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How Erdogan won
Analysis: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has managed to hold onto power following an attempted coup Friday night. Ron ben Yishai and other experts shed some light on how the Turkish president was able to maintain his grip on power.
(11:13 ,07/16/16)
Ten years of lessons learned
It has been nearly a decade since the capture of Gilad Shalit and the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War. Has the IDF learned from its past mistakes, and will it be able to bring a decisive victory in the next round of fighting?
(23:59 ,06/19/16)
A terror attack next door to the IDF headquarters
Op-ed: Several serious questions arise from the terror attack in Sarona. How were the terrorists able to make it all the way from Hebron to the heart of Tel Aviv? Who aided them? And did the PA know of the impending danger but fail to warn Israel?
(17:59 ,06/09/16)
Netanyahu is jeopardizing Israel's national security
Op-ed: The Prime Minister is making political experiments at the public's expense, replacing an experienced and professional defense minister with the inexperienced Lieberman. The dramatic move clearly signals to the military that the values they're used to cherishing are no longer of the utmost importance.
(17:36 ,05/19/16)
Political survival at the IDF's expense
Op-ed: The deputy IDF chief's message was the right one, but he chose the wrong place, time and perhaps historical analogy. Regardless, Netanyahu, who is acting more like a reality TV star than a leader, should not have jumped to publically undermine Maj.-Gen. Golan.
(00:20 ,05/10/16)
Blustering towards an escalation?
Analysis: Hamas's political and military wings are finally appreciating Israel's prowess at tunnel-detection; they must decide if they want to to risk everything or de-escalate.
(23:47 ,05/05/16)
Jerusalem bus bombing has imprints of organized attack
Analysis: The explosive device detonated on a Jerusalem bus on Monday appears to have been made by a professional; while there is still a dearth of details regarding the bombing, the attacker likely detonated the bomb at the back of the bus to ignite the gas tank.
(15:17 ,04/19/16)
An underground breakthrough
Analysis: Hamas probably didn't plan on invading an Israeli town, and is more likely digging in a zigzag pattern, looking for another Gilad Shalit.
(15:56 ,04/18/16)
Netanyahu's message to Assad and Putin
Op-ed: While observing a paratrooper drill in the Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits to striking Hezbollah weapons shipments in Syria: is this simply a war of words, or the start of something larger?
(15:28 ,04/12/16)
IDF's cyber defense easily breached
Analysis: The indictment of Majd Ouida reveals how an amateur hacker could severely interfere with military operations, provide poorly encrypted data to the enemy, and endanger Israeli lives.
(23:18 ,03/23/16)
Why is Nasrallah speaking in public?
Analysis: Hezbollah's secretary general has been speaking in public for two reasons: He owes many explanations to the Lebanese public and he fears Israel may carry out a preemptive strike against his military infrastructure
(23:35 ,03/22/16)
The failed effort to halt Palestinian incitement
Analysis: Israel tried and failed to interfere with Hamas TV's signal and is now focusing on social media; we can certainly expect this violence to continue for many months.
(18:10 ,03/18/16)
An intifada of the mind
Op-ed: In the face of spontaneous terrorism, Israel has no intelligence, deterrence, or military targets; the government has no diplomatic or military means to end this intifada.
(18:18 ,03/09/16)
Did someone cross Israel's red line?
Analysis: Despite denials by the Assad regime and Hezbollah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reported on an Israeli airstrike in Syria, is considered reliable. As in the past, the reason for this strike could have been due to advanced weapons making their way to Hezbollah. So why aren't the Russians responding?
(10:18 ,02/19/16)
Russia's new Syrian strategy: Ethnic cleansing
Analysis:Russia's new strategy to prop Assad up is to destroy rebels' power base through ethnic cleansing, forcing supporters to flee as refugees to neighboring countries and eventually Europe.
(11:31 ,02/12/16)
Political initiatives and online outreach: We can stop incitement for terror
Op-ed: This intifada has already reached a point in which military and intelligence initiatives can no longer provide an adequate solution. Israel needs to increase monitoring of social media and arrest main agitators, but also promote a political initiative that includes unilateral moves that could lower the tensions.
(23:35 ,02/10/16)
'Security cooperation between Russia and Israel to continue'
Analysis: Officials in the West and Middle East reject Daily Beast report that Hezbollah is getting arms directly from Russia with 'no strings attached,' citing agreements reached between Putin and Netanyahu that prevent such a thing.
