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Amman embassy affair is no cause for celebration
Op-ed: Netanyahu is trying to present the Israeli security guard’s return as a
Shlomo Puterkovsky (22:15 , 07.26.17 )
In Netanyahu’s government, it’s okay to incite against Shin Bet
Op-ed: Politicians like David Bitan and Miri Regev don’t care about the need to
Nadav Eyal (18:10 , 07.26.17 )
A crisis in the Middle East? Trump would rather play golf
Op-ed: Obama and Kerry may have pressured us, sometimes too much, but at least
Yoav Fromer (23:58 , 07.25.17 )
A leftist’s open letter to Roger Waters
Op-ed: The goals of the movement you support are both immoral and illegal. They
Bernard Bohbot (23:02 , 07.25.17 )
If Europe disappears, we may live to regret it
Op-ed: The message Netanyahu tried to convey to his Eastern European colleagues
Yossi Shain (23:51 , 07.20.17 )
State of Israel couldn’t care less about gays
Op-ed: The state’s objection to same-sex adoptions comes as no surprise. As part
Dror Cohen, Victoria Gelfand (13:46 , 07.20.17 )
Submarine affair requires commission of inquiry
Op-ed: Regardless of the criminal aspect of the affair, a committee must be
Giora Eiland (14:59 , 07.18.17 )
ISIS in the Sinai eyeing Israel
According to senior IDF officials, it is only a matter of time and strategic
Roi Kais (19:08 , 07.17.17 ) 
It’s time to save our state
Op-ed: The three brainwashed Muslim fanatics from Umm al-Fahm, who carried out
Rafik Halabi (21:01 , 07.16.17 )
The Taylor Force Act: Pathway or roadblock to peace?
Analysis: Debate rages over US legislation to cut funding to the Palestinians if
Charles Bybelezer/The Media Line (20:43 , 07.15.17 )
Let every Jewish mother know who’s in charge of our security
Op-ed: Is it possible that the suspects in the submarine affair were all good,
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (23:48 , 07.14.17 )
When anti-Semitism becomes ‘legitimate’
Op-ed: Netanyahu likely wouldn’t have rushed to legitimize the Hungarian PM’s
Yossi Dahan (23:40 , 07.12.17 )
When nothing is sacred, UNESCO ruling comes as no surprise
Op-ed: The Arab-Palestinian side knows how to sanctify the things it deems
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:50 , 07.09.17 )
Can ISIS be ousted from Syria without Assad's help?
Analysis: Washington is loath to cooperate with Assad's internationally
Associated Press (23:45 , 07.06.17 )
Israel-India relations were born in Oslo
Op-ed: The Indian prime minister’s visit to Israel doesn’t prove that there is
Dr. Yoav Fromer (10:59 , 07.06.17 )
Why you should care about Conversion Bill (even if you aren’t a convert)
Op-ed: The moment Israel doesn’t accept the converts of any stream of Judaism,
Jessica Fishman (21:19 , 07.04.17 )
Give us our sons back, and we’ll restore your power supply
Op-ed: When the Goldin family asked the government to pressure Hamas to return
Simcha and Tzur Goldin (17:15 , 07.03.17 )
Diaspora Jewry can’t fight Western Wall battle alone
Op-ed: Despite the injustice suffered by Jews in the US and other countries, the
Einav Schiff (09:24 , 07.02.17 )
Labor aims for relevance with leadership election
Analysis: After 16 years out of the prime minister's office, and with current
Associated Press (19:22 , 07.01.17 )
Trump's travel ban a far cry from original
Analysis: With the implementation of the US president's first major policy push
Associated Press (09:46 , 06.30.17 ) 
Soldiers must learn how to deal with Jewish rioters
Op-ed: After 50 years of serving in the territories, after hundreds and maybe
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman (23:37 , 06.29.17 )
A sledge-hammer blow to American Jewry
Op-ed: Israeli government's decision to renege on commitments made to construct
Ambassador (Ret.) Arthur Koll (16:07 , 06.29.17 )
Whether we like it or not, non-Orthodox Jews are our brethren
Op-ed: The two dramatic decisions made by the government this week constitute
Rabbi Ilai Ofran (21:50 , 06.27.17 )
A window of opportunity in Gaza
Op-ed: Changing the situation in the strip in a joint regional and Israeli
Hannes Pichler, Ofek Ish Maas (18:31 , 06.27.17 )
A state denying its own people
Op-ed: The government took a historic agreement on the Western Wall and threw it
Yizhar Hess (23:30 , 06.26.17 )
New generation of Hilltop Youth: Less ideology, more anti-state activity
Analysis: The main targets of ‘price tag’ perpetrators in recent weeks have been
Elisha Ben Kimon (23:30 , 06.25.17 )
Terrorism is winning in Europe
Op-ed: Victory on Western-based violent Islamism will only be achieved when
Nadav Eyal (23:46 , 06.23.17 )
And the Jerusalem construction freeze goes on
Op-ed: Netanyahu insists that there are no building restrictions in the capital,
Yifat Erlich (23:29 , 06.22.17 )
What about politics in the yeshiva?
Op-ed: If we want an ethical code that bars professors from expressing political
Dov Elbaum (22:36 , 06.21.17 )
Why the government is afraid of the academia
Op-ed: The best way to defend students is to keep developing their critical
Yuval Noah Harari (23:31 , 06.20.17 )
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