Settler harassing Palestinians
Settler violence in Hebron continues
(VIDEO) Abu-Aisha family presents additional footage of settlers assaulting family in Tel Rumeida neighborhood. Video shows boy unable to reach family home because of settlers

VIDEO - A mere day after the video showing a Jewish resident of Hebron harassing an Arab family, human rights group B'Tselem reveals another video, also shot by the family.


Violent incident in Hebron


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The video shows the family confronting settler children in Tel Rumeida as one of the family's sons, Shrif, tries to get into the house. The boy is seen standing at the entrance gate to the neighborhood, unable to advance towards his house due to a group of settlers.


Abu-Aisha family harassed

In the video revealed on Tuesday Taiseer Abu-Aisha told Ynet that to prevent confrontations with the settlers the family coordinates their schedule around the settlers’ daily routine. “We leave for work and school only after they do – and this results in tardiness," he said.


Abu-Aisha said that last month, while his wife was pregnant, she began feeling pain and they decided to leave the house at 2 am to avoid a possible confrontation. "We walked a very long time and when we reached the hospital it turned out that the fetus was dead. I do not know to say if he died because of the long walk or because of the radiation from the gate we have to go through or for any other reason, but the whole situation raises concerns about living here given all the dangers.


"The fetus died and even if the security situation around us isn't responsible; I can't not ask myself if there is no connection."


Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered an immediate investigation into the harassment after its publication on Ynet. Peretz, who saw the footage and heard the testimonies of family members, spoke with Head of the Central Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Neveh, and ordered him to conduct an thorough probe into the incident, which Peretz said "shames Israel."


The Jewish community in Hebron announced Wednesday that it welcomes Peretz's decision to order the probe.


"We have no doubt that the probe will uncover the extent of the harassment of the Arab citizens against the Jewish residents of the neighborhood and not the tendentious picture presented by the media," the community said.


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