'Price tag' in Arab village after Migron operation
Photo: Salma a-Dabi (Betzelem)

'Price Tag' reaches IDF base

Anonymous vandals damage IDF jeeps, graffiti base walls in Binyamin in what is believed to be 'price tag' for demolition at Migron outpost

Ynet learned Wednesday that anonymous vandals broke into a military base in the Binyamin region, cut the cables of IDF jeeps, damaged vehicle tires and spray painted them with the words "Ramat Migron". At least 11 vehicles were damaged.


The price tag actions came in response to the demolition of structures in the Migron outpost earlier this week.


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A military official estimated that it would have been nearly impossible to penetrate the base without being exposed and believes that soldiers cooperated and even took part in the price tag acts.


The base walls near the jeeps were spray painted with slogans: "Binyamin Brigade Commander – bad for the Jews" and "Regards from the hills". The Shai District police and Investigating Military Police launched an investigation into the incident.

הכניסה לבסיס. קשה להיכנס בלי סיוע (צילום: נועם מושקוביץ)

IDF base - price tag victim (Photo: Noam Moskovitz)


The Central Command said it viewed the incident with the utmost severity, adding that it was certain the police would carry out an efficient and speedy inquiry and would capture those responsible.


The Yesha Council said Wednesday that it strongly condemned the price tag actions adding: "Those responsible for the crimes must turn themselves in to the police, and the security forces must act with resolve to uproot this aberrant phenomenon."


A source close to the settlers said in response to the incident that it was "very regretful that Netanyahu is dragging us to civil war and needless clashes within the army as well. Instead of stopping Beinish and Shai Nitzan and demanding enforcement for everyone, Netanyahu hits back at settlers and causes schisms."


הריסות המבנים במגרון. "כואבים לא פחות" (צילום: AFP)

Demolished structures in Migron outpost (AFP)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the act, saying that the price tag acts were "despicable law-breaking directed at commanders and vehicles whose job is to protect the lives of Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria."


'Law abiding people'

Hundreds of police officers, including SWAT teams and Civil Administration officials took part Monday night in a surprise eviction of three illegally built homes in the outpost. The government had committed itself to the eviction of the illegal outpost earlier in the year.


"I was assured that we would receive advance notification should it be decided to demolish the houses, but they came like thieves in the night," said Uri Gutman whose home was destroyed.


"We are law abiding people; everyone here serves in the military. The first time the IDF came in here was during the Lebanon War when 80% of the men were called up for reserve service and there was no one left to protect the place. So why do we deserve this treatment?"


The demolition work met with minor resistance, but a short time later Palestinians reported that the first floor of a mosque south of Nablus was set on fire.


The head of the Kusra Regional Council Hani Ismail Abu-Radi told Ynet that villagers arrived at the mosque at dawn for morning prayers and found the place on fire. "They entered the mosque with tires after they broke the windows and torched the first floor. We notified the Palestinian Liaison Office and they passed it on to the Israelis," he said.


Attila Somfalvi contributed to this report




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