(09:34 ,01/12/16)
The mistakes made by Nashat Melhem
Analysis: The Tel Aviv shooter hid in Arara, where many of his family members live. It seems that he kept the mobile phone of the taxi driver he murdered, and that he received aid. Melhem is now dead, but many questions remain unanswered.
(23:37 ,01/08/16)
North Korea teaching Iran how to extort the West
Analysis: Kim Jong-un is repeatedly implementing his father's 'nuclear extortion' trick, serving as a role model for Tehran's conservative leaders. If Pyongyang indeed conducted a hydrogen bomb test Wednesday, this is very bad news not only for North Korea's neighbors, but also for China and Israel.
(23:47 ,01/07/16)
Nasrallah settled an account, but did so with caution
Analysis: It's too soon to tell if the Hezbollah leader got the revenge he sought out for the death of Samir Kuntar, since there were no casualties on the Israeli side in the attack on Mount Dov. It does, however, seem like the message from Israel of a severe and destructive retaliation has been understood.
(00:00 ,01/05/16)  
The IDF's warning to Nasrallah
Analysis: Israeli security officials are claiming that the Hezbollah leader would be making a grave mistake if he thinks the IDF will sit quietly if his organization responds to Samir Kuntar's assassination with terror attacks.
(00:32 ,12/25/15)
Netanyahu and Erdogan's shared interests
Analysis: An agreement between Israel and Turkey has yet to come, but there is a declarative cooperation: The Turkish President needs it as a card he can play in front of the Russians, while Netanyahu can use it to defend the government's natural gas plan in Israel's high court.
(11:52 ,12/19/15)
Saudi Arabia's war of independence
Analysis: Their disappointment with Obama has led the Saudis to adopt a sophisticated and aggressive strategy. No longer the world's oil barrel, Riyadh is now using oil prices to remove American companies from the market, punish the Russians for their support of Assad and shatter Iran's hopes of exporting large amounts of oil.
(11:34 ,12/17/15)
New Mossad chief: Netanyahu's real foreign minister
Analysis: The prime minister's decision to appoint his national security advisor, Yossi Cohen, as the secret service's new director reflects his clear preference for secret relations with countries that have no official diplomatic ties with Israel and with foreign intelligence communities.
(11:04 ,12/08/15)
ISIS and al-Qaeda compete for Western targets
Analysis: Al-Qaeda tries to stay on the terror map with an attack in Mali; current global attack is carried out by organizations and is thus easier to track.
(20:20 ,11/23/15)
Welcome to World War Three
Analysis: The Paris attack is directly tied to events in Syria and Iraq; this was not an intelligence failure but rather the failure of the West to see itself as in a total war vs. radical Islam.
(22:54 ,11/14/15)
Abbas inciting with one hand, restraining with the other
Analysis: The Palestinian elements fanning the flames of terror and pushing stabbers on the streets are the same ones working intensively to prevent an escalation. This absurd situation has prevented the wave of terror from turning into a real intifada, but what will happen if Fatah's militant faction joins in?
(21:45 ,11/04/15)
Temple Mount agreement won’t lead to immediate calm
Analysis: The understandings reached between US Secretary of State Kerry, Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah in Jordan could definitely contribute to a change in atmosphere, but their actual impact on the wave of terror will only be seen later this week.
(09:02 ,10/26/15)
How to save Israel from the Third Intifada
Op-ed: After the stabbing terrorist attacks in Jerusalem it is necessary to take dramatic steps to minimize friction between Jews and Arabs. In addition, unusual diplomatic steps need to be taken, such as a complete, if temporary, curfew at the Temple Mount.
(18:15 ,10/04/15)
The military option is back on the table
Analysis: Netanyahu's message directed at President Obama and the Security Council is to enforce the Iran nuclear deal to the letter otherwise Israel retains its right to defend itself at all cost.
(15:06 ,10/02/15)  
Abbas' goal: A Palestinian state imposed from abroad
Analysis: Palestinian president's threat to cancel Oslo Agreements is a message to the world that he has lost all hope of reaching an independent state through negotiations with Israel. Meanwhile, Netanyahu government's is playing into his hands.
(10:48 ,10/01/15)  
What Putin's Syrian strategy means for Israel
Analysis: Russian president seeks to enhance his country's influence in the region through his alliance with Assad: A dangerous gamble, but Israel need not worry for the moment.
(23:27 ,09/29/15)  
Handling the stone-throwing terrorists
Analysis: Riots on the Temple Mount are nothing new, but the recent and deadly stone-throwing attack makes it clear that we need to find new ways of fighting this growing epidemic.
