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Photo: Gil Yohanan

Katsav: I was loyal to Gila
Former president tells AP his wife 'stands by him'; compares Israel to Saudi Arabia and Iran 'where people are convicted for hugs'
Moshe and Gila Katsav (Photo: Ido Erez)
Katsav begins jail sentence
Israel's 8th president set to begin seven-year sentence in Maasiyahu Prison. 'You're burying me alive,' he tells media
Katsav entering the prison (Photo: Yaron Brener)
'Strip Katsav of all titles'
New bill aims to make disgraced president relinquish various honorary titles he received during his presidency
(Photo: Noam Moskowitz)
Israel's choice: France or US?
Op-ed: Will court adopt tough US stance or lenient French attitude in Katsav
Adi Dvir
A serial rapist and liar
Op-ed: Judges sent clear message to Katsav - We know who you are and we don’t
Yair Lapid
Crime and punishment
Op-ed: Former President Moshe Katsav must pay full price for his despicable
Smadar Shir
Justice had been served
Op-ed: Full justice had been achieved even without sentencing Katsav to lengthy
Yigal Sarna
He’s just a rapist
Op-ed: Don’t expect religious leaders to shun ex-president; after all, he’s a
Assaf Wohl
Katsav and media’s sins
Op-ed: Eitan Haber unimpressed with Israeli media’s conduct during Moshe
Eitan Haber
A crime against all of us
Op-ed: An Israel that chose Moshe Katsav as its president looks dreadful in eyes
Ziv Lenchner

Full coverage
Female MKs to Peres: Don't pardon Katsav
Moran Azulay (21:08 , 11.16.11 )
'Katsav should have gotten harsher sentence'
Aviad Glickman (20:16 , 11.10.11 )
Court: Katsav's rape conviction stands
Aviad Glickman (11:17 , 11.10.11 )
'Public wanted to see Katsav convicted'
Aviad Glickman (16:32 , 07.03.11 )
Katsav 'shocked' by court records' release
Aviad Glickman (16:39 , 05.05.11 )
'Katsav is rapist disguised as president'
Ynet (21:18 , 03.22.11 )
'Katsav should pay for the rest of his life'
Boaz Fyler (13:57 , 03.22.11 )
'Katsav's aides used mafia-like methods'
Ynet reporters (16:26 , 01.16.11 )
30% of haredim: Katsav innocent
Ynet (15:08 , 03.14.11 )
Attorney compares Katsav to Demjanjuk
Aviad Glickman (14:17 , 08.07.11 )
Attorney: Katsav not a threat
Aviad Glickman (11:44 , 05.11.11 )
Judge criticizes Mazuz in Katsav case
Aviad Glickman (15:09 , 03.22.11 )
Katsav sentenced to 7 years in prison
Aviad Glickman (09:50 , 03.22.11 ) 
Complainant to sue Katsav for millions
Attila Somfalvi (10:19 , 03.21.11 )
Beilin: Pardon Katsav
Associated Press (21:48 , 01.05.11 )
'7 worst years of my life finally over'
Aviad Glickman (17:42 , 12.30.10 )
Court: Katsav employed deliberate method
Ynet reporters (15:00 , 12.30.10 )
Katsav 'depressed' after verdict
Ilana Curiel (10:50 , 12.31.10 )

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  • Katsav found guilty of rape
  • The State Vs. Moshe Katsav
  • Katsav affair: The essentials

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