Rocket fired from Gaza
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Sderot house sustains direct hit
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Negev school hit by rocket
(VIDEO) Qassam rocket directly hits unfortified classroom in Negev high school, lightly wounding two people and injuring several others. Students at school ordered to remain in fortified classrooms. Another five Qassams land in Sderot, Negev

VIDEO - A high school in the Negev was directly hit by a Qassam rocket Thursday. Two people were lightly wounded in the attack, and several others suffered from shock.


The rocket landed on an unfortified classroom, which was empty at the time. Students who were at the school were ordered to remain in the fortified classrooms.


Video: Yuval Harel (צילום: יובל הראל, צילום סטילס: בן קיסלניק)


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Head of the Shaar Hanegev local council Alon Shuster said that there were still a few classrooms in the school which had not been fortified. "Only the students that had to take their matriculation exams came to school today, and they were placed in fortified classrooms," he stated.


Earlier Thursday, three Qassam rockets landed in Sderot. One of the rockets exploded near a building in town, slightly damaging the structure. A mother and her nine-year-old daughter suffered from shock.


Classroom hit by Qassam (Photo: Ben Kiselnik)


Another two rockets landed in open fields in the western Negev.


The Color Red alert system failed to go off during the morning's heavy barrage.


Uncertainty in Sderot 

The town residents woke up Thursday to another day of uncertainty regarding their fate.


Representatives of the Defense Ministry arrived in town in order to assist residents interested in leaving Sderot for several days for what has been defined as a "respite holiday." The officials stressed that the town was not being evacuated.


Those who chose to stay in Sderot found the schools closed for the third consecutive day, due to the difficulties in securing the educational institutions.


The defense establishment was preparing for further escalation in Qassam fire after months of restraint. An official statement released Wednesday following a security meeting at the Prime Minister's Office said that "Israel will operate against Hamas' Qassam launchers, their commanders and the terror perpetrators."


Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal also stressed that there was no plan to evacuate the town, and that the residents were merely being taken for 2-3 days of vacation. "All the rumors about the town being evacuated are ungrounded spins," he stated.


The residents will be taken mainly to Friends of the IDF recreation facilities across the country, as well as to communities who have offered to host families from Sderot.


Some of the residents have already left Wednesday on buses provided by billionaire businessman Arcadi Gaydamak, to hotels in the south and Tel Aviv.


First published: 17.05.07, 09:19
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