Palestinians utilize new rocket-launching method
Photo: Amir Cohen
Hamas adopts Hizbullah tactics
(Video) Palestinians implement Lebanon war lessons: IDF troops operating in northern Gaza Strip Thursday uncover remote-controlled rocket launching positions concealed underground; new tactic enables terrorists to evade IDF counterattacks

VIDEO - Hamas adopts Hizbullah's modus operandi: IDF Forces who operated early Thursday in the northern Gaza Strip uncovered, for the first time, two rocket launchers concealed in underground firing positions.


The new method is considered a sophisticated tactic aimed at enabling terror groups to fire at Israel while evading IDF counterattacks immediately following the launching of rockets. The two launching positions were uncovered at the outskirts of the Gaza town of Jabalya.




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Forces from the elite Egoz unit who operated in the area discovered pits in the ground used to conceal Qassam launchers. IDF officials estimate that terror cells fired the rockets by utilizing remote-controlled devices. By the time the army pinpointed the launch locations, the terrorists were long gone.


The positions detected in the operation were concealed and highly reminiscent of Hizbullah's modus operandi in southern Lebanon – from where Katyusha rockets were launched towards Israel from launchers buried underground in thickly wooded areas.

Military officials noted that the shift in approach is testament to  terror organizations' continuing efforts to improve their evasion of the IDF.


"This also shows how vital the army's ground operations are. Without our presence there, without being able to search the launch zones with our own eyes – we won't be able to pick up on these things. And so it's absolutely crucial for the soldiers to be there and see the way the terrorists operate for themselves," said one military official, adding that this was a clear example of why terror groups exert such efforts to battle Israeli soldiers in these regions.


Earlier Thursday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowed to boost anti-Qassam operations in the Strip.


"If the Qassam fire from Gaza continues, we will step up our operations and increase the strikes against the Palestinian side," Barak said during a visit to the Tze'elim army base in the south.


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