The happy couple
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Wedding under fire
(VIDEO) Maya and Shlomi Buskila refused to let Nasrallah ruin their big day. Thursday afternoon, they were married in a shelter in Kiryat Shmona. Mazel Tov

VIDEO - Everyone knows the sad and scary stories of the past few days in the north. This Thursday, in Kiryat Shmona, a different type of story broke the trend for a few hours. July is usually known as the 'wedding month', but 2006 has seen a number of cancellations due to the security situation. Maya and Shlomi decided that, despite the rockets, this would not be the case with them.


Video: Danny Dagan (צילום: דני דגן עריכה: ענת אפרתי)


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The couple replaced their intended 900-person convention center with the Matmid school bomb shelter in their home town of Kiryat Shmona. "We'll be celebrating the wedding night in a shelter as well," said the brand-new groom.


Despite the happy ending, the journey to get there was rough. Maya's sister, Shilat Lugasi, said that only days before the event, the mikveh ceremony was accompanied by sounds of gunfire. "When we arrived at the mikveh, we wanted to cheer the bride, but just as she was about to be dipped in the water, a fire exchange began in Metulla and three-fourths of the girls ran away. It was very scary," she said.


The escalation on the northern border took its toll on the bride, as she saw how the wedding she'd dreamed of for years was slowly falling apart. Her father, Albert, elaborated: "They were in a very bad mood. In one moment, everything was ruined for them. They'd saved up every penny they earned in order to have this wedding and nothing was going according to plan. They already put down a fifty percent down payment on everything but it's unclear what will happen with the money now. I hope that they'll be able to survive it."


When Maya got out of her car in her wedding dress, she was shocked by the many cameras that greeted her. Instead of guests, she was surrounded by news crews, all asking to document the triumph of the human interest in a time of turmoil. The ice slowly melted and, by the time the cup was broken, the young couple started to smile.


During the entire ceremony, many explosions were heard, but the guests hurried to comfort one another: "that's us firing, not them." The DJ added to the atmosphere and asked guests to "dance and be happy, so that Nasrallah would hear them rejoicing."


"At first I was very stressed out, but now everything is good," said the young bride. "The most important thing is that we're together as man and wife. Nothing else matters to me," added her husband.


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