Fighting in Avivim area
Photo: Reuters
Heavy exchanges of fire in Avivim area
(VIDEO) Fighting in Avivim continues: Nine soldiers injured Hizbullah terrorist killed in exchange of fire; during morning hours three soldiers hurt when missile strikes tank in same area

VIDEO - Serious exchanges of fire have been taking place since the afternoon hours in the Avivim area on the northern border. Until now it has been reported that nine soldiers were injured and a terrorist was killed;


Six of the wounded soldiers were evacuated hospitals in Israel, while the rest did not require further treatment.  


It was also reported that IDF forces operating near the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras struck at least six terror cells.


The Avivim area has turned in recent days into a battleground for IDF forces. On Wednesday, two soldiers were killed in battles with terrorists.


Fighting near Avivim (Video: Channel 2) (צילום: ערוץ 2)


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The exchanges of fire began in the early morning hours. An IDF tank was hit by an anti-tank missile and three soldiers were injured, one of them seriously. A second missile struck an IDF vehicle and two terrorists were killed in that battle.


Redrawing the border: IDF forces operating near Avivim (Photo: AP)  


During the afternoon, exchanges of fire broke out again, as Hizbullah mortars were fired. The IDF used tanks and combat helicopters in its battle against the terrorists.


The operations in the area are aimed at redrawing the border between Israel and Hizbullah in order to strike at the Hizbullah infrastructure in the area.


Among other targets, soldiers destroyed three rocket projectors in the area. At a certain stage fire was opened at them, apparently in two circles – short and long-range. One soldier was hit by a bullet in the jaw and taken to the Ziv hospital in Safed. A short firefight developed, and at least two terrorists were killed. After the injured soldier was evacuated, operations into Lebanese territory continued.



First published: 20.07.06, 18:31
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