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A modest approach toward Mideast problems
Op-ed: While Trump has not abandoned the American aspiration to bring peace to
Shlomo Puterkovsky (11:01 , 05.25.17 )
Israel marks 50 years of 'united Jerusalem,' but city struggles
Analysis: As Israel marks 50 years of united Jerusalem, the city is plagued by
Reuters (20:30 , 05.24.17 )
Mr. President, beware Israeli and Palestinian lies
Op-ed: Former Judea and Samaria Division commander calls on President Trump to
Major-General (Res.) Noam Tibon (22:45 , 05.23.17 )
The two-state tango is over
Op-ed: The more Israel clings to plans for a Palestinian state that include most
Moshe Dann (08:20 , 05.23.17 )
A Saudi embrace against Iran
Op-ed: A day after leaving Saudi Arabia, the American president’s speech seems
Nadav Eyal (23:32 , 05.22.17 )
A better solution for Jerusalem
Op-ed: Trump has a way of keeping his promise to move the US embassy without
Kobi Richter (23:27 , 05.20.17 )
To be a free people in our own land—and free from fear
Op-ed: It is right and proper that the Israeli national anthem be sung at
Yoram Yovell (23:37 , 05.19.17 )
Iranian expansion in Middle East is coming to an end
Analysis: Tehran’s hopes of becoming a regional power has raised a lot of
Prof. Nimrod Hurvitz, Prof. Dror Ze’evi (15:55 , 05.14.17 )
Israel as a regional, maritime superpower?
Analysis: From its ancient roots in overland commerce, to the modern day
Rear Adm. (Ret.) Oded Gour Lavie (12:53 , 05.14.17 )
The ‘impending humanitarian disaster’ syndrome
Op-ed: The warnings of an imminent crisis in Gaza have been adopted by the
Dr. Moshe Elad (17:45 , 05.13.17 )
Israel’s allies during the 21st century
Op-ed: As American hegemony is challenged by China and as the costs and failures
Rafael Castro (23:31 , 05.12.17 )
What is the Right so afraid of?
Op-ed: If there is willingness on the Palestinian side to reach a compromise and
Yariv Oppenheimer (23:33 , 05.11.17 )
If it were not for US Jewry, we probably wouldn’t have a state
Op-ed: The Zionist success story should be seen as a joint project of the entire
Prof. Gur Alroey (10:40 , 05.11.17 )
No deal, Mr. President
Op-ed: There is a fundamental failure in drawing an analogy between a business
Elyakim Haetzni (23:35 , 05.10.17 )
How Arabic became a foreign language in Israel
Op-ed: The Nationality Bill, which downgrades Arabic from an official language,
Ayman Sikseck (23:45 , 05.09.17 )
Erdogan's outburst: Energy, politics and Hamas
Analysis: The Turkish president's surprising and slanderous attack against
Itamar Eichner (10:56 , 05.09.17 )
Knesset to face several contentious issues in summer session
Analysis: Never a dull moment in the Israeli legislature as issues like the
Moran Azulay (17:58 , 05.08.17 )
What would Herzl say about Nationality Bill?
Op-ed: Israel’s leadership appears to have diverted from Theodor Herzl’s path.
Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya (13:35 , 05.08.17 )
Macron's win may usher in improved France-Israel relations
Analysis: Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential elections could
Itamar Eichner (10:25 , 05.08.17 )
Haniyeh's election brings Hamas military wing closer to decision making
Analysis: Haniyeh's presence in the Gaza Strip and his close relationship with
Elior Levy (17:36 , 05.07.17 )
Merkel’s leadership challenge
Op-ed: Germany’s relationship with Israel must not be used for internal
Eldad Beck (19:50 , 05.06.17 )
Paradigm shift on a two-state solution
Op-ed: Promoting Jordan as the Arab Palestinian state is consistent with
Moshe Dann (23:42 , 05.04.17 )
How Israel's government caved to settlement boycott
Op-ed: By signing the agreement to bring 20,000 Chinese construction workers to
Yossi Dahan (15:12 , 05.03.17 )
Israeli strikes raise stakes in face-off with Hezbollah
Analysis: Israeli strikes in Syria signal shift; miscalculation could cause
Reuters (20:12 , 05.02.17 )
Don’t let gloomy prophecies about Israel deceive you
Op-ed: There are good people living in this country, rightists and leftists,
Hanoch Daum (17:53 , 05.02.17 )
Israel, the greatest success of the 20th century
Op-ed: Communism is dead, fascism is dead. What is left? Zionism and the Zionist
Eli Amir (20:12 , 05.01.17 )
UNESCO trying to impose a fake history
Op-ed: Just like Israel’s security forces manage to thwart most terror attacks,
Ron Prosor (19:05 , 04.29.17 )
In Mideast peace efforts, Israel must deal its own cards
Op-ed: By initiating a two-state solution from a position of strength, Israel
Kobi Richter (09:26 , 04.27.17 )
EU-Israel relations: Trojan horses, snakes, ladders and boycotts
Op-ed: Why the European Parliament, and other EU institutions, need to take a
Teodora Coptil (23:27 , 04.26.17 )
Israel’s poisonous political discourse
Op-ed: One of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s great ‘contributions’ to the Israeli
Nadav Eyal (23:31 , 04.25.17 )
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