Morning show hosts Dan Shilon and Tali Moreno
Photo: Channel 2
TV host reveals wife's attempted rape
During live discussion of Katsav affair on Channel 2's morning show, Dan Shilon says 'senior state official' tried to rape his wife Miri
Veteran television host Dan Shilon revealed Wednesday morning that a senior state official attempted to rape his wife in the past. He made the revelation during a live discussion of the start of former President Moshe Katsav's prison term on Channel 2's morning show.


Talking to Ynet immediately after the show, Shilon apologized for not asking his wife Miri for her permission before making the shocking remark.


Shilon appeared troubled and agitated throughout the morning show and kept on attacking his interviewees, including associates of the former president and convicted rapist.


Toward the end of the show, Shilon confessed and revealed his wife's attempted rape by a senior state official after his co-host, Tali Moreno, noted that men had no idea what rape victims went through.


"I never thought I would say this: My current wife was the victim of attempted rape by a very senior official in the State of Israel, and I'm saying this now to the camera," he said.


Immediately afterwards, when Shilon and Moreno turned to Channel 2 reporter Moshe Nusbaum who was reporting live from outside the prison, the latter said he was familiar with the details of the affair and expressed his appreciation for Shilon's revelation.


The veteran host interrupted Nusbaum, saying that he would like to apologize to his wife for revealing the incident without asking for her permission as "the situation has become unbearable."

דן ומירי שילון. "קשה לראות את האיש שקבר אותן חיות" (צילום: רפי דלויה) 

Dan and Miri Shilon. 'It's difficult seeing the man who buried them alive' (Photo: Rafi Deloya)


Miri Shilon, 57, is a journalist, producer and editor. The two met when Dan Shilon was married to his first wife and served as the Israel Broadcasting Authority's correspondent in the United States. Miri was part of the Defense Ministry's delegation to New York at the time.


The two got married seven years later and they have two daughters. In 2005, they hosted a television program together.


Dan Shilon told Ynet in response, "I have nothing to add to what I've already said. I did something without asking for her permission, and she'll decide if she wants to add anything."


Miri Shilon told Ynet, "What I'm experiencing is hard to describe in terms of the internal suffering I went through, including this morning. It's difficult for me to see that man or look at the women he buried alive. When I saw the two generals joking about women in the IDF yesterday, I realized that nothing has changed.


"It's impossible to understand what a woman goes through in such a situation. I managed to get out, but in life you can't free yourself from the memory and the feeling of humiliation, especially when it's a person you depend on for your livelihood.


"It's not something you can free yourself of and that's why I'm responding today. Dan has my full support."


Eran Baron contributed to this report



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