Vehicle after IAF strike
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Al-Jazeera
Evacuating the injured in Gaza
Photo: Al-Jazeera
Gaza: IAF missiles hit car, 11 killed
(VIDEO) At least 11 Palestinians killed, among them two children, many others wounded as IDF chopper fires at least two missiles at vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad members. IDF: Passengers were on their way to fire Qassams at Israel

VIDEO - At least 11 Palestinians were killed, among them two children, and some 20 others were wounded when an IDF chopper fired at least two missiles at a vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad members in the north Gaza refugee camp of Jabaliya on Tuesday.


Palestinian sources said that shortly after 12 p.m. a chopper fired a missile at a vehicle, killing three Islamic Jihad members. According the sources, another missile was fired as people were approaching the scene to assist the casualties, injuring and killing more Palestinians, among them children.


Scene of Gaza attack (Photo: Reuters) 


Medical sources in Gaza said the death toll is expected to rise, adding that among those killed were paramedic Adnan Taleb and ambulance driver Ali el-Omari.


"There was an attack on a car that was heading to fire rockets at Israel," an army spokeswoman said in Tel Aviv.


Scene of IAF missile attack in Gaza (Video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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IDF sources said the cell that was targeted carried Grad rockets, which exploded in the missile attack. Grad rockets have a firing range longer than the homemade Qassams.


“We have been searching for this is cell for a while, and today we hit it,” one army source said.


The IDF said civilian casualties were the result of the rockets’ explosion inside the vehicle.


Palestinian Presidnet Mahmoud Abbas condemned the IAF attack, and said that it constituted "State sponsored terrorism."


'No more restraint'


Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Tuesday during a tour of the north that the defense establishment "showed restraint in the face of international outcry over the incident on Gaza beach, but this has come to an end."


"No evaluation will alter our commitment to defend the citizens of Israel. If the probe proves that it is was not an IDF shell we will launch a PR campaign."


Peretz added that an investigative report on the incident will be released toward midnight.


Meanwhile, the rocket fire on the western Negev communities has continued Tuesday, with four Qassams fired toward Sderot overnight. The “Red Dawn” alert system was activated, but the rockets landed in Palestinian territory in Gaza.


On Monday Palestinians fired two Qassam rockets from northern Gaza. One rocket struck a parked car and caused a fire.


Magen David Adom paramedics treated a woman lightly injured by rocket shrapnel, and she was taken to the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Two women suffered shock and received treatment on the scene.


An additional rocket apparently landed in open territory.


At least 18 rockets landed in and around Sderot in the last 24 hours. One rocket landed near a gas station, and another two landed in open spaces in the city


Hanan Greenberg contributed to the report


First published: 13.06.06, 12:09
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