Photo: Moti Kimchi
AG Mandelblit
Photo: Moti Kimchi
AG Mandelblit asserts judicial independence in Netanyahu probe
Speaking at forum of government ministries' legal advisers, AG Mandelblit reiterated independence, objectivity of judicial branch as it pertains to investigations into PM Netanyahu's affairs; attendees criticized protests against AG, saying he must be allowed to carry out his tasks, adding that change takes place at ballot.
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said that investigations into the affairs of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were in their final stages. Speaking at a forum of legal advisers for government ministries in Tel Aviv Wednesday, Mandelblit asserted that, "Our judicial work is entirely disconnected from external political influences."



While protesters outside protested what they saw as government corruption, Mandelblit said that the he and the State Attorney's Office were totally independent and their only guidelines were the facts and the law. He further dismissed efforts to tarnish his credibility, saying that they did not affect his work.


AG Mandelblit (Photo: Motti Kimchi)
AG Mandelblit (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

"A criminal investigation is not a reality TV show," he said. "We cannot always keep the public informed as that would hamper our ability to discover the truth. We must allow the police to do their work… A lot of the information leaked to the public is false. When I wish to inform the public of some matter, I do so myself or through an official channel."


Mandelblit stressed that "No man is above the law, only the facts can decide, not slogans and tweets. We are not afraid to make difficult decisions if necessary, according to the book and after a thorough understanding (of the facts)."


Regarding the investigations into alleged wrongdoing by the prime minister, Mandelblit mentioned that dozens of witnesses have been questioned, that an agreement was signed with an important state witness and that other matters, yet to be publicized, have taken place.


Effi Naveh (Photo: Yariv Katz)
Effi Naveh (Photo: Yariv Katz)


Prof. Yizhak Zamir, former Attorney General and Supreme Court justice said, "Recently, we have witnessed multiple attempts to diminish the authority and influence of the gatekeepers. I condemn the demonstrations (against the Attorney General), not only because I have complete faith in the Attorney General, his integrity and professionalism, but also because I strongly oppose any attempt by the street to influence the Attorney General and the courts."


Zamir continued, "Today it might be one group, tomorrow another; we must allow the Attorney General to do his faithful work according to the letter of the law."


Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association Effi Naveh spoke at the event as well and told Mandelblit, regarding the protest taking place outside the venue, "The Bar Association stands firmly behind you. I am confident in your expertise and integrity. it is difficult to understand these demonstrations.


"We all know that the police have yet to complete their investigation and nevertheless, they have taken up positions outside your house for a year already, including politicians. They must be told that they need to act via the ballot box."


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