(23:15 ,09/15/15)  
Gal Hirsch is not up to the task
Analysis: Former Galilee Formation commander excelled in special ops but has not proven himself as a commander and leader of big organizations; he found it difficult to stand up to criticism of his performance in Second Lebanon War and will struggle to defend police officers under attack from all sides.
(13:29 ,08/26/15)
Rocket strikes an Iranian retaliation
Analysis: 3 weeks after the assassination of Hezbollah members in the Syrian Golan, rockets were fired into Israel. Islamic Jihad's attack was guided by Iran and likely meant to strike but not kill.
(10:38 ,08/21/15)
Israel dealing with two Hamas entities
Analysis: The arrest of Hamas fighter Ibrahim Shaer reveals the complex reality in Gaza, where two separate bodies with different goals and interests – the political wing and the military wing – are competing over the Strip's management and foreign relations.
(15:33 ,08/12/15)
US can't defend Israel against a nuclear attack
Analysis: A senior American official has vowed to protect Israel if it is attacked by Iran, but the only way to deter the ayatollahs from launching a surprise attack on Israel is by deploying tens of thousands of US soldiers on Israeli territory.
(17:37 ,08/04/15)
How to stop Jewish jihad
Analysis: They are no different than ISIS; there may only be a handful of these Jewish terrorists, but it is enough to divide Israeli society and lead to war with the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world.
(23:49 ,07/31/15)
Iran deal puts military option back on table
Analysis: The Vienna agreement does delay Iran's construction of a bomb by a year or more, but if Iran chooses to violate the deal, it could get the bomb within a few weeks; Israel must prepare for a potential pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and on Hezbollah.
(01:08 ,07/15/15)
Missing Israeli in Hamas capitivity may not be worst-case scenario
Analysis: If Avraham Mangisto were alive and well in Hamas's hands, the organization would have no reason to deny it was holding him. It is possible that he is held captive by the Islamic State or Islamic Jihad, and there are even worse possibilities, but Hamas may be holding him as a bargaining chip.
(15:41 ,07/09/15)
ISIS in Sinai is a serious threat to Israel
Analysis: The impressive fighting abilities demonstrated by the Islamic State in northern Sinai pose a new challenge to the IDF. The use of simultaneous suicide bombings, imported from Syria and Iraq, could one day be directed at Israel.
(10:00 ,07/02/15)
UN report gives Hezbollah the green light
Analysis: A report which creates a moral and legal symmetry between Israel and Hamas cannot reflect reality, but its conclusion that the IDF made excessive use of fire should serve as a warning sign against what might happen to Israel in the international arena during the next Lebanon war.
(11:49 ,06/23/15)
Not exactly a 'lone wolf' attack
Analysis: The recent series of sporadic terror attacks are taking place for reasons that are more or less always the same. While Hamas and Islamic Jihad don't necessarily sanction the attacks, they provide the inspiration behind them.
(16:00 ,06/21/15)
How to stop the sporadic rocket fire from Gaza
Analysis: While Hamas can be deterred by Israel, the armed Salafi-jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS or al-Qaeda can only be neutralized through a sophisticated simultaneous use of a civilian carrot and a military stick.
(00:09 ,06/09/15)
Israel and Hamas held hostage by Gaza 'rogue elements'
Analysis: In the absence of an honest broker to mediate between the two sides, a stagnant Gaza economy and little prospects, the breakaway groups can lay the groundwork for the next war.
(13:00 ,06/04/15)
Israel reassures Iran, Hezbollah: Mass drill is not cover for attack
Analysis: Jerusalem sends calming messages to increasingly edgy enemies as it embarks on five-day drill, says measures are purely defensive.
(00:18 ,06/01/15)
Rocket fire challenging Israeli and Hamas leaderships
Analysis: The Grad rocket fired into Israel on Tuesday night may have been a message from Hamas' military wing to the organization's political leadership, but it was also a reminder that Israel's new government must adopt a strategy against the occasional rocket fire as soon as possible.
(23:22 ,05/27/15)
Security cabinet must not turn into a debate club
Analysis: A cabinet comprised of more than half of the government ministers, most of whom are unfamiliar with security issues, will be unable to function properly – just like during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge.
(23:55 ,05/19/15)
A battle of wits on the Syrian border
Analysis: Israel has a new defense policy on the Golan Heights, where Islamist groups are taking hold and Hezbollah divides its time between fighting them and fighting Israel.
