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Final war report

'Leadership failed in war'
Final report probing 2006 Lebanon campaign slams political, military leadership as inept; says war ended without victory
Prime Minister Ehud Barak (Photo: AP)
IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi (Photo: Gil Yohanan)
'IDF misread war's needs'
Official probe into Lebanon War determines army went into battle unprepared, employed incorrect strategic thinking
'Report readies for new war'
Lebanese PM's office says conclusions 'call for preparation for next war; Israel has not learned defeat's lessons'
Lebanese PM Siniora, Hizbullah chief Nasrallah (Photo: AP, AFP)
Reservists (Illustration: AP)
'PM lacks moral authority'
Reservist who served in war says Olmert must step down; comrades call on Israel to focus on returning kidnapped soldiers home
Olmet (Photo: AP)
The calm after the storm
Uri Orbach
Olmert can breathe easy
Attila Somfalvi
War failure our fault
Amnon Levy
Punish the leader
Eyal Megged
Army needs reeducation
Alex Fishman
Olmert must go
Uzi Dayan
Time to change direction
Attila Somfalvi
Will we see an earthquake?
Sima Kadmon

Full coverage
Winograd report elicits elation from Arab world
Roee Nahmias (18:04 , 01.31.08 )
Bibi: Public expects Barak to quit
Attila Somfalvi (17:41 , 01.31.08 )
Amnesty: Winograd report ignored Israeli war
Ynet (14:47 , 01.31.08 ) 
Olmert: Gov't working to correct failings
Attila Somfalvi (12:28 , 01.31.08 ) 
Peretz blames predecessors for war's failings
Attila Somfalvi (11:14 , 01.31.08 )
MK Itzchaky quits Knesset over war report
Attila Somfalvi (10:33 , 01.31.08 )
Hizbullah: Winograd report confirms IDF was
AFP and Ynet (22:12 , 01.30.08 )
IDF chief appoints special team to study
Hanan Greenberg (19:45 , 01.30.08 )
Olmert: I have complete faith in IDF
Roni Sofer (19:48 , 01.30.08 )
Winograd report submitted to Olmert, Barak
Roni Sofer (18:01 , 01.30.08 )
'Report will hold up a mirror to Israel's face'
Aviram Zino (21:54 , 01.29.08 )

War Report

Excerpts from the Winograd report


Olmert: IDF let itself down

'I thought IDF was prepared'

Photo: Michael Kramer

Halutz: IDF a punching bag

'I wouldn’t have gone to war'

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