Al-Aqsa gunmen still active
Photo: AFP
Child mourner in Gaza
Photo: AP
Haniyeh blames Fatah
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Gaza fire renewed, West Bank kidnappings continue
(VIDEO) Palestinian factions agree to tense truce, with Egyptian mediation; nonethless, Palestinians keep dying in Gaza, at least 10 Hamas members kidnapped in Nablus

VIDEO - A 19 year old Palestinian was killed during exchanges of fire between Hamas and Fatah near Khan Younis.  A few hours earlier, Sunday afternoon, a member of a Hamas-led police force was shot dead, despite a theoretical mediated a few hours earlier by an Egyptian security delegation between various Palestinian groups.  Kidnappings by both sides continued in the West Bank.


Islam Shahwan, a spokesman for the Hamas force, blamed members of Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades for the shooting, which took place shortly after a top intelligence official loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was abducted.


Clashes in West Bank (Video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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Funeral processions are taking place in Gaza, where four more people were killed Sunday morning during the fourth day of Hamas and Fatah infighting. Since Thursday night, 25 people have died, including a two year old boy caught in the crossfire.


Violence continued in the West Bank, with riots in Nablus Sunday afternoon. Members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades – Fatah's military wing – kidnapped at least ten Hamas operatives, including senior municipality officials.

Mourning in Gaza (Photo: AP) 


Abu Nasser, the Al-Aqsa commander in Nablus, told Ynet that the Hamas gunmen had been firing into the air and proclaiming revenge on those involved in the Friday kidnapping of nine members of Hamas security forces.


In the meantime, Hamas continues to blame Fatah for attempting to launch a revolution against its popularly-elected government.


Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas called on Palestinians to stop the internal fighting.  At the opening of a Palestinian government meeting, he said: "I have asked again and again and again. Stop this war. Stop the violence, preserve national unity."


Haniyeh also appealed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to order the Palestinians security forces to remove gunmen from the streets and get rid of the barricades currently dotting Gaza roads.


"The duty of Abbas' security forces, as well as the Interior Ministry's security forces, is to enforce order and security. We will continue trying to put an end to this crisis," Haniyeh declared.


"We are one people, suffering from occupation, and it's important to think and work together in order to end the suffering of the Palestinian people," he added.


First published: 28.01.07, 18:29
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