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Despite alleged Israeli strikes, Hezbollah will keep building its arsenal
Op-ed: While our enemies are willing to occasionally sacrifice targets that are
Giora Eiland (23:37 , 09.24.17 )
Why face facts when it’s easier to pretend settlements don’t exist?
Op-ed: It’s embarrassing to see right-wing aficionados squirm whenever they’re
Avishay Ben Sasson-Gordis (18:51 , 09.24.17 )
Trump’s Mideast policy: No motivation, no courage
Op-ed: The sigh of relief in the Middle East following the US president’s
Colonel (res.) Eldad Shavit (23:43 , 09.23.17 )
Bet on Trump or challenge Israel? Palestinians mull strategy
Analysis: After more than 20 years of failures to gain independence and with the
Associated Press (23:38 , 09.22.17 )
Amid diplomatic flurry, calls for regional Middle East peace
Analysis: With Israeli-Palestinian peace process effectively frozen,
The Media Line (15:27 , 09.22.17 )
Relations between Israel and US Jewry must be mended
Op-ed: The Jewish American public has the best interest of the Jewish people’s
Yael Patir (23:59 , 09.21.17 )
We’ll always have Iran
Op-ed: Governing and conveying messages through speeches is possible, like in
Alon Pinkas (12:01 , 09.19.17 )
Why prisoner swap must be part of a package deal
Op-ed: When only a single issue is negotiated, it’s always a ‘zero sum game.’
Giora Eiland (14:44 , 09.18.17 )
Extending its hand ‘in peace,’ Hamas backs Abbas into a corner
Analysis: In its decision to dismantle Gaza’s administrative committee, Hamas
Elior Levy (23:20 , 09.17.17 )
Who needs compulsory military service?
Op-ed: It’s time for us to grow up and realize that a smart, rewarding and
Rotem Knaani (17:10 , 09.16.17 )
Let's share Western Wall rather than divide it
Op-ed: It’s time to stop fighting over the Western Wall and create ways to
Tehila Friedman (10:39 , 09.15.17 )
New Hamas leadership cosying up to Tehran
Analysis: Half a year after Hamas pumped new blood into its leadership, the
Elior Levy (23:24 , 09.11.17 )
When do our decision makers take responsibility?
Op-ed: Even if we assume our politicians weren’t aware of the corruption taking
Nadav Eyal (11:11 , 09.07.17 )
Israel must extricate itself from its 'Bibi-psychosis'
Op-ed: Everything centers on Benjamin Netanyahu, and all national questions are
Yoel Esteron (13:00 , 09.06.17 )
Despite recent setbacks, Hezbollah's future is still bright
Op-ed: While losing both men and money in the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah and
Yoav Zitun (23:47 , 09.05.17 )
Possible two-stage hydrogen bomb is 'game changer' for N. Korea
Analysis: North Korea's successful hydrogen bomb test, if true, is a major step
Reuters (08:43 , 09.04.17 )
Now is the time for a grand maritime strategy
Op-ed: Israel needs an agency dedicated to the promotion of a grand maritime
Rear Admiral Oded Gour-Lavie (Res.) (20:09 , 09.03.17 )
The Supreme Court is losing the people's trust
Op-ed: While the political right calls to 'raise the shovel of a D9 bulldozer
Einav Schiff (23:43 , 09.02.17 )
Mr. Prime Minister, we are not against you, we are for Israel
Op-ed: You have achieved many things, Netanyahu, and you and Israel can be very
Ben Dror Yemini (17:02 , 09.01.17 )
Why shouldn't Meni Naftali be allowed to sue the prime minister?
Op-ed: The current law shields elected officials from being sued for libel, in
Shahar Ginossar (23:35 , 08.31.17 )
Pilot season
Op-ed: Netanyahu can't have it both ways. He either isn't powerful enough to
Yonatan Yavin (23:43 , 08.30.17 )
The last High Court appeal?
Op-ed: We never dreamed of giving up on the things we did as we hoped a spot
Yizhar Hess (14:47 , 08.28.17 )
Does 'Never Again' only apply to us?
Op-ed: Perhaps it is the notion of the 'chosen people' or 'virtuous people' that
Yehuda Shohat (13:39 , 08.25.17 )
Iran, not so far away
Op-ed: With Iran seemingly gaining more and more power in Syria, Israel has to
Giora Eiland (23:40 , 08.24.17 )
Can Greenblatt succeed where his predecessors failed?
Op-ed: To succeed in his mission, Trump's Middle East envoy needs to create an
Noam Tibon (23:42 , 08.23.17 )
We're not going anywhere
Op-ed: Lior Meiri, one of the founders of 'the New Likudniks,' explains the
Lior Meiri (23:35 , 08.21.17 )
Police’s shameful decision to ban anti-PM protests
Op-ed: Demonstrations of the most radical nature have been permitted in the US
Ben-Dror Yemini (14:34 , 08.21.17 )
Jerusalem must not abandon Jews in America with silence
Op-ed: Anti-Semitism is manifesting itself both on the far Left and Right in the
Yossi Shain (15:59 , 08.18.17 )
Netanyahu's silence echoes Trump's disgraceful stance on neo-Nazis
Op-ed: By remaining silent on US president's failure to immediately condemn
Sima Kadmon (23:36 , 08.17.17 )
Big decisions are best suited for small forums
Op-ed: PM Netanyahu's push to have the Security Cabinet decide on going to war,
Giora Eiland (23:40 , 08.16.17 )
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