Helicopters to evacuate 'casualties'
Photo: Tamir Ziv
Rescue services during drill Monday
Photo: Ze'ev Trachtman
Home front drill: Sirens heard throughout Israel
(Video) At 10 am Tuesday sirens heard across Israel, school children and government employees ordered to rush to shelters, fortified areas

VIDEO - Sirens were sounded throughout the country at 10 am Tuesday as part of the nationwide home front preparedness drill, dubbed "Turning Point 2", being held in the recent week.


As part of the exercise, school children, government ministry employees and local authority workers were required to enter shelters or fortified areas.




A drill simulating the landing of a rocket was held at the Knesset, and employees and committee members were ordered to rush to sheltered rooms.


Additionally, the Home Front Command tested its new TV studio with a live broadcast on all electronic media outlets to relay instructions to the public.


Security forces reach Sderot as part of exercise (Photo: Ze'ev Trachtman)


At 2 pm, the Home Front Command will fly forces to "evacuate casualties" from two sites in the Galilee region. At the same time Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilani will hold an assessment of the situation at the ministry's operation room.


On Monday, the exercise simulated an attack on the Ben Gurion Airport. The "war," which has already claimed close to a 100 "casualties," is expected to escalate Wednesday when emergency services and security forces will face simulated multiple rocket attacks on all parts of Israel, including strikes by missiles carrying chemical warheads.


First published: 08.04.08, 07:49
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