup, and Israel must pay the price for handing them that victory.
(00:51 ,04/04/14)
What's the point of extending peace talks?
Analysis: Both Israel and the Palestinians have a lot to gain if they keep talking, but it's not certain that either of them will use it well.
(01:14 ,04/03/14)
Complacency and arrogance: The failures of Ya'alon and Gantz
Analysis: Defense minister's comments on US, chief of staff's boast of Iranian operations illustrate a worrying and dangerous state of mind.
(01:13 ,03/23/14)
War between wars: New rules of engagement
Analysis: As part of what the IDF calls 'war between wars', Israel and terrorist groups and their state sponsors must play a very dangerous game, according to a new set of rules, while trying to create deterrence that doesn't lead to an all-out regional conflict.
(00:18 ,03/20/14)
Nasrallah seeks revenge without fingerprints
Analysis: If Hezbollah is indeed behind explosive that injured four IDF soldiers, it would be considered a success that seals the current round of vengeful attacks – without taking responsibility.
(18:12 ,03/18/14)
Hezbollah's thirst for revenge will not end
Analysis: Recent explosive targeted at IDF soldiers is part of ongoing revenge for attacking of Hezbollah-bound weapons convoy. The system: An eye for an eye against military targets only.
(10:40 ,03/15/14)


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