(23:56 ,05/05/15)
With a score to settle, Hezbollah will not give up
Analysis: An attempt to plant explosives on Israeli side of Syria border fence shows an attempt to carry out an attack that leaves no Syrian fingerprints.
(14:14 ,04/27/15)
Why Putin is playing friendly with Iran
Analysis: Putin's decision to provide Iran with the S-300 air defense system has three strategic goals, according to experts: Challenging US, securing Moscow's oil revenue and strengthening Russian position in the Middle East.
(12:19 ,04/14/15)
S-300 will not prevent potential Israeli strike on Iran
Analysis: Should Russia give Iran the advanced missile defense system it will undoubtedly effect the possibility of a military strike – but Israel's air force is well trained in the system's ins-and-outs.
(23:28 ,04/13/15)
Now is the time for Israel to twist America's arm
Op-ed: Netanyahu needs to stop the hysterical rhetoric and start thinking about the benefits Israel can get - like full coordination, a diplomatic umbrella, fighter jets and missile defense funding.
(23:37 ,04/06/15)
A better deal than we expected
Analysis: Despite glaring shortcomings of 'framework' deal with Iran – which allow Tehran ability to resume its nuclear pursuit with haste – Obama now offering Netanyahu an olive branch; the Israeli leader should embrace it and help seal loopholes in final agreement.
(01:08 ,04/03/15)
Israel will benefit from an Iran nuclear deal
Analysis: We can relax, even without an agreement in Lausanne, nuclear war will not break out any time soon. The parties are eager for an agreement and therefore the negotiations will continue in the summer. And Israel? It also knows that just like any political agreement, an attack would only lead to a decade-long delay in Iran's nuclear project.
(00:07 ,04/01/15)
The US dropped the ball on Yemen
Analysis: The Americans were so focused on fighting al-Qaeda that they failed to see the bigger danger brewing in Yemen; and now they are taking a back seat while Saudi Arabia fights the Houthi so as to not upset Iran.
(13:38 ,03/26/15)
US accusations of Israeli espionage – why now?
Analysis: The Obama administration has launched a media blitz against Netanyahu, fearing a narrow right-wing government that could be a potential 'nightmare' for the US.
(15:11 ,03/24/15)
The next prime minister's real security challenge
Analysis: In order to successfully deal with the serious threats Israel is facing, some of which may materialize as early as this year, the winner of the 2015 elections must be capable of reaching intimate cooperation and understandings with the American president and administration.
(00:21 ,03/16/15)
Two Likud seats and an ego boost
Analysis: Netanyahu's speech to Congress will not achieve any of the goals he sought, but salvation for Netanyahu may come in the form of Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei.
(23:43 ,03/03/15)
Mr. Netanyahu, don’t go to Washington
Op-ed: Ynet's national security correspondent urges prime minister to consider consequences of his address, in face of such strong opposition from Obama administration.
(23:57 ,03/01/15)
With north beginning to boil, Eisenkot is right man at right time
Analysis: The new IDF chief of staff will have to face a potential massive conflagration on the northern border, but he has the tools to deal with whatever is thrown at him.
(00:01 ,02/17/15)
Assad and Hezbollah are taking advantage of rebels' weakness
Analysis: While Syrian president and Iran-backed forces are indeed advancing towards Israeli-Syrian border, their inability to defeat rebels is preventing them from reaching their next goal – opening a front against Israel from Syria.
(00:25 ,02/13/15)
For both Israel and Hezbollah, calm works for now
Analysis: Hezbollah is not in a position to carry out a massive revenge attack for the killing of its senior officials on the Golan last week, and in Israel, political considerations take center stage.
(00:56 ,01/29/15)
Israel must think hard about its response to latest Hezbollah attack
Analysis: The Israeli defense establishment must decide whether to let Hezbollah feel it has now settled scores and restore calm, or to respond harshly and possily prevent further similar attacks in the future.
(13:08 ,01/28/15)  
Let's not dance on the blood of terror victims
Analysis: There are steps Israel can take to reduce the chances of yet another 'lone-wolf' attack; making political gain from such an event is not one of them.
(16:10 ,01/21/15)
Hezbollah will respond to attack, but not by opening a front in the Golan
Analysis: IDF has raised alert on Syrian border, but Nasrallah's response to assassination of some of his senior commanders might lead to attacks against Israeli targets outside of Israel's borders. Hezbollah's massive arsenal of missiles and rockets will stay in organization's bunkers until the day Israel strikes Iran's nuclear facilities.
