Zahava Gal-On
Photo: Ofer Amram

Meretz leader: Why must we rule others?

Ynet reporter visits Zahava Gal-On's Petah Tikva home to discuss Meretz's role as 'moral and ideological beacon'; Meretz can win 10 seats in Tuesday's elections, she says

"Meretz can be big and powerful because there is an audience that believes in what we represent: Social justice and a diplomatic agreement," Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On told Ynet ahead of Tuesday's national elections.


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Recent polls indicate that the leftist party will win six Knesset seats, but Gal-On said nine or 10 mandates would not come as a surprise.


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Full interview with Zahava Gal-On (Video: Hagai Dekel, Yehonatan Zur)


"The picture is becoming clearer, and Meretz is standing out as and ideological (and) moral beacon. People are returning to Meretz," she told Ynet. "People suddenly realize how hollow the centrist bloc is."


Gal-On expressed hope that the "tough winter" Israel is going through will pass: "Why must we continue to rule over another nation for so many years? Why should working people have to live beneath the poverty line? So I believe. The spring always comes."



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