Ahmadinejad can't hurt Israel?
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MK Hanegbi: Iran's capabilities limited

Apocalyptic scenarios about day after Iran strike baseless, Knesset Member Hanegbi says

Israel not scared of Iran? The apocalyptic scenarios regarding Iranian retaliation to an Israeli strike are unfounded, as Iran's ability to harm Israel is limited, Knesset Member Tzachi Hanegbi says.


"I estimate, and not based on intuition, that there is no basis for the apocalyptic scenarios described around here regularly," said Hanegabi, who for five years headed the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee.


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"I can't give you casualty figures, but I know one thing: Iran's ability to operate against us is limited," he said.


While the West is finally imposing harsh sanctions on Iran, the punitive measures have likely come too late to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, MK Hanegbi said.


"Maybe if they would have done it a few years ago it would have been effective, but I'm skeptical whether it will secure the desired results now," he said. "The question is whether once it turns out the sanctions failed…and the world reconciles itself to a nuclear bomb, should Israel reconcile with it too."


"My view is that Israel should not reconcile with it, and should not fear the implication of not reconciling with it," MK Hanegbi said. "The only question is one of timing. When should we be doing it. We know what needs to be done, hope not to be forced to do it, but must prepare for the possibility that this will be forced on us."


"As the price of a nuclear Iran is immeasurably greater than the price of an operation meant to avert it, I have no dilemma," he said.




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