Photo: Niv Calderon
House hit
Photo: Niv Calderon
Photo: Danny Dagan
Rocket damages home
Photo: Danny Dagan
2 hurt in rocket barrage on North
(VIDEO) Two lightly to moderately wounded when Hizbullah fires 4 rockets on northern communities. Earlier rocket directly hits home next to yard where family preparing for afternoon wedding; no wounded. Villagers: ‘Miracle happened here. Wedding to go on as planned’

VIDEO - Two people were lightly to moderately wounded when four rockets fired by Hizbullah from south Lebanon Friday hit a residential neighborhood in Kiryat Shmona at around 14:30 p.m.


Four vehicles caught fire and a number of people suffered shock. Additionally, rockets landed in open areas near Carmiel, Maalot and Rosh Pina, incurring no casualties.


Following the rocket strikes a number of fires ignited which fire fighting crews were working to extinguish.


Rocket amidst wedding preparations


Earlier the Peki’in experienced high drama as a rocket hit while residents were preparing for a festive wedding scheduled to take place under the warm afternoon sun at a home in the village.


Rocekt hist Peki'in house (Video: Danny Dagan) (צילום: דני דגן)


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However, preparations were interrupted unexpectedly when a Hizbullah rocket slammed into the home, right next to the open yard where the wedding ceremony was set to take place. Residents luckily were spared injury, but the home was greatly damaged.


And as for the wedding? It will go ahead as planned.


When the rocket initially struck the Peki’in home, it was erroneously reported that an events hall had been hit. Apparently the bride was standing outside the home, dressed in her wedding gown, when the rocket hit which led to the mistaken report.


Four more rockets hit the area Friday morning in addition to the one in Peki’in. Ten people were treated for light wounds and shock.


'Miracle from God' 


The owner of the home that was hit, Nasib Saida, told Ynet that he was home with this wife and two grandsons, “when suddenly we heard the hit. I grabbed my grandsons, who started to cry out of fright.”

Saida said the rocket smashed through the home’s western wall.


“Within a few seconds a fire sparked and while I was trying to calm my grandsons, the fire starting spreading around the house. Much damaged was caused to my son’s bedroom on the top floor and the lower floor. It was pure luck that none of us were hurt, except a few from smoke inhalation," he said.


MDA medics arrived at the site to treated the injured and fire fighter crews alerted to the scene managed to control the blaze.


Saida, a relative of the bride-to-be, said sometimes one must say thank you, as it was truly a miracle that no one was hurt on the happy day of the wedding. “It was a miracle, a miracle from God. And the wedding will take place today in Peki’in,” he said.


Raanan Ben-Zur contributed to the report


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