(01:03 ,01/19/15)
Nasrallah's new-old threat to Israel
Analysis: Hezbollah's secretary-general claims his organization has had Fateh-110 missiles since 2006 – a weapon that could pose a serious threat to high profile targets in Israel. What message is he trying to convey and is there a different 'secret weapon' altogether?
(09:59 ,01/16/15)
France has belatedly woken up to the jihadist threat
Analysis: The 2012 attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse were the writing on the wall, but France did not legislate for surveillance of terror suspects; protection of Jewish institutions in the republic has also been a failure.
(00:23 ,01/10/15)
IDF chief walks tight-rope between loyalty and duty
Analysis: Benny Gantz uses lenient punishment in order to balance between showing faith in Givati commander and ethically leading the military.
(21:40 ,01/02/15)
Iran's 'suicide drone' no game-changer
Analysis: Iran wants to flaunt its capabilities, but this drone appears large and slow enough to easily intercept, and limited in flight range, but should drone be supplied to Hezbollah or Hamas, it will present a problem.
(22:22 ,12/27/14)
When deterrence deteriorates – shoot fiercely
Analysis: Exchange of fire on Gaza border was not accidental; Hamas prepared for it ahead of time and is using Israel as a lever to create pressure to speed up the reconstruction of Gaza. IDF understands this and is trying to respond firmly. Meanwhile, Hamas' military wing is quickly preparing for next conflict.
(07:47 ,12/25/14)  
Islamic State campaign gave Sydney terrorist the final push
Analysis: Man Haron Monis, a radical Muslim terrorist with a criminal past, likely acted alone but was undoubtedly inspired by the Islamic State's violent messages, proving that it's not just Islamic State's military might that the West should be worried about, but also its poisonous influence on Muslims worldwide.
(01:00 ,12/16/14)
Iran is playing with fire
Analysis: Did the IAF strike in Syria in response to public declaration by Iranian Revolutionary Guard on transfer of advanced missiles to Hezbollah?
(00:06 ,12/08/14)  
Israel must make Gaza reconstruction a top priority
Op-ed: After countless operations and three major battles, it's time for a different policy which will lead to a long-term, stable truce on southern border.
(00:58 ,12/07/14)
Gadi Eisenkot's test
Analysis: Can the new chief of staff lead a change in the army's operation perception which will make the IDF more aggressive and offensive and more capable of defeating an asymmetric enemy?
(00:41 ,12/01/14)
Despite nuclear talks' extension, Iran is still on the verge of a bomb
Analysis: Decision to extend Geneva interim agreement holds several advantages and potential risks. It will be Western intelligence organizations' job to minimize risks and prevent Iran from using next seven months to advance its nuclear ambitions.
(00:52 ,11/26/14)
IDF's nightmare scenario in danger of coming true
Analysis: Escalation in Jerusalem and the West Bank brings fear of religious warfare. 'Road attacks' are on the rise. Threats in the north and south demand attention. Meanwhile, the IDF waits for new chief of staff to be announced.
(23:41 ,11/22/14)
Wanted: Smart intelligence policy to stop the 'lone wolf' terrorists
Analysis: The Shin Bet has perfected the art of foiling organizational terrorism, but the attacks of recent weeks has given rise to a new phenomenon - and thus requires new tactics.
(00:36 ,11/20/14)
How to prevent the next terror attack
Analysis: It's not easy to deter terrorists like those who carried out the deadly attack at Kehilat Yaakov synagogue, so Israel must act to contain the threat by all means available to its defense establishment.
(01:02 ,11/19/14)
IDF-Shin Bet relations: From partners to bitter rivals
Analysis: The relationship between Israel's security organizations has experienced ups and downs over the years and affected their cooperation. The IDF chief's letter of complaint against the Shin Bet head brought the rift out in the open and requires the prime minister to make a clear decision.
(12:47 ,11/13/14)
An intifada with an Islamic State influence
Analysis: The entire Muslim world is currently in violent religious frenzy, and even more so in our neighborhood; and while Israeli security forces have learned hard lessons from the previous intifadas, will it be enough?
(01:01 ,11/11/14)
Israel must quell this third intifada immediately
Analysis: The attacks in Jerusalem, which receive Abbas' blessing, illustrate the need for Israel to separate the two populations in the capital, and give up the pretence of happy cohabitation between Jews and Arabs.
