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Supporter of fascist Jobbik party in Hungary. Warning sign for Jewish public
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Sever Plocker

Jews, get out of Eastern Europe

Op-ed: As anti-Semitism grows, there is no future for Jewish existence in former communist countries.

The results of the recent elections in Hungary show clearly that nationalist, fascist, neo-fascist and fascist-like forces are gaining strength in Eastern Europe, and are on their way to gain strength in the entire West. They are not even skipping Asia (India).



Is it surprising that the Right is rising while the global financial-economic crisis has yet to be alleviated? Of course not. As the leftist discourse turns more violent and more populist, as it has in the past few years, fascism increases its strength and influence.


The populist Left blames the 2008 crisis not on the government structure or on political decisions, but on the "piggish behavior" of the "elites" and "cronies." The personal message was properly comprehended and adopted by the Right. The Right is always better, more convincing and able to sweep more masses in pointing a finger at groups, communities and individuals as those responsible for the economic and mainly moral deterioration of the healthy nation "polluted" by these people.


I suggest that we exercise caution when using the word "pollute." I suggest that Israelis read the propaganda of the fascist Jobbik party in Hungary and replace the words "foreigners," "gypsies" and "Jews" with the common words used among us like "associates," "workers' committees" and "capital-government," and then see how the illegitimate Hungarian text magically turns into an acceptable Israeli text which is even quoted proudly. He who sows hatred reaps nationalism and fascism; that's the lesson from history.


The rise of the new fascism is a warning sign for the Jewish public in former communist countries. So far, the nationalist parties and movements in these countries stayed away from overly blatant anti-Semitic propaganda. Not for long. The hatred towards Jews is expected to burst in the East (and in the West) in full force, if the unemployment rate fails to drop and the standard of living continues to fall. It's a matter of suitable circumstances.


Get out of there, Jews. There is no future for Jewish existence in Eastern Europe. Don't just look at the election results, which are concerning as it is. Look at the results of public opinion polls as well. There a sharp rise in popular anti-Semitism in these countries today. Some call it "soft anti-Semitism," as opposed to murderous.


Those who wish to cling to this distinction will continue burying their heads in the sand. Jews with their eyes open must leave. Israel's economy must prepare to take in some of them.


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