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IDF forces in Gaza (Archive photo)
Photo: AP
Photo: Moti Sendar
Givati soldiers (Archive photo)
Photo: Moti Sendar
Extensive operation in Strip: 8 Palestinians killed
Givati Brigade, and engineering and armored corps soldiers embark on comprehensive operation in southern Gaza. Between eight to ten terrorists killed by troops
Soldiers from the Givati Brigade, engineer corps and armored corps began operating in the southern Gaza Strip at around midnight Wednesday in an operation named Horizon. The Palestinians reported that eight people were killed in the operation, including a 12 year-old child, while according to the IDF, between eight to ten terrorists have been killed.


At least 15 gunmen were hurt in four IAF sir strikes. The large-scale operation is carried out along with the Israel Air Force.


IDF strike in Gaza (Video: IDF Spokesperson Unit and Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס ודובר צה"ל)


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The Islamic Jihad reported that the gunmen belonged to the organization and that at least three of them were killed. Three gunmen were hit next to the Dahaniya Airport, after being spotted carrying RPG rockets.


Since the abduction of Israel Defense Forces soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit in Kerem Shalom, the IDF has been operating in the Gaza Strip with large forces. The forces operating are the Givati Brigade, armored corps and combat engineer corps, along with the Israel Air Force and by firing artillery shells.


About 160 terrorists were killed during Operation Summer Rains and hundreds of terror activists from all organizations were wounded.


The operation is aimed at preparing the ground and the best conditions for the political echelon, so that it can operate to release the soldier. In addition, IDF soldiers are operating to hit terror infrastructures, including storerooms where terror organizations' weapons and operation rooms are stored.


During the operation, IDF soldiers hit 24 weapons caches. About two weeks ago, the IAF hit a storeroom of the Islamic Jihad, which contained a Grad missile. In addition, the forces are operating to uncover places from where terrorists are firing Qassam rockets at Israeli communities, and to locate entrances to tunnels, especially in the southern Strip.


Throughout the operation forces have carried out forays into Gaza, and have entered al-Atatra, Sajaiya, Dir al-Balakh, Khan Younis and the al-Muasi refugee camp. At the same time, and IDF force is operating in Dahaniya to locate tunnels and explosive devices.


Sources in the Southern Command said: "We have no problem to fight in two fronts. Our action is aimed at exerting military pressure on the terror groups and hurting their infrastructure."


Ali Waked contributed to the report


First published: 03.08.06, 00:33
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