Iranian spiritual leader Ayattolah Khamenei
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Iranian President Ahmadinejad
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Iran: Talks cover-up for Zionist crimes

Islamic Republic dissatisfied with renewed peace talks: Ayattolah Ali Khamenei says US, West convened meeting to observe oppression of Palestinian people 'and then call it a peace summit?'

Iranian spiritual leader Ali Khamenei said Friday during an Eid al-Fitr sermon marking the end of Ramadan, "The US and the West have convened a meeting in order to observe the oppression of the Palestinian people and then call it a peace summit? What kind of peace and between whom?"


Khamenei added that the pressure exerted on the Palestinians "will not cause this determined nation to compromise its positions," the Islamic Republic News Agency reported. 


According to the Iranian spiritual leader, since Palestinians have gained power in the last 20-30 years, they are capable of "severing the hand of whomever attacks them and remove the Zionist regime from this land."


He added, "The Palestinian issue is the most important issue in the Islamic world."


The prayer was attended by senior Iranian government and military officials, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Washington summit. Khamenei not pleased (Photo: Reuters)


Following the sermon, prayers marched in the streets of Tehran to protest the planned burning of Korans in the US. The Fars news agency reported that the protestors chanted "death to America," "death to Israel" and "death to the Zionist priest" and carried signs protesting the burning slated for the September 11 commemoration ceremony, which has meanwhile been suspended.


Ahmadinejad commented last week on negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians: "The people of the region will not allow anyone to give up a single inch of Palestine to its enemies. Palestine's fate will not be determined in Washington, Paris or London but in Palestine, by Palestinian resistance."


In a speech on "Jerusalem Day," observed in honor of the Palestinian struggle in Israel, Ahmadinejad denounced Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


"They will do everything in their power to salvage themselves, but it will not succeed. Now they declare they want talks. But who will oversee these negotiations? Who do they represent? Who gave them the legitimacy to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinians? What will they discuss? Palestine? Who has the right to surrender part of Palestine to its enemies?"



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