(01:00 ,11/06/14)
The Third Intifada is already here
Analysis: The uprising has been running for almost a year, initiated by Abbas and perpetuated by Israel's extreme nationalist right-wing.
(13:47 ,11/04/14)
How to prevent a religious war in the Middle East
Analysis: In wake of attempted assassination of Yehuda Glick, Palestinians are closer than ever to a direct confrontation – and it may be worse than a third Intifada. There are steps that need to be taken to keep tensions from boiling over any further.
(00:08 ,10/31/14)
From sanctions to veto: The US has plenty of ways to punish Israel
Analysis: Clash between Obama and Netanyahu could have devastating ramifications for Israel: From postponed arms shipments, to international isolation and even a possible shift regarding Israel's alleged nuclear program.
(01:52 ,10/30/14)
Easing Gaza restrictions is the new two-state solution
Analysis: Israel now admits that the almost-airtight blockade of Gaza has done more harm than good; on eve of Cairo truce talks, Israel shifts its focus to easing the lives of Palestinians in return for greater oversight over Hamas. This is how Israel hopes to restore calm to its south.
(13:40 ,10/11/14)
Hezbollah's restrained revenge for Lebanon border skirmish
Analysis: After Lebanese people blamed the militant group for jihadists attacks on its territory, and Israel said it poses little threat, Nasrallah chose Mount Dov as the playground for its offensive operations.
(00:26 ,10/08/14)  
Parchin blast may be Iran's nuclear smoking gun
Analysis: West will know within days what caused explosion at Iranian military complex. Answer could put Iran in a very uncomfortable position during nuclear negotiations.
(09:27 ,10/07/14)
The only way to placate the Palestinians
Netanyahu is agitating for a Madrid-style regional conference, but its failure would be guaranteed from the start; meanwhile, Obama is looking for a way to ease tensions on the Palestinian front.
(00:37 ,10/02/14)
Gaza failure opened door to unprecedented opportunity
Analysis: Years of running on autopilot in Gaza Strip have left Israel in trouble, as confidence in leadership decreased after government hid truth from public. Ron Ben-Yishai explains how strategy for Protective Edge was born and how government can, against all odds, lead to historic turning point.
(00:28 ,09/28/14)
Inside the raid on teens' killers
Full details: It took months of work, but Israel finally tracked down the two terrorists who abducted and murdered the three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank in June.
(11:20 ,09/23/14)  
US will lead war on ISIS from the front
Analysis: Obama's strategy against jihadist organization includes airstrikes, aiding Kurdish militia and Iraqi army forces on the ground, collecting intelligence on ISIS, cutting it off from its financial sources and forming coalition with Arab states.
(00:37 ,09/08/14)
Dramatic regional changes call for major defense budget increase
Analysis: Before deciding how much to money to allot to IDF, cabinet must thoroughly examine defense needs in light of security perception.
(14:21 ,09/04/14)
Debunking claims of failure in Gaza
Analysis: Recent Gaza conflict has already been called World War III: An asymmetric battle between western democracies and guerrilla warfare and terrorism. They can always claim to have won. But we can beat them, and we're on the right track - it just takes time.
(01:10 ,09/02/14)
The end of the operation: Hamas blinked first
No one should be deceived by the rather ostentatious displays of victory on the streets of Gaza, but Israel must be firm in its demands, and its leader should take a good hard look at their own behavior over the past 50 days.
(00:59 ,08/27/14)
The road to a ceasefire is via Rafah
A drawn-out war of attrition would be worse for Israel than Hamas, which has learned well from Hezbollah how to win hearts and minds in wartime.
(22:17 ,08/25/14)
Israel should face the truth, and deal with the war of attrition
Analysis: The sooner Israel recognizes it's been forced into a war of attrition and start acting accordingly, the sooner the war will end.
(01:15 ,08/24/14)
Israel's targeted killings are a Gaza game-changer
It is not clear what has led to this successful shift in Shin Bet and Military Intelligence operations, but it has dealt Hamas a blow and may well put all of its leaders in mortal danger.
(01:17 ,08/22/14)
Israel must make a decision on Gaza
There is a range of options for Israel to end the conflict in Gaza, and the government now needs to examine the alternatives, and make a decision.
(16:53 ,08/20/14)
Following new rocket strikes, Israel has a clear message for Hamas
By recalling the delegation to Cairo and striking targets in Gaza, Israel is telling Hamas: no talks under fire, and no war of attrition.
(18:19 ,08/19/14)


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