Photo: Alex Kolomoisky and Marc Israel Sellem
Netanyahu (L) and Alsheikh
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky and Marc Israel Sellem
Netanyahu: Police chief's claims must be probed immediately
In a fresh Facbeook post, Netanyahu again calls for an 'objective, unbiased and quick investigation' into Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh's claims that private investigators were hired to probe police officers investigating the prime minister.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh once again Thursday, after the police chief said in an interview to investigative television program Uvda that "powerful" elements had tried to collect information about police officers involved in the investigations against the prime minister.



"How would you feel if the police investigators conducting an investigation against you claimed that you had employed private investigators against them and against their families?" Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.


"Can investigators who think the interrogatee is following them, or sending a woman to file a sexual harassment complaint against the head of their unit, do their job in an unbiased manner?" the prime minister asked, referring to Lahav 433 head Roni Rittman, who resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations. "And what does this say about their recommendations?"


Netanyahu and Alsheikh  (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Alex Kolomoisky)
Netanyahu and Alsheikh (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Alex Kolomoisky)


"There is no personal attack here, neither on the police commissioner or on anyone else," Netanyahu argued. "The real question is the integrity of the investigation, and the only way to get to the bottom of it is through an objective, unbiased and quick investigation.


"The Uvda interview wasn't commissioned by us, we didn't put words in anyone's mouth, and the timing of the interview—on the eve of the publication of the recommendations—wasn't determined by us either. The claims that have been made are serious and should keep any decent person up at night. The truth must be investigated immediately. Revealing the truth and ensuring the integrity of the investigation won't weaken the Israel Police. On the contrary, they will only bolster the police and the rule of law," Netanyahu concluded.


On Wednesday night, following the Uvda interview's airing, Netanyahu launched an unprecedented attack on Alsheikh.


"It's shocking to discover that the police commissioner is repeating the delusional and false insinuation that the prime minister sent private investigators against police officers who are investigating him," Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.


"The police chief's insinuations are so serious, that they call for a quick objective investigation into the claim that the prime minister sent investigators. And after it is made clear that there is no such connection, the proper conclusions must be drawn regarding the way the investigation is being conducted and the way the recommendations are being formed against the prime minister," he added.


The prime minister launched his attack shortly after Alsheikh met with the police's top brass for a decisive meeting on the investigations against the prime minister. The police are reportedly expected to soon recommend attorney general to file bribery charges against Netanyahu.


A senior law enforcement official said in response to the prime minister's attack Thursday morning, "At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the evidence in the case files and not all the background noises."




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