Rick Perry lights candles in governor's office

Watch: Perry does hora around menorah

(Video) Youtube clip from 2010 shows US Republican Party presidential hopeful dancing with rabbis around menorah at Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony

WASHINGTON – Embarrassing revelations come with the territory when you are running for the presidency of the United States, especially with media outlets and political rivals searching through archived material for any contradictory statements or blunders.


Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is the Republican Party's presidential hopeful, has suddenly come into everyone's sights.


Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic website has managed to unearth a video clip in which Perry is seen taking part in a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony at his office with a group of rabbis; the ceremony took place last December.


Rick Perry does the hora on Hanukkah 2010


Is a candle lighting ceremony from 2010 relevant to the election campaign? Not necessarily, but the clip is amusing as Perry is seen lighting the Hanukkah candles, receiving a lesson in Hebrew from the rabbi, clapping with the singing rabbis and even joining in as they danced around the governor's table.


The Atlantic's headline for the story was: "Rick Perry dancing the Hora, around the menorah, without a torah."


The caption Goldberg wrote for the clip was: "This is the greatest video ever made. I'm completely serious."


The video clip is amusing to the secular population, heartwarming for the religious population and indicates that Perry's relationship with Jews and Israel is a strong one that is connected to his Christian and evangelical faith rather than the US presidential campaign.


But the real question remains: Will it help him in obtaining the Republican vote?




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