Burning Israeli flags in Rabat
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Last year's Land Day protest
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Lad Day in Gaza
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Neturei Karta
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Israeli flags burnt in Morocco rally

Organizers claim 100,000 people took part in Land Day rally in Rabat, protested participation of Israeli diplomat in EUROMED meeting. David Saranga taken out back door

Several days prior to the Global March to Jerusalem, thousands of Moroccans took part in a mass rally in Rabat "in support of Jerusalem." Israeli diplomat David Saranga, who was in the city for a conference, was taken out of the building through a side door as demonstrators protested his presence there, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. Palestinian flags were flown and Israeli flags were burned during the march.


A Moroccan Islamic organization that organized the march claimed that 100,000 participated in the rally.

"The people want to free al-Aqsa," the protesters chanted. "A million martyrs are going to Jerusalem."


Mass rally in Rabat


Arab media reported Sunday that Saranga's participation in a Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EUROMED) meeting at Morocco's parliament stirred uproar among citizens and legislators. The country's ruling party boycotted the meeting.


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At the end of the session, thousands of Moroccans stormed the building and it was feared Saranga would be attacked, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. He was therefore taken out through a side door and taken to the airport under heavy security.


"השליטים הערבים קשרו קשר עם היישות הכובשת". מפגינים רבאט (צילום: EPA)

Protesters in Morocco (Photo: EPA)


One of the march's organizers, Fatah Allah al-Raslan said, "The Arab silence on the Palestinian issue is nothing new. It stems from a conspiracy with the occupying power. We do not trust the Arab rulers to free Palestine, but the peoples who still make themselves be heard."


Meanwhile, the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement issued a statement of support of the Global March to Jerusalem. Spokesman Yisrael David Weiss said in a video message, "We support and ask everybody to support this Global March to Jerusalem. The concept of the occupation of Palestine is totally contrary to the will of the Almighty."


Watch Neturei Karta spokesman's message


He spoke extensively about the reason Neturei Karta oppose the existence of the State of Israel, which he said was against Judaism and the Torah. He noted that the movement had sent several delegations to take part in the marches in Lebanon and Palestine.


The rally's organizers welcomed Neturei Karta's participation and said that four US rabbis will be taking part in the march.




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