Photo: Anna Brosh, IDF Spokesman
IDF canons (Archive photo)
Photo: Anna Brosh, IDF Spokesman
Gaza funeral
Photo: AFP
IDF strikes in Gaza again
(VIDEO) How to quell Qassam fire without using artillery fire? IDF vows 'to minimize' chances of harming civilians, but doesn't rule out military incursion in Gaza; meanwhile, probe into killing of civilians on Gaza beach brings some surprises

VIDEO - For the first time since the stormy events in the Gaza Strip over the weekend, the Israel Defense Forces renewed targeted assassinations:

A Qassam cell was targeted by the air force as its members prepared to launch rockets into Israel.


A cell member affiliated with Hamas was killed in the attack and two others were injured in an air strike near Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza.


Palestinian witnesses also reported strikes in the Jabaliya refugee camp.


Another Gaza strike (Video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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 קוד להטמעה:

Following instructions by Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Dan Halutz to halt artillery strikes on Gaza until the end of a probe into the killing to seven civilians by a shell on Gaza beach on Friday, the military is relying on air strikes to quell Qassam fire.


'Sensitive days'


Until Major General Meir Khalifi hands in the results of the IDF probe into the incident, the army said it will be extra vigilant to minimize the risk of harming innocent civilians.



"We'll have to find other solutions, more precise and less deadly," a military official said.


The army is also monitoring Hamas after its armed wing declared the end of a truce with Israel, vowing to renew attacks in Israel to avenge the death of Palestinian civilians killed on Friday.


"These are sensitive days as the whole establishment is boiling. We hope the boiling won't lead to an explosion which will cause a fundamental shift in IDF policy. We need to wait and see how things will develop," one official said.


A senior officer told Ynet that the probe's initial findings support suspicions that the explosion was caused by a terror work accident.


First published: 11.06.06, 